Fortress The Strong Roamer by bradencn

Fortress The Strong Roamer

By: bradencn
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2016
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This build plays to Fortress's strength as a roamer: health items strengthen his wolves, and speed helps press/chase during attacks.


Make sure you grab stormguard banner. Hitting hard early game on heroes is important: you don't need weapon or crystal power, stormguard will do just enough to get the enemy team worried. Also, make sure you are starting to build toward a fountain and keep about 2-3 mines on hand at all times in the early game. There is nothing nicer than a roamer that gives good vision, helps keep teammates alive, and then of course applies damage as much as they can (damage is the least important, usually, but when you contribute even a little bit, your teammates will love you.


This is where you need to do a judgement call on a few things. If vision is becoming a tough problem, grab that flare gun and start building toward contraption before Stormcrown. Contraption really decreases anxiety, because you no longer have to purchase mines. If you feel that you just need to be hitting a bit harder, grab that Stormcrown, help teammates clear objectives faster, and get the contraption later in the game (but keep building mines!)

You also better have journey boots mid game: Fortress is great with speed. War treads is a late game item, but make sure you help your team out by chasing and targeting (remember, Fortress's A ability grants nearby teammates speed boots: you lead, they follow).

Mid game is all about using your fountain to keep teammates alive, initiating quick team fights when chances of winning are likely, and making sure vision is still available.


Your teammates should have enough hitting power by this point. Stormcrown is plenty sufficient for a roamer. Grab that crucible and protect against really tough ults from the enemy that are bound to come. Grab that SHIVERSTEEL...this is CRUCIAL. You are the leader in team fights and you are always chasing. You grab yourself a shiver steel, in combination with your ult and war treads, your team will be getting aces like nobody's business.

Good luck with Fortress and try to play with the best times to use your ult. Generally speaking, it is when you need to slow the enemy team when they are chasing you, when you want to keep the enemy team at bay as you try to complete objectives such as destroying turrets or kraken, or when you are chasing and trying to perform an ace. As a sidenote, Fortress is a great counter to Taka and Kestrel, as no matter how invisible they are, Fortress's wolf pack will always find them.

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