A CP Ringo Guide for noobs [Update 2.2] by KyoryuRed

A CP Ringo Guide for noobs [Update 2.2]

By: KyoryuRed
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017
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Build: Crystal Power

Ability Path

Double Down
Heroic Perk
Achilles Shot
Twirling Silver
Hellfire Brew

Threat Meter

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Threat Hero Notes
Catherine Stay away from the brushes and Catherine will never stun you, or to be precise she can't, since every time she tries you just need an Achilles Shot to keep her in bay
Reim A little distance and a Reim won't be able to do anything against you, just be sure not to forget to stutter step, you'll be nice prey for his Winter Spire
Krul What's easier to beat than a Reim with Ringo? A Krul, just don't get caught in his ultimate, and again stay away from brushes
Phinn The only problem in fighting a Phinn is just being pulled, as long as you use your Reflex Block wisely, you'll bring him down in seconds
Vox Your attacks are faster and more deadly
Fortress As long as you never get near brushes, he won't be a big nuisance, just never get out of your turret's range
Adagio A puny Adagio thinks he can kill a Ringo? Well if he can get his Burn on to you then yes, but if not. He's the one going down
Lance Just don't get impaled and he'll be Swiss Cheese
Blackfeather He won't even be able to get near you, but if he does, be sure to dodge his On Point
Skaarf You're fast enough to dodge his Spitfire when using Twirling Silver. Just don't get Spitfired and Gooped
Joule Her stun won't do you any good, since they have to be precise, just Stutter Step and Joule will be as easy as pie to slay
Ardan Escape his cage and you'll do fine
Samuel Malice & Verdict? Meet Twirling Silver and Achilles Shot
Idris As long as you're smart enough to get away from his Chakram, he won't be able to do much
Gwen You hit harder than her, WP is easier to deal with than CP. Just watch out for her Stun or you'll be the one eating gun powder
Flicker Never get carried away when killing minions, always be wary of a sudden ambush.
SAW You're both pretty even when Saw is CP, though he is annoying if he has a Breaking Point. Best to destroy his early game
Kestrel Stutter Stepping is the key, just don't get caught in her Acitve Camo
Alpha Her skills are dangerous, especially if it's a CP one. Best to get some defense, and don't get caught in her Prime Directive
Koshka Her skills will burst you down, but if you block her Ulti and she's used her Pouncy Fun, guess who's going down?
Baron Just don't get hit by his Porcupine Mortar if he is CP, and get Armor if he is WP.
Celeste Stutter Stepping and getting away from her Heliogenesis will be enough.
Petal Petal is always trouble for everyone, though not big enough if he is fighting a CP Ringo, kill a munion in between your attacks and he'll be dead
Skye A Skye could kill you within seconds, just be prepared to burst her down before she can burst you down. And never forget to dodge sideways when fighting a Skye
Ozo His ever increasing health is annoying enough. As long as your near a turret he won't be too much trouble
Lyra Her heals are already annoying enough, if she build enough Attak Speed, she'll burst you faster than you can
  No Threat
Glaive One good stun from his Afterburn, and you'll be killed in a few seconds. Just be able to get around him, and he'll have trouble in getting a good angle
Taka Being near a turret won't help you, be sure to have your Captain or you yourself buy mines to know when he's getting ready to Burst
Rona One jump and Spin and you'll be a goner, is best to have your jungler kill her a lot in the early game so she won't be a nuisance later on

Introduction Top

Welcome ladies and gentlemen,
This is my version of a CP Ringo build,
But first why should you go with CP Ringo?

First of all, it has more team utility than WP Ringo,
The slow is very annoying and hits like a truck
Your Ulti deals a lot more damage *duh
Sustains better? Well this depends on the user though

Update History Top

Update 2.1 :
Date :
February 18 2017 : Creation of the guide

Update 2.2 :
Date :
March 10 2017 : No significant changes to Ringo
An update in the build's final item selection

Items Explanation Top

Alternating Current : Do you know what happens when a CP Ringo has an Alternating Current and is using his Twirling Silver? A Burst of crystal damage appears on the target, and with the use of Achilles Shot your target won't be getting anywhere near

Stormcrown : Why a Stormcrown? Well the answer is simple, why not? Having a Stormcrown gives you a major advantage, in Attack Power and Energy Recharge. You won't even have to worry about running out of mana with a Stormcrown and a Halcyon Charger

Broken Myth : Your already dealing enough damage with just an Alternarting Current and Stormcrown, why not further enhance your damage output by 36%?

Shatterglass: Worried that your Achilles Shot isn't dealing enough damage or your Hellfire Brew couldn't finish an enemy who blocked your shot? Well a Shatterglass it the answer!

Frotburn : Are you always the sole survivor of a team fight and the enemy still has a melee left? Well then a Frostburn will do the trick, a good 25% Slow will keep the threat away!

Eve of Harvest : Want to last longer in a fight? Then worry not, Eve Of Harvest is here to help, since we are already dealing consistent CP Damage with Ringo's Achille's Shot and Twirling Silver an Eve Of Harvest will do wonders with your sustain, well as long as the enemy isn't the burst damage type. (Burst Damage is where a lot of damage is done to you in one single attack. Since it is done in a burst, we call it Burst Damage)

Metal Jacket : Getting burst down by a WP Joule or WP Glaive? Well then try getting a Metal Jacket, while it'll decrease the damage you receive from them, you'd still get a good amount damage from their Basic Attack and skills

Gameplay Top

Early Game,
Start off with a Swift Shooter and a Crystal Bit at the start,
And go straight to the lane, you won't get by being in the jungle
You'll just end up drying up your energy by leveling too fast

The order in getting your build done

First focus on getting an Alternating Current and a Stormguard Banner, this'll make your Twirling Silver deal a whole lot more damage,and you'll have a faster clear speed. After getting some defense (A reflex block to negate negative effects, or a second tier defense item for coming assassins)and a Void Battery, now it's to get a Broken Myth and a Stormcrown to even further boost your damage.

What to do when a teamfight breaks out?
Well simple, you get to a safe position and start using your A Skill and B Skill on enemies your allies are focusing on, but what is a safe position? Well you should be in a spot for no enemy hero can get to you, best place is behind a wall.

And here are some simple should and shouldn't in a fight
You should always stay back, and focus your shots on the weakest enemy first.
You shouldn't get too close just to kill a low health enemy, you have your ulti to do that for you
You should steal Kraken and Gold Miner last hits with your with A skill and B skill not you Ulti, it's a bit of a risk to get the right timing
You shouldn't enter a brush alone or first, you're an easy target to kill off in a 3vs1 situation

Well that's mostly it for my CP Ringo tips.
Now some tricks

- Stutter Steps
What are Stutter Steps?
These are short steps done between your auto attacks to increase the amount of auto attacks you can do in a period number of time, it also makes it harder for skill shot heroes to aim for you, since you are constantly fidgeting around

- Kiting
What is Kiting?
Well similar in how you play a kite, you constantly attack an enemy while taking creating enough distance to not get caught. Though this is well done after you are able to Stutter Step properly, so Kiting is the evolution of Stutter Stepping. But what good will this do? Well you can get away from melee heroes and not get killed in a one vs one point blank duel. It is also good for enemies who don't have a charging skill (ex : Koshka's Pouncy Fun, Alpha's Prime Directive, Taka's X-Retsu, etc), and with your slow all your chasers will be gone before you know it.

- Using your Ulti Effectively
What is your Ulti good for? It works as Targeted Strike for enemies that are almost dead but are just too fast to follow, but that's not all. It can also be used as a great skill during a team fight, since in a team fight most enemy heroes are usually clustered together, and this skill if not blocked does insane splash damage. The drawback is, if an enemy notices that you are charging, you'll be open to stuns for 2 seconds, and that is enough time to get yourself in a bad position. Consider if you are in a good enough condition to do it (enemy heroes are preoccupied, already used their block)

- What to do when your team gets an Ace
Well since Ringo is a fast shooter, he should be able to solo the gold miner, and leave the turret in the hands of the jungler. But if you are a little bit behind in gold, you should be the one to go to the Turret.

- What to do if you need to spend your gold?
Well the answer is simple, since Ringo is a laner, he should push his minions to the opponents side. But what does it mean to push in lane? Pushing in lane means you will rapidly kill the opponents minion so that your minions can advance faster.

And here is a video made by The Gankstars Academy,
This video will teach you the basics of laning, so that the terms that I speak later will make more sense
Basic Concept Of Laning

Hero Synergies Top

Now that we've talked a lot about Ringo himself, now let's talk about what are his best friends in the Halcyon Fold.

Junglers :
Now for the main part, a good partner for killing are the ones who can last long enough to help.

Now for the compatibility ratings :

100% : Built For Each Other
1. Glaive
What's so good about a Glaive & Ringo combo? It's of course the confirmed kill, a simple Afterburn combined with a burst of Achille's Shot and Twirling Silver could kill any foe, with your Acchille's Shot already slowing the enemy, he won't be going too far for you to shoot down.

2. Fortress
Double CP? Some may think this is crazy, but it works. A little Truth of the Tooth and Law of the Claw will surprise an unsuspecting enemy hero. And with Ringo's Twirling Silver which boosts attack speed, this'll activate Fortress' Law of the Claw overdrive, which will have create a 30% Slow, combined with Ringo's Achille's Shot the enemy won't be getting far.

3. Reim
A slow and a tank. This hero was made to help Ringo, with addition to his Fortified Health, he can root and slow enemies, not to mention with a double slow combo any high target heroes are easy to deal with.

4. Joule
A little jump and stun and enemies will be crying in pain from a Ringo and Joule combo, not to mention Joule's Big Red Button can instakill or lower enemies health down enough for Ringo to kill them off with a Hellfire Brew.

90% Almost perfect
1. Koshka
A combo of Koshka's Yummy Catnip Frenzy and Ringo's Twirling Silver can kill a high priority targets. Though Koshka is an early game hero and Ringo is a late game hero this can be fixed, since an early game Ringo is already strong enough as long as he has acquired at least an Alternating Current and a Stormguard Banner. Though if you're being ganked all the time, this'll make it harder for the koshka.

2. Krul
A Ringo and Krul combo? Sounds good early on, but if the enemies are smart they'll set mines everywhere and be wary of the Krul, making Ringo a deadman in every team fight. Though if you both survive 'till the Mid Game, you'll be insanely strong, with Krul applying stacks on an enemy hero and your slow from Acchiles Shot the enemy will long begone...

70% : Have a little problems, but everything still works out

1. Petal
Squishy yet deadly. This is what makes a Petal and Ringo combo deadly, they can burst you down before you can even touch them, though this is a terrible match up if you're going against a Joule, Taka, or Koshka.

2. Blackfeather
A slow to help Ringo and he can very well chase fleeing enemies. Looks like a perfect match right? If only the slow was faster he would be 100% compatible for Ringo.

3. Rona
What other way is there to kill an opponent other than making them unable to escape?
Keeping them busy with Rona's Red Mist of course!
A good Rona can keep the enemy busy while Ringo comes in and bursts on tanky opponents.

4. Ozo
A good Ozo is a good partner for Ringo. Especially his Bangarang is a good set up, but is easily telegraphed, and his bounces make it hard for Ringo to hit enemies, since he'll constantly make them move farther and farther to keep the Ozo away.

6. Alpha
Alpha though a good hero, doesn't have much team utility so in the end, the one who's helping is Ringo, though they are a good fit to assassinate one enemy, it's not a good idea for them to be in a big team fight, since the ringo will be first taken out.

7. Taka
Though Taka can assassinate enemies surely with the help of Ringo, he can't help very much in setting up situations ideal for Ringo, where mostly after Taka's X-Retsu and Kaiten combo, he'll already be using his Kaku to disappear.

50% Good enough for an ideal situation

1. Kestrel
Kestrel plus Ringo = Insane Burst Damage. Just don't use this combo if you're going up against other burst heroes.

2. Samuel
The same reason as Kestrel.

Roam Synergy Top

Now that we've talked about the junglers, now let's talk about the roam for the team.

100% : Dynamic Duo

1. Phinn
A little pull and slow combo will kill anybody. With Phinn's already high health, he can also help with Ringo's fragile health by using his Polite Company will give Ringo the health he needs to sustain in a long fight.

2. Ardan
What's so good about a cage and Ringo? It's a perfect place for Ringo to shoot down the prisoners locked in. This'll kill off most enemies, except for the ones who can escape quickly enough, and that's where the jungler plays a role.

3. Lance
Well not too different from a Lance being the junggler, only this time you'll be the one doing all the damage.

70% : Good but not good enough

1. Catherine
Yes her silence may be good for some heroes, it's just not a very good fit for Ringo, since silenced or not, he can only shoot them down.

2. Adagio
A heal and buff, sadly Adagio isn't the tank support type, and this'll make you more vulnerable to ganks.

50% : This is to help the junggler more than you

1. Fortress
Who needs a speed boost to get to the target? Apparently not Ringo, though his Law of the Claw and Twirling Silver burst combo is a good one.

2. Lyra
Heal and teleport? You'll be dead by the time you end up in the other end.

3. Flicker
Who needs to go in stealth and get a good distance, when you can just shoot them from the edge.

End Top

Well this concludes my CP Ringo Guide
I hope this could be helpful for all those new players (noobs) around.
And the title isn't intended to insult anybody, since I too am also a noob...

Well see you next time in the Halcyon Fold, hopefully you'll get a win with this CP Ringo Build

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