Adagio Roamer Build 3x3 by Winavesh

Adagio Roamer Build 3x3

By: Winavesh
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2019
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Your abilities Top

With arcane reneval Adagio can keep his energy high so you don't need to return home for regenetating energy.
Gift of Fire is the best ability in the game for healing mobile melee heroes like WP Blackfeather or WP Idris. Overdrive it first
Agent of Wrath is useful at the start of the game to help your jungler with farm. It becomes strong once you will buy CP item (especially Dragon's Eye). Overdrive it second if you have an ally with high attack speed and you're going to buy CP item. Otherwise don't overdrive it.
Verse of Judgement is a very powerful teamfight-changing crowd control ability which can deal great damage even without CP items. You can use Aegis to block abilities to guarantee the successful cast of your ultimate.

Items Top

fountain of reneval, Crucible, Contraption and War Treads are must-have items for every roamer.

Capacitor Plate is the best item to increase the heal from your Gift of Fire so you should buy it after Crucible.

Aegis can block abilities which can interrupt your ultimate.

Dragon's Eye is the best item in long fights when you can easily get many stacks. It imroves your A and B abilities so you can heal better and deal more damage.

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