Low Elo Bruiser Koshka by DiawCaEPo

Low Elo Bruiser Koshka

By: DiawCaEPo
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2017
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Play Style Top

Koshka is extremely dangerous early game, but falls off mid to late game, so Aegis and Fountain are recommended as you have more time to do damage, and more health to lose when securing kills. Early game is when you assassinate, late game is all about being annoying and clening up fights. Immobilizing the carry
with your C is also extremely important.

Early Game Top

Farm the jungle until level 2, this is very important as if you don't have Pouncy Fun, you will have to wait for opportunities instead of making them. After reaching level 2, be aware of the lane at all times, as long as the enemy later is not under tower, you can kill him.

Ganking Top

Ganking doesn't necessarily mean securing kills, you just want to make your laner's life easier, so just jump in, twirl, then run like hell, unless you are sure that you can kill him.

Late Game Top

After mid game, it is very important to show up to in the enemy's vision, just to confuse them, and since you can't assassinate like you used to, only pick targets below half health. After the build is done, you should be able to chase down opponents without problem, even the carries, because you have enough health to withstand the kite. During teamfights, make sure to jump in, claw the carry, activate Aegis, claw more, clean up with Chargers and surprise with Fountain.

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