Vox the Annihilator by Ichzz

Vox the Annihilator

By: Ichzz
Last Updated: May 18, 2015
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Skill Top

Hi, I've been playing with Vox a lot lately, I think he's a very good hero. He has a skill both to flee or to chase enemies, he has a skill to attack a group of enemies, and his ultimate can silence enemies in a line. I've never seen people make a guide with a skill build like mine here, I just hope this is not a repost. I take the ultimate at level 6 then fully upgrade the 1st and 2nd skill then, that means only 2 point on the ultimate cause

Items and team Top

I think the damage difference is not that great(CMIIW).

For the item I rushed Alternating Current, then boots, shatter glass, eve of harvest and the situational item. With just the core items, I think Vox is already a great killer. If you are in a lane, the core item is faster to make. For the team, Ardan is the best, as his ulti makes the enemy stays inside, or scatter and get stunned.

That's it Top

I think that's what I want to share, I'm very sorry for a very simple and short guide, I'm not a coder, this is my 1st guide, pardon my english, and sorry for all the things I haven't said sorry about. Have fun playing Vox and CMIIW. Thx

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