Vox rapid fire crystal guide by vortex17

Vox rapid fire crystal guide

By: vortex17
Last Updated: May 14, 2016
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Introduction Top

Hey guys! Im vortex17 and i'll be sharing with you the best Vox build ever. You can 3 v 1 the whole enemy team with this build and its just simply amazing.

Item explaination Top

Shatterglass : Essential item as Vox's basic attack do part crystal damage.
Eve of Harvest : Health regen as Vox does part crystal damage for basic attacks.
Alternating Current : Your basic attack will deal devastating damage with shatterglass and outgunning a Ringo or SAW will be easy.
Tornado Trigger : 2 Tornado triggers you will shoot at blinding speeds and the alternating current will deal unbelievable damage with shatterglass so DO NOT SUBSTITUTE ONE TORNADO TRIGGER FOR A SORROWBLADE.
Journey Boots : Kite 4 days.

Conclusion Top

Ok so this pretty much wraps up the guide! This build is just really amazing. The amount of damage you will deal with this is just pretty much unbelievable when compared to other snipers. Your ulti will also deal a lot of damage! Vox is really weak early game but remember that he is kind of godlike in late game. Good Luck in future matches! Spend about 5 minutes in a practice match trying out my build! Thanks!-vortex17

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