How to burn Halcyon Fold by Zyronl

How to burn Halcyon Fold

By: Zyronl
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2014
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Build: Halcyon Fold- Burn mode

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  No Threat
SAW This one is a sitting duck. He cannot dodge your spitfire or goop at all with 12 stacks of spin up. Being too slow, he won't last long if you poke him. Do not use your ultimate to finish him as he might have roadie run to escape.
Krul Fortunately for cute skaarf, krul have to stay close to kill anyone. An dsince you have such a long range, you should not have problem poking him down. However, becareful of his sword throw. It can either use to gap close to you or to stun your ultimate.
Joule You have a very long range, so you can easily poke her without worrying for her thunder strike. However, take note as she will use rocket leap to stun you. Keep looking at her movement as she might be looking for a angle to fire at you with her big red button.
Adagio His stun takes longer to channel than your ultimate, so you will not have to worry on that part. However, you will get stunned right after you channeled finished your ultimate for about 1 second. So take reflex block.
Catherine An easy stun knocks your ultimate off, so quickly take reflex block during mid game. Her silence will render you useless, but channel your ultimate when you see she is going to silence everybody!
Ringo He have high moblity, so do not take him lightly. Quick reflexes will easily dodge your spitfire, but use goop to burn him. If he goes in with his hellfire brew, show him how much hotter is your fire!
Skaarf Another cute battle. Better aiming will beat the enemy. Use goop to slow him when he channels his ultimate. Don't forget to light it up!
Glaive With his afterburn, he can easily dodge your spitfire, and knock out your ultimate. Do not let him get close to you. Use goop to slow then fire a spitfire. Only use your ultimate after he used his afterburn.
Koshka She have a lot of gap closing skills, so kiting won't work well. Also, she can lock you down with her stun, and your dead. Do not approach for a 1vs1, and becareful when to use your ultimate.
Petal Your rival of cuteness. Proof to her that your way cuter, and use your ultimate to burn her pets to dust. Aim your spitfire carefully as her munions and seeds both block it. Also, you can use goop then burn it if she stays at a location for very long without moving.
Taka Your worst nightmare. Surround yourself with teammates or scout traps. Pop flare guns when he is missing, and do not panic when he engages you with X-Retsu. Immediately respond with goop. Try NOT to light it up as the slow will fade away. Don't use your ultimate when he is close range. Get backup ASAP.

Introduction Top

Skaarf is a high AOE damage hero, and the first mage hero in Vainglory. While he excels in AOE damages, he is rather as squishy, or more squishy than Ringo. Start in the lane to farm up some early gold, get Eve of Harvest quickly along with some health and then roam to help your junglers. Get defensive items after you finished 2 items to not get instant killed by some bursty Taka. No, that isn't a warning.

Abilites & Tips Top

Fan the Flames
Slot: Heroic Perk

Skaarf's abilities burn targets and his basic attacks deal bonus crystal damage to burning targets.
  • Burn: 12-34 (level 1-12) (+15% crystal power) damage per second for 4s.
  • Basic attacks: 2.5% of the target's max health as crystal damage.
  • Deals reduced damage to Mythic Creatures and structures.


  • Use this as efficiently as possible. Burn somebody, then attack when the flame is nearly gone. Or you can just continously attack. Your choice.

Slot: A

Skaarf spits a fireball that collides with the first hero, structure or boss monster it hits.
  • The fireball damages & passes through smaller minions.
  • Each time it passes through a unit, its damage is reduced to 85% of before.
  • Deals 50% less damage damage to minions.


  • Look for angles that can hit the enemy easily. Imagine invisible yellow lines to see where Spitfire will go if you fire in which way etc etc.
  • Since this can go over walls, you can fire at somebody fleeing and get style points.
  • Use this to check bushes. Never ever go in one suspicious looking bush when you didn't check.

Slot: B

Skaarf hurls a goop onto the target location. Enemies walking through the sticky substance are slowed. Any of Skaarf's flames will ignite the puddle, dealing burst damage and burning enemies over time.
  • A flaming puddle does not slow enemies as much as a goop puddle.
  • Deals half damage to minions and Mythic Creatures.


  • A cool trick is to plant this below the turret, then Spitfire at the turret. The turret will take lots of damage, really good for pushing and laning.
  • You can use Goop to slow fleeing enemy that is over the wall. Then, land your Spitfire and you will deal lots of damage.
  • If you use this under somebody who is already on fire, it will immediately light up.
  • If not light up, the duration is way longer than the duration for being light up.
  • You should light this up in the last second before it is gone, unless you really have to light it up ASAP for some quick damage.

Dragon Breath
Slot: C

Skaarf inhales for 1.5s, then exhales a huge cone of flames for 3s. Skaarf may move freely while spewing fire.
  • Skaarf gains a quick burst of move speed when exhaling.
  • While inhaling or exhaling, enemies moving against the current are slowed while allies moving with it are sped up.
  • Deals 50% damage to non-heroes.


  • Try not to use this while enemies are really close to you.
  • Use this to let your teammates quickly dash to fleeing 3 out of position enemies. ACE!
  • this can burn turrets, but it is not recommended unless you really need to.


  • Goop to slow somebody, use Spitfire and then fire breath to immediately win a duel.
  • Engage with Spitfire then use fire breath. Catch fleeing enemies with Goop + Spitfire.
  • Use fire breath to slow out of position enemies and speed your teammates up. Then, after the duration is over, Spitfire then Goop.

The Build Top

The starting items is to boost your survivablity when you get ganked. It makes you safer with Sprint Boots and also you can heal while low hp with Halcyon Potion.

While low on health, you can help you heal some health back. Also, this works with any of your abilites. Imagine the mega heal from fire breath... Swweeeeet~

Since you are way too squishy to survive even 2 man ganks, getting this not that late can be a good idea. Get this if you just happen to die because your enemies outrun you.

Can't catch up? fire breath becomes useless because of that? Then this shall be your best friend. Now your Goop on fire can slow too. Hastag victory!

Since you are soooo squishy, like i said, Reflex Block greatly boosts your survival. Get this when the enemy just happen to have a heavy damage spell that kills you, like verse of judegement etc etc.

Situational Items Top

Damage or Cooldown

If your enemy builds shield such as Aegis, counter with Broken Myth to pierce the shield. If the enemy does not build any shield, you should get more damage with Shatterglass. And get a Clockwork if your abilites seems to be on cooldown during the important times.

Defense Needed

Against another Skaarf, it might be a good or bad idea to get Fountain of Renewal. Bad, because it increases the burn damage. Good, because the health regen will regen back the health the burn damage took easly. Get this if the enemy is crystal. If not, get Metal Jacket for extreme armor if the enemy is weapon.

Health or Shield

If there is an enemy Skaarf, NEVER, NEVER get Crucible, even if the two other enemies are heavy weapon damage dealers. If not, go for Aegis, but keep in mind you won't block with Reflex Block for all your allies. If your allies just don't want to get a single Crucible, then you should.

Early Game Top

As a squishy little Skaarf, i start with Sprint Boots and 2 Halcyon Potion to survive possible ganks or near deaths. Walk up and down, looking for good angles to fire your Spitfire. But focus mostly on farming first in the lane. Get to level 2 quickly, then you can start poking heavily. You can win trades easily with Goop to slow and Spitfire to burn. Laners such as Ringo and Adagio won't be a problem, so keep doing this. However, if you are up against a Petal, poke as much as possible before she reaches level 2. Another Skaarf will be annoying, so watch out for his Goop puddles. If against a SAW do not trade auto attacks unless he have lost his stacks, then you cna attack him once to refresh the burn duration of Fan the Flames. After farming for awhile, i will go recall and let a jungler take the lane for awhile. Work towards your Void Battery. Get Void Battery first before Heavy Prism so you can spam your abilties instead of running out of mana easily. After that, do not back until you are level 7 or 8. By then, buy Eve of Harvest and Oakheart, along with a Heavy Prism if you can. Start roaming but keep looking out for the lane when your turret is under attack.

Now, if you happen to lane really good, you should max Goop to get his overdrive, getting way more damage and duration of the burn. That way, burning your turrets will be a piece of cake. If you happen to be in fights more often, or happen to use Spitfire constantly, max it. It really depends on your playstyle. Also, not maxing your ultimate is also a good idea. Lets compare...

When your ultimate gets maxed ( fire breath ), it's damage increases by 375 and cooldown decreases by 5 second. If you max Spitfire, your damage increase by 175 and cooldown decrease by 1 second. And with Goop, maxing it out can be really useful as ignite damage increase by 175, and damage per second increase by 60, duration for slow increase by 5, duration on fire increase by 2, and cooldown decreases by 7. So maxing Goop and Spitfire is more efficient than maxing fire breath out. Keep in the mind the calculation is based off the increase from just 1 point from maxing a skill.

Mid Game - Late Game Top

By now, you should be around level 9 or 10, perhaps 12 if your really fed. Start laning instead of going to roam in the jungle. If you have destroyed 0 turrets, then it's danger! Quick, push and push. Destroy at least 1, best if 2. Ping your teammates to help you, and look out for bushes. If you destroyed 1 turret, that is quite bad, but at least you did destroy 1. Try and destroy another and your set for a teamfight. If you destroyed 3, that is REALLY good. If you fail to get the last 2, consider getting the kraken, or ambush the enemy, get an ace and finish it.

Do NOT go and roam into the enemy jungle alone. Always have one or two teammates with you. Never get the temptation of invading and stealing the enemy minion mine. Unless you have the ace buff, or if the last enemy alive is either Catherine or SAW. In that case, they cannot really stop you.

At around here, you should have finish your Frostburn, Eve of Harvest and Travel Boots, not to mention Reflex Block. If not, complete all these before anything. Now, get Fountain of Renewal or Metal Jacket. You need defense in order to survive, you know. Never forget to activate Fountain of Renewal though, you lazy bum. After that, work on your pierce or damage. If the enemy built shield, get a Broken Myth. If not, get damage with Shatterglass. Of course, if lacking cooldown accerlation, get Clockwork. Now you should REALLY pack a punch. Your fire breath can kill Ringo if he doesn't run. And then, finish your Aegis or Crucible, last but not least, Journey Boots.

Push your lane out often during late game. Your role is to push. Do not let them destroy your turrets! Keep laning if your enemy have destroyed 2 or more turrets. But keep looking at rhe minimap. Pop your boots if you really have to go somewhere fast to help your teammates in danger. Signal for them to push as well when the time is right, and you alone should not go too far ahead as well. Even if for a second where you over extend, you can still die. If the enemies are rushing down a turret, use your last resort, fire breath to burn the minions.

Predictation + Math Top

As Skaarf, you definitely have to predict your enemy movements to hit Spitfire, unless you rely mostly on Goop. Which you shouldn't. Your Spitfire takes about 1.75 seconds to reach from where you fired to reach the end. The travel speed being slow, enemies that don't lag can dodge them. In your mind, you should keep thinking: " What if i fire it now? Will it hit? Will it miss? " To play Skaarf, you need to keep thinking and never panic. If your going to hit somebody over the wall, estimate where he is by knowing his movement speed. If you can do all this, you will definitely be good at Skaarf. Don't forget about your Goop. If you use Goop to slow some fleeing out of position enemy, then use fire breath, you can easily catch up, and perhaps burn him with the flaming Goop and fire breath.

Teammates Top

What happens if two ancient people teams up? Everywhere will burn with fire and the world shall end. End of story. No really, if he stuns, you can safely channel your fire breath and 100% hit them all.

With her silence, you can safely channel your ultimate as stuns will be " silenced ". With that said, you should have no problem with your ultimate hitting as well, as she have a stun.

So much AOE damage. His Afterburn can knock people into your fire breath, a good combo. Don't forget about the Spitfire!

Let me ask you a question. What if, the most powerful laser beam of all mother lords, Kamehameha, fuses with the best breath that is smelly but fire-y? The answer: The enemy surrenders.

A perfect hit and run combo, just that your ranged and your " fire Spitfire and run ".

Oh meh gawd, look at the undead and the cute together! Aren't they really hard to kill? Yeah i guess so... I mean, they cover each other well...

the cute and the cute both works together. Both of them are cute, but both of them are deadly. So what is my point? Do not underestimate this combo.

If the enemy survives Ringo's ultimate fire, because it ain't hot enough, throw him YOUR fire that is a thousand times more hotter. What a " Firey " death...

His gun explodes and your mouth explodes. Together explosion of world domination of sorts. No idea what i am saying. But you get my meaning, right?

While he can be your worst nightmare, you guys can be a good combo together as a team.

Ending Top

Thank you for reading every word. Give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed, and don't forget to give me feedback! Here is a free cookie if you read every word.

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