A weapon? Hey, I could use that! A comprehensive guide to Weapon Power Ringo by Jimmydoggga 2.0

A weapon? Hey, I could use that! A comprehensive guide to Weapon Power Ringo

By: Jimmydoggga 2.0
Last Updated: Dec 17, 2014
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Introduction Top

Hey guys!
Some of you are probably wondering why I'm writing a guide on Ringo without any Crystal items in it. And the truth is that's mostly because I didn't realize you could or would want to build crystal items on Ringo, until I finally got a look at what his ability scalings actually were. And they're pretty overpowered, but that's not the point. The point is that I kept playing Weapon Ringo because its actually pretty incredible through early game and mid game, and all the way through late game if you know how to kite and have good items, and most importantly, its fun.

Why would I want to play this hero? Top

    Decent Escaping and chasing potential
    Can Kite well with the slow on Achilles Shot
    Incredible Harass with skills and autoattacks early game
    Snowballs incredibly hard
    Semi-global stealth ignoring true damage ultimate

    Very squishy
    Ultimate leaves you vulnerable and will kill you if used in the middle of a teamfight
    Kiting takes some time to learn
    Not as much true damage/burst as Crystal Ringo
    No actual escape (such as with Joule or Taka)

Who are Ringo's major threats? Top

Major Threats:

: You can't out-duel him, and it is very very difficult to do anything if he jumps on you in a teamfight. The 5 second invisibility he has also makes it difficult to see if he's walking up to you or not. DO NOT try and destroy towers by yourself with this guy around.

Minor Threats:
: Her Big Red Button will completely annihilate you if you stand in it for even half the duration. If you see her use it, use your Twirling Silver and get straight out.

: His Afterburn is the only thing that threatens you but it still will kill you if you get knocked back into the enemy team. Luckily he happens to be fairly easy to kite as you can easily land an Achilles Shot onto him.

: If you aren't careful when you Achilles Shot him, you will take more damage than him. Supressing fire also has slightly longer range and does more damage and his ultimate will kill you easily.

Items Top

Starting items:

: This is pretty much the essential starter item. You get extra WP for last hitting minions, burst heals in case they're nearly about to kill you and the ability to trade damage in lane and still come out ahead. I get this over Energy Battery bceause Ringo isn't energy intensive in lane and it only takes an Achilles Shot around once or twice a minute to force the enemy out of lane.

Early game Core items
: The upgrade to Book of Eulogies this is the item that you rush if you're still being forced out of lane often early and pretty much prevents the enemy team from ever poking you down. Kill around 7 or so minions every minute with this and you'll have restored over a third of your health bar just by farming.

: If you're having a highly successful laning phase you want to rush this item as fast as you can as your autoattack damage goes through the roof, and makes your Achilles Shot- Twirling Silver combo do crazy amounts of damage.

: If you can't afford Heavy Steel this item allows you to put extra pressure on the enemy heroes in laning phase by attacking the enemy heroes and minions when Double Down is procced and abusing the extra damage.

: The core boots after laning for Ringo. Sprint Boots gives too little mobility, while joourney boots is a waste of gold in most cases, except for specific circumstances. This is really open to personal preference as a player.

Mid-game items

: The big kahuna of WP items at the cost of any other attribute on the item. Luckily WP is basically all this build needs and rushing a Sorrowblade means you can easily get double or triple kills in less than 30 seconds. The components needed to build it are very expensive though.

: Builds out of the Lucky Strike bought from earlier, and gives an Attack speed boost that stacks with your Twirling Silver and makes up for the lack of scaling damage on any of your abilities.

: Pierces their armor and the 180 bonus damage actually allows you to one-shot minions, which gives you a Double Down which means you can one-shot another minion. Incredible farming item, and very good for burst as well.

Late game items

: Gives more AD and builds out of Barbed Needle which makes it a useful finish item for the AD portion of the build.

Defensive items

The defensive item you buy is generally based around which member of the opposing team has the most kills and how many members of the opposing team are building crystal or Weapon damage. If you are facing a well balanced team which you should be most of the time, build a Crucible or a Dragonheart, while if you are versing a team with a fed build a Metal Jacket. Likewise if they have a fed build an Aegis although most of the time you should be building a Crucible.

But how do I actually play Ringo? Top

Early game (in top lane):
In the early game the main thing you want to do is harass the enemy heroes and to get farm. As the hero on the team that requires the most gold getting farm generally means you should be attempting to last hit all of the minions that you can safely kill, especially if you are low on health and need to activate the passive on Book of Eulogies. However the most important part of Ringo's early laning phase is to abuse the damage on Achilles Shot. This ability currrrently has absurd damage that increases enormously once you get a few levels and if your laning opponents don't build anything to reduce the damage (most of the time), this ability will rapidly force them out of lane or leave them open to getting killed.

At the 4 minute mark, the camps in the jungle will spawn and in the centre of the map the gold miner will appear at which point you should always try and be aware of the timer on the gold mine.
It is important that you are aware of the buff whenever it is close to 3/4 of the way full, as this will allow you to try and capture the mine or defend it, so that your team can obtain the maximum amount of gold. Throughout the early and middle game be aware of this, while attacking the enemy turrets, and also be aware of possible chances to take an enemy minion mine and to protect your own.

When teamfighting throughout the mid-game it is important to stay well out of range of as many of the enemy heroes as possible, while still maintaining constant damage. If this means you cannot fight the damage dealers on the enemy team immediately, so be it. The damage on your achilees shot and your Hellfire Brewwill be large enough to still pose a large threat to the less tanky characters on the enemy team, while your autoattacks will kill anyone on the enemy team given enough time.

How do I avoid taking damage in teamfights?

One of the most important techniques when playing Ringo is to kite (move away from) the enemy team members while you are autoattacking. The main method I use to do this is to click on an enemy to autoattack, and then immediately afterwards quickly tap anywhere nearby on the screen. At a reasonably fast rate, (around once or twice every second) this will easily allow Ringo to avoid taking damage from most champions, deal damage to massive threats like Taka while moving towards your team to safety, and escape champions like SAW and Joule.

Dueling as Ringo

Taking on the enemy damage dealers isn't really that hard as Ringo because your ability to escape fights is so strong. Simply begin with an achilees shot then activate your Twirling Silver. The damage on your Achilles Shot is often good enough to win you duels without using your Hellfire Brew but if you begin to lose the duel, use the increased momvent speed from Twirling Silver to back off, and then your Hellfire Brew can easily finish them off.

Late game

At the 15 minute mark, the gold miner will be devoured (literally) and the Kraken will appear where the Gold miner was originally. Unleashing the Kraken will cause it to travel down towards the enemy base at a slow speed, during which it will focus singlehandedly on destroying enemy structures and will often easily destroy 1 or 2 enemy towers, giving everyone on your team an easy 600 gold. As the Kraken is often the only objective between a win and a loss it is important to try and capture it around the 17-18 minute mark depending on the success of your team, with the best option to start immediately after you have caught out and killed members of the enemy team.

What if the enemy team begins to/has captured the Kraken?

If the enemy team has captured the Kraken

If the enemy team has captured the Kraken the best thing that you can do is to damage the Kraken and the enemy team as well. Because while the Kraken only targets turrets and the Vain Crystal, the enemy team can easily try and take you out when you are distracted.

If the enemy team is capturing the Kraken

The easiest way to tell that the enemy team are capturing the Kraken is to place a mine in the two patches of large grass surrounding the centre of the map. However ifthe enemy team goes out of vision for a long period of time the best thing to do is to leave lane and begin to move towards the Kraken's location.
From the very edge of either of the two large bushes it can easily be seen if the enemy team is capturing the Kraken! Unless the Kraken is one autoattack or Achilles Shot away from being captured it is best to focus you damage onto the enemy team and scare them away, while the tanks go in to secure it themselves. As the enemy team is often going to have far lower health than you it is not required that you have all three members of your team alive to compete for it.

Finishing the game Top

The two major ways to finish the game are to capture the Kraken, which will allow you to focus the enemy vain crystal while the enemy attempts to remove the Kraken. Kiting is very important in this situation, as is focusing the Vain crystal from anywhere but between the enemy spawn point and the crystal itself.


This method is generally very uncommon and requires a great deal for map awareness to actually pull off. However it does often work very well. Backdooring refers to entering the enemy base to destroy their vain crystal while the enemy team is outside their base, which Ringo does better than possibly any other champion in the game (except maybe Glaive.)
Despite what it appears to be backdooring is the opposite of complicated and simply requires two things.
1. Waiting until you are completely aware of the location of everyone on the enemy team.
2. Passing through your and the enemy jungle directly into their base without being seen.
3. Being able to destroy the crystal simply by kiting around it and avoiding the enemies who by now will be either fighting your enemy team or pushing their own important objective.
Remember your Achilles Shot is both a slow and also does damage to the crystal itself.

Conclusion & Q/A Top

Well that's it for now readers!
Hopefully you enjoyed reading my guide.
Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will get around to answering them when i update this guide.
I always love to hear peoples opinions on things that I've done, and thanks for reading :)

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