CP Fortress Crunch Crunch baby!! by Samarth

CP Fortress Crunch Crunch baby!!

By: Samarth
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2016
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Ok so here it goes

Making an aftershock on fortress also gives the 3 wolves that aftershock on them so basically every wolf will deal 15% of targets max health ...
Now when u make the broken myth
The wolves give u stacks of broken myth so that aftershock on those 3 wolves get overpowered as the broken myth stacks and amplifies ur crystal damage ... Making those 3 wolves a nightmare
Hope you get it
Explained by Ash1727 SEA
Posted by Samarth SEA

Additional tips Top

If you can coordinate well with your support boots can be replaced for another offensive or defensive item
CP Fortress has a slow jungle clear and excels mid to late game avoid confrontation early and play for mid-lategame
Ultimate should be used at the start of confrontation as using it early will allow enemies to kill your wolves and deal with you later
Play as a semi support take damage and distract enemy so that your carry stays safe

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