JukeBox Hero (CP) Reza by jakes1188

JukeBox Hero (CP) Reza

By: jakes1188
Last Updated: Aug 13, 2017
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Hello, please bare with me, this is my first guide.

This build is identical to the ingame build path, however this comes with some general tips for success.

First and foremost you want to to start with 2 crystal bits for that early game oomph right out the door. Then select quick buy for an aftershock which is your main item for dealing instant damage.

Next start building your boots inbetween stormcrown and aegis.

Then depending on enemy defense, either choose broken myth for piercing or shatterglass for high damage output.

Last item Metal jacket, you wont be in a fight long enough to have to worry about enemy attack speed (in and out attacking.)

Ok ok, so im sure that information is a little boring, but heres the good stuff, tactics!

Your A ability: why max it out? The range is a significant tool, can be used to check bushes, chase taka, expose flicker or kestrel

Your B ability: dash in or out of battle, through walls.

ULT: pretty self explanatory

So theres a quick rundown of the abilities, what about how to use them??

When attacking your abilities give you a mini aftershock like burst, so making full use of that will give you the max amount of damage.

Heres a small diagram

A -> basic ->
B -> basic ->
A -> basic ->
B to chase and get last hit or to escape a tough team fight

Why this order? With aftershock equipped you do added damage and all of which is burst damage. This method isnt flawless and the order can be changed when necessary. All things in this game are situational, however. If you skip the basic attack between ability hits, your truly missing out on Rezas full damage potential. Ability + basic, every time. More bang for your buck.

Reza is squishy, so make sure you leave battle if you hit half life when your without defense unless you are certain you can get the kill.

His ult can be used to dodge skill shots, avoid stuns, and final hit fleeing enemies.

I dont have much else insight, but this works for me every match and it hasnt failed yet. I hope this build helps you too, and who knows, maybe it will be you scorching me on the halcyon field!

If you have more questions, feel free to comment or add me in game. Server NA, ign jakes1188

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