Get Better at Support with Fortress (3.0) by Newmanator

Get Better at Support with Fortress (3.0)

By: Newmanator
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
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Abilities Top

Though the order I put in here may be off, you want to overdrive your A and Ultimate abilities.

Your A is a prime damage dealer AND lets you heal off of a targeted enemy. It also increases your movement and allies movement towards that target.

Your ultimate increases your attack speed, gives you fortified health, AND your hounds show you where enemies are on the map. Pretty neat.

Your B is just an annoyance, deals damage, and makes the enemy bleed.

Items Top

Your Fountain of Renewal is a heal for nearby team members and yourself, so use it when you see your team getting low.

Aftershock adds damage to your A ability after you use it, so that is when you start to heal and deal a lot of damage.

Clockwork lowers your cooldown speed on your abilities, but it does not do the same thing to items.

Wartreads gives you a speed and health boost, but it also gives teammates around you increased movement speed for a few seconds. Hopefully, it is enough to get you out of a pickle.

Atlas Pauldrons give you some armor, but the real benefit comes in its attack slow. Use this on enemies who have a high attack speed to nerf them for a bit. Enemies that are good to use this on are SAW, Krul, Ringo, or anyone with a bunch of attack speed items.

Stormcrown does a lot of things. It gives some health, lowers cooldown on abilities, and deals bonus damage to "non-heroes." This includes turrets, lane minions, and jungle minions. It's in this build to help you push at the end of a game and knock out turrets.

Get your Crystal Infusion once you have all your items purchased. This lasts for 150 seconds and does extra crystal damage.

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