Day 1 Rona by wolf_hands

Day 1 Rona

By: wolf_hands
Last Updated: Jun 29, 2015
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Ability Overview Top

Berserkers' Fury
Slot: Heroic Perk

Rona attacks faster than most heroes, but she deals 90% weapon power damage with each attack.

Rona's abilities use Bloodrage instead of energy, a unique resource that is generated from basic attacks, abilities and taking damage from enemies.
  • Critical strikes and basic attacks against targets afflicted by Mortal Wounds will generate additional Bloodrage.
  • This caps at 100 and decays when Rona has been out of combat for 5s.

Rona feels like she starts off with a Blazing Salvo, but each hit is weaker than other junglers. Anything to help boost basic attack damage is always a great item to build because of this.
Into the Fray
Slot: A

Rona leaps into battle, gaining Bloodrage for each enemy hero she collides with. After a short delay, the ground ruptures for 3s, dealing damage and slowing enemies who pass over it by 40%.
  • Rona is additionally granted fortified health for each enemy hero struck by the rupture.
  • Deals reduced damage to minions.

Useful to engage and escape, Into the Fray is Rona's most versatile ability.
Slot: B

A two-part axe attack that can catch up to - then brutalize - an unsuspecting target.
  • First activation: Rona lunges at her target, landing an empowered basic attack and granting her increased move speed and Bloodrage.
  • Second activation: Expend the bonus move speed and all of her Bloodrage to deal 1% bonus damage for each point consumed and apply Mortal Wounds to her target. She is then temporarily granted additional attack speed.
  • Each of Rona's basic attacks reduce Foesplitter's cooldown by 1s.

The more Bloodrage you've built up, the more damage you can do with the second attack in Foesplitter.
Red Mist
Slot: C

Rona drains her Bloodrage and spins in a whirlwind, dealing weapon damage to nearby enemies. While spinning, Rona moves slower and gains fortified health each second.
  • Rona is immune to any movement impairing effects during this ability.
  • Can be cancelled at any time by reactivating it or using another ability.
  • Requires at least 50 Bloodrage to activate.
  • Deals reduced damage to minions.

Use while in a constricted area so it is harder for fleeing enemies to simply walk away from your Red Mist.

A great way to initiate a team fight with Rona is to rush your first target with Foesplitter, once the enemy team begins to flee, use Into the Fray's rupture to slow the enemy team. Once slowed, finish them off with a few rounds of Red Mist.

Weapon Powerhouse Top

Rona is a berserker. So let's build her to use her kit to its full potential.

Rona attack speed is already buffed because of Berserkers' Fury, but he attack power is also weaker because of her perk. This is where Sorrowblade helps out.

Not attacking fast enough? Add in the Bonesaw for an additional 50% attack speed plus the bonus armor shredding will make each hit even more satisfying than the last.

Put Serpent Mask in the mix for added sustainability. Rona has 1,789 health at level 12, but when playing her as a jungle carry, her average armor and shield can mean a quick death for you.

Lastly, Clockwork is a great choice to be able to shape the tides of battle by leaping in and around your foes to escape and chase more effectively.

Crystal Assassin Top

Rona has some massive crystal ratios on her kit; this is an exploration of how I think Rona could be built into an assassin.

Assassins are all about burst. Shatterglass and Aftershock will help give you that burst. Rona's highest crystal ratio is on Into the Frays rupture damage, so timing and hitting enemies with the rupture will be paramount to bursting an enemy team down.

If the enemy team is still around after the initial engage, Alternating Current and Broken Myth are there so you can continue to dish out the damage.

Lastly, Clockwork is still a great choice because of Rona's long cooldowns. Have fun jumping from one dead enemy to another!

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