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A Guide by TakeAway Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player TakeAway in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Weapon Build Top

I never tried crystal build, it just sounds bad. so this is my build of weapon Ringo.

First two Weapons
Sorrowblade > Tyrant’s Monocle

This two provides enough damage at around 10-20 mins, and if Ringo cannot even get these two out, you lost the game already.

The rest:
Dragon Heart > Bonesaw (Or other weapon) > A Defense > Serpent Mask > Breaking Point

For the 3rd item
if Owning:
Skip dragon heart, and build it after the third weapon if really needed.

If enemy has armor then bonesaw;

Else I dun really know which one work the best. I have tried 1. another sorrowable 2. the tornado thingy 3. bonesaw. I cannot really feel the difference actually. Personally I prefer bonesaw which can prepare yourself well if some enemy is building any armor. Then after this build health and defense to sustain. I leave Serpent Mask to later because it cost a lot but contribute little to damage. Breaking point is just to make a better use of Dragon heart.

Why Not Boots? Top

leave the boots to the last, and may just buy a 300 boot for the ability to activate running; or you can just forget it. It is becos Ringo can kill an enemy quite fast; and when he does not, it is usually not wise to chase them, becos himself can be easily killed as well. The money can be better invested into weapon power and make sure you kill the enemy in the few hits you have. For mobility, the second skill can be used to run in most cases, and the best case is your teammate builds a warhorn.

When In Game Top

as mentioned, Ringo starts as a laner most of the time, and only go jungle when both of your teammates dun want to go jungle. Buy weapon blade and two health potion. your goal is to earn at least a Sorrowable in the lane. When laning, refrain from hitting the minion if it is not the last hit, which makes your farming much easier cos then you always have the critical hit. Moreover, this keep the lane toward your turret, which keeps yourself safer. Also in the early game, turret is something really powerful and you can use it to kill those greedy enemies when they overestimate the damage they can make and try to kill you.

Focus more on hitting the enemy if you have any chance, especially Glaive, Catherine and Koshka if they are in the lane. Your chance comes when their health drop below half or when you have an aggressive teammates. Ringo gets the maximum damage when doing "Critical Hit" > 2nd skill > 1st skill. This combo should be able to shred at least 1/3 of any hero's health in no time. Then judge it worths a chase or not. If yes, hit and move forward. When you get hit by their turret, come back immediately. Keep yourself alive is more important in this part of the game, cos a death and coming back from base takes way too much farming time.

Apart from avoid turret, to keep safe, always keep yourself to the top of the screen to avoid those who hides in the bush. If everything goes well, you can kill your target two to three times.

During mid and late game, always follow your teammates, and try to get in battle slightly later to avoid the first round of skills. your can deal huge amount of damage but very fragile at this stage. In fact, Ringo can hardly fight on his own, but when with teammates, he is a real killer. So if all teammates dun afk, it is easy to win a game. What I feel is.. in the late game, SAW and Glaive are the two that you cannot just stand there and face them. The rest.. is fine.

Skills? Top

add one point to 1st and 2nd first. If in lane, focus in the first kill until it is 4/5. If in jungle more, add 2nd skill to 5th level. add 1 level to ulti. I seldom use ulti. it is only when you are chasing someone until last bit of health and you are safe somewhere, and you are sure you will be safe for 1.5 seconds, then you use ulti, which is quite rare actually. I instead just use it when ganking someone from the bush. Generally, it is not so useful in my opinion, cos when in battle, the 1.5 seconds can deal a large amount of damage to other enemy left, who may kill you if you dun kill them. So for skills I usually have 5 5 2, or 4 5 3 for the 3 skills.

And most importantly, learn to use the first skill to steal gold mine/ kraken. Very important.

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