Death by Kitty! by cL4wz

Death by Kitty!

By: cL4wz
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2015
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Introduction! Top

Hello my name is cL4wz. I recently started this game and I am loving it. I used to play league of legends, maining Udyr in the jungle. In Vain Glory I main Koshka. And so I decided to combine my experience from jungling in Lol with Koshka in the jungle.
This build is a CP Tank Koshka which has shown great results in all the games I have played so far.

Item Choices Top

Aftershock - This is Koshka main damage item. Rush this ASAP.

Crucible - Crucible is a great item. Make sure to use it in the teamfight to
provide your team with some defence.

Atlas Pauldron - Atlas works great against WP/AS heavy teams. This could be replaced
by Fountain of Renewal if the enemy is
more CP heavy.

Aegis - provides tankiness can also be used instead of Crucible when 1v1 ing.

Alternating Current - Combined with aftershock and the Auto-attack buff after TD
this will make your autoattacks hit like trucks.

Jungling + Gamestyle Top

As Koshka you should run to your bottom camp (the one with the small and big minion) and clear it quickly after that attempt to invade the enemies equivalent camp and proceed with jungling. Farm up aftershock as quickly as possible. Gank only if its a sure kill. GRIND the jungle, this is important . You have to constantly have a level advantage and reach lvl 12 when the enemy is still level 9-10.
This will also get you ahead economically.

If you feel like you are tanky enough but are lacking in damage buy the Alternating Current in between the tank items otherwise leave it for last.

Conclusion Top

Hoping you liked my guide. this is my first guide i ever made so the quality might be slightly poor. Any advice and suggestions are welcome as long as they are delivered in an appropriate way.

Eg. You could improve on...
This build needs more...

Enjoy Koshka in the jungle!

~ cL4wz

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