[arbitoot's SECRET TACTIC] Increase MoveSpeed Tremendously by arbitoot

[arbitoot's SECRET TACTIC] Increase MoveSpeed Tremendously

By: arbitoot
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2014
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Background Top

Have you experienced killing an enemy hero only to discover his teammates are going for a gank? Of course you are PRO enough to feel something awful but your hero simply isn't going to make it out of their range. e.g. SAW.

Well, look no further and read on for my simple yet effective early to mid-game supplemental build. Increase your survivability in the lane/jungle when dire stuff happens.

I discovered this build as part of my SAW build because he moves sooo slooow after his attack speed increase due to his passive.

If you would notice, BOOTS do not stack by default.

That is what we know. ;)

It isn't always true.

I discovered a stacking technique that is really effective to increase your chances of grabbing a surprise kill or running away with my superfast build. I already shared it on LINE group so its better to let everybody have the chance (who isn't in the line group) to experience my run fast build.

How to Top

You must follow the exact way to built the duo boots = run fast technique/

1. Buy Sprint Boots
2. Upgrade Sprint Boots to Travel Boots
3. Buy new Sprint Boots

Doing differently will cause the boots not to stack, Your movement speed will be like just having 1 Travel Boots.

After completing the build, try running around to see the difference. Notice that the animation looks like you've activated the boots but this time it is for good...almost.

DO NOT upgrade any boots or else the stacking and the extra speed effect will vanish. ;)

How fast? Top

Have you seen Ringo or SAW running scared as h*ll when you activate your tier 1 boots? That is your constant speed using this build. Wink Wink. DO try it yourself. :)

Its use Top

I choose Ringo to be perfect for this build because he is the perfect hero for kiting. Ringo benefits early game to Mid game because of this superfast movement effect. Get in, Deal damage, Get out before the enemy knows you're there. Of course you need to have items to make your damage substantial. This build is just a supplementary item only.

You can use this for SAW, Joule and Koshka and pretty much for any player. Do note that after using a skill (tested on Joule and SAW), the running effect is gone for few seconds. If you are running normally for a long time, try activating one of the boots.


This is very good for farming on dangerous places ALONE, think offside minion mines. You can evade encounters entirely before being seen and proceed to your daily life of farming the lane few moments after your invasion or prepare for a gank on the responding hero.

More Tactics Top

Having two boots is not a waste of Gold entirely. If you have an extra Gold to spend, you can have this build and have two boots to activate.

Tactic A: You can activate the boots alternately so you wont have to wait for the cooldown of the other boots. This is effective if you like to gank and run away. You have more chances of using an active of a boots.

Tactic B: You can use the boots by activating it in succession if your super running ability is not enough (e.g Joule is jumping and going to make an ULT behind you). Two boots to activate means you can run as fast as the boots gives you for a longer time. PLEASE DON'T ACTIVATE AT THE SAME TIME.

When to use? Top

Use this build along with your current build.

I am pretty sure your slots are not full early game.

You can always sell the boots if you need slots and gold for other stuff.

If in early game and you have extra Gold to spend, do try this boot stacking method along with your build.

Disclaimer Top

This is not a guide to abuse a bug.
My goal is to make it as a strategy for early game where speed is crucial at times FOR EVERYONE.

Anyways, this is not a bug that really makes a player OP.

Remember that player trades speed for other items.
There are always a counter for slippery players.

I mean no harm to the devs of VG and this can be used as a counter strategy.

Please do Vote up or comment away your thoughts while this guide is still effective. I don't gain a benefit from this BTW.

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