Fight & Flee GWEN by MasterMason114

Fight & Flee GWEN

By: MasterMason114
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2017
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Intro Top

Hi I'm mason ign(in game name) MasterMason114. This is my first time trying to build a guide but constructive criticism is welcome. I am not a pro player by any means. This guide is not for you if you tend to overextend early game. is on of the quickest heroes of Vainglory. This guide is ment for you to hug your turret and let your captain initiate the fights and once you get your final build Team Fights are yours. Early game you want to farm farm farm that lane and the [Book of Eulogies] makes it so you don't have to return home as often. When you have to return home make sure you have a teammate or a minion wave protecting that turret. Early game depends on her heroic perk [Boomstick] so on top of clearing lane and watching the mini map keep an eye out for as it deals extra damage when it's ready to use.

The road to Glory Top

Farm, Farm, Farm!!! For this build to work you need to be patient and work with your team or the turret. We have all had those teammates before but as long as you clear lane minions the turret is your most loyal teammate. If your good at poking the opposing lane then have fun just remember they have a captain that can either stun you or seriously mess you up. With that being said don't overextend or sit in the same spot can shoot move and shoot again so use her mobility to your advantage.

Lead your team to Victory Top

Every build has its holes and this one is lack of attack but the crit hit rate should make up for the lack of attack items. This is a team game and having can really help your team out in a bad situation. With the defense of or the lifesteal of and the speed of you should make it against most opponents with ease.

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