Versatile Vox by twe4ked

Versatile Vox

By: twe4ked
Last Updated: Apr 8, 2015
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Introduction Top

The benefits of this build are the extremely quick ability cool downs and high damage output from basic attacks.

At level 12 your Clockwork gives you the following cool down times:

Sonic Zoom (with overdrive) 5 seconds
Pulse 10 seconds
Wait for It 20 seconds

The short cool down on Sonic Zoom makes it ridiculously fast to get around the map, chase down heros, or escape. Pulse is great for checking bushes. Having Wait for It up every 20 seconds means having a silence and damage dealer that is ready for every team fight.

The Sorrowblade and Bonesaw make every auto attack hurt and you can get more auto attacks in with the Clockwork.

The Build Top

Start with Swift Shooter and two Potions (350 total gold) then head to the jungle or lane depending on what your team composition is. Next buy a Weapon Blade, Sprint Boots, and an Hourglass (1150 total gold) to start working towards a Clockwork as your first tier 3 item. (1850 total gold) As you build your Clockwork buy more weapon or defensive items as needed. Finish your reflex block then build Bonesaw then Sorrowblade (8750 total gold). At this point you can choose your next item. Sometimes I'll go for a Sorrowblade for more single target power. If I feel like damaging more than one Hero at a time will work better in team fights I'll opt for a Shatterglass.

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