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MEDIC's Guide to Lane Ringo

By: SKGaming
Last Updated: May 17, 2016
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Build: MEDIC's CP Ringo !

Ability Path

Double Down
Heroic Perk
Achilles Shot
Twirling Silver
Hellfire Brew

Table Of Content Top

1. Introduction
1.1 Description
1.2 Statistics
1.3 Synergy with Heroes

2. Abilities
2.1 Double-Down (Perk)
2.2 Achilles shot (A)
2.3 Twirling Silver (B)
2.4 Hellfire Brew (C)

3. Tips & Tricks

4. Item Explanation
4.1 Boots
4.2 Core Items: SG & AC
4.3 Situational Offensive
4.4 Situational Defensive

5. Conclusion

HELLO my Halcyon companions !
I am MEDIC a player and teamcoach of the SK Gaming Vainglory Team and this is my guide on how to play Crystal Power Ringo on the Lane.


Diffculty : Easy to learn, Hard to Master : All is about POSITIONING
Hardcore Sniper Ringo is often played as the primary damage dealer for his team. He can shoot at blinding speeds and finish off fleeing enemies with an epic fireball that follows foes across the battlefield

LEVEL 1-12
LEVEL 1-12

It means that for each level up, Ringo gains :
+ 69 HP
+ 22 Energy
+ 6 Armor
+ 6 shield
+ 3,3 % attack speed (= 39,6 at level 12)
+ 5,9 Weapon Damage

The reason why I created Crystal Ringo already more than one year ago was because I needed a solution to outplay SAW or Petal, indeed they usually outrange you... except when you go crystal and can spam your Achilles Shot and kill them with your Hellfire Brew. It ended being very effective against most team compositions.
This is an aggressive build, sharing some weapon Ringo's gameplay, mixed with huge abilities damage.

- My favorite TEAMMATES are :
+ "Buff the laner" composition with Adagio coupled with a SUPPORT that can STUN & SILENCE like Catherine, or that can provide good protection and crowd control like Ardan;
+ A TANKY MELEE Jungler that can force enemies using their Reflex Bloc for your Hellfire's Brew road, and also distract/attract the focus of the enemies like Glaive, Blackfeather or Krul while you are kiting from distance!

- Be careful against ENEMIES like :
+ Glaive, Catherine that can easily GANK you
+ Assassins like Koshka, Taka that can BURST you down
+ Ardan, Adagio that can SLOW
+ Blackfeather !


Heroic Perk = Double-Down
After you kill anything, the double-dice icon will appear over Ringo's head, and symbolize that your next auto-attack will be a CRITical one for sure!
After killing a minion on the lane, you can choose to poke the enemy with "COMBOS" (auto-attack crit + A/B)

A = Achilles Shot
- This trickshot slows enemy by shooting the Achille's Tendon alias the ankle!
- On a crystal ringo build, it should be maxed, to lower the cooldown at 7sec, increase the slow at 50% during 2.5 sec AND dealing 350 damage with a 125% crystal ratio!
- Use combo with autoattack + abilitie
- It is very efficient if an enemy is trying to chase you. For example, Saw's Roadie Run or Catherine's Merciless Pursuit : PAN! & kite !

B = Twirling Silver
- 80% of your crystal damage are added to your basic attack in bonus when it is activate ! : this is the KEY explanation of CP Ringo's power
- Increase move speed : use it everytime you get out of the base, the little loss of energy will recover instantly
- Increase also the attack speed : you'll get +80% at level 4, coupled with +40% of the Blazing Salvo that belongs to the Alternating Current, it's more than enough!
- You should let this ability at level 4 on a crystal power Ringo, because it's there is no benefice for CP Ringo between level 4 or 5 and it costs also less energy (80) so you can use it more wisely
- always leave the base with your Twirling Silver activated

You'll trigger Reflex Block when being ganked and then use both Sprint Boots and Twirling Silver to escape and kite if needed

C = Hellfire Brew "Ultimate"
- This is one of the best ULT of the game ! It IGNORES THE SHIELD of the ENEMIES.
- Max it and you deal 480 damage (+75% cp ratio) at level 3, with 70 burn damage per second during 7 second (20% cp ratio for the burn damage).
- The explosion of the fireball gives splash damage to nearby allies !! You can put them all half-life.
- Plus this burning damage stays for 7 seconds making backporting impossible for the opponent : finish them off !
- Don't use this ability in front of the enemies, neither in center of a teamfight.
!![MEDIC's tip]!! : buy a Flare Gun, consume it to reveal enemies' positions, use the minimap, click on the enemy's main carry, and then pressed constantly your ultimate until your ringo delivers it. Remember this is your best engage in teamfights.

3 - Tips & Tricks Top

MEDIC's Lane tips

- P O S I T I O N N I N G and V I S I O N are the keywords of Ringo's success
- Tryhard on stutter-stepping and kiting
- You are the LANE PROTECTOR ! Ping your teammates to help when you feel an opportunity to gank the other laner or when you are being pressured ! Control the lane with Scout Trap's vision, add one mine near you if there is a Taka among the rivals. Study the ROTATIONS of the adversary team and ROAM into the jungle to help your teammates when you feel there will be a fight. It might end with a 2v3 engage and will make the difference. Don't go shop if your turret is not safe but push the lane first. If you are almost dead, stay close to the turret, ping your teammates and defend until they come to help, then teleport back to base.
- FARMING is very important, don't eco on SPAMMING Halcyon Potion, it's almost free and give a very nice sustain in energy and health. Moreover, you can sell it for the same price you bought it if necessary!
- POKE the enemies on the lane ! Once you've killed a minion, next attack is a critical one, so use A-autoattack combo on the enemy and run back to avoid gank and avoid the minions to hit you. Poking the opponent will help you to pull the enemy's minion wave near you
- Priotize INITIATING the teamfight with your ultimate Hellfire Brew. COORDINATION with your teammates is a must. Focus the main damage dealer or the squischiest enemy.
- Adaptation : building & counterbuilding

Depending of the situation, there is couples COMBOS with ringo : I use them a lot and it explains why I like purchasing an early Energy Battery that I will sell for a Chronograph if I want Aftershock as third tier 3 offensive item
1. Auto-attack / A right after it
2. Auto-attack / B right after it
3. Auto-attack / A / B
4. Auto-attack / A + auto-attack / B / auto-attack

You can SOLO-AMBUSH the laner with your Hellfire Brew followed by Achilles Shot and kiting with Twirling Silver


-JOURNEY BOOTS- I usually buy Sprint Boots + Scout Trap during the first shopping opportunity. Boots will help you to farm and kite enemies better, and also escape or chase them

-SHATTERGLASS- costs 3000 : RUSH this PURE CRYSTAL POWER item first (+150CP)
Combinated with Alternating Current as second item, this is devastating !

-FROSTBURN- When your team is struggling with the early game, this can be an alternative as first tier 3 item instead of rushing the SHATTERGLASS. Costs 2600, +100 CP + "Dealing crystal damage to enemy heroes will also slow for 1.5 seconds, target can't be affected by Frostburn again for 2 seconds thereafter. Slows by 10% +1% per 10 crystal power. Max 35% slow"
With just this CORE ITEMS Frostburn + Alternating Current, you'll get 26% slow (respectively +100CP +60CP = 160 Crystal Power = 16% to add with 10%). 90 more CP and you'll reach the max % slow.
GREAT combo to escape and chase people. If someone is harrassing you, trickshot Achilles Shot then auto-attack to use Frostburn's slow right after Achilles' slow

-ALTERNATING CURRENT- costs 2800. +50CP and +40% attack speed. This is your SECOND ITEM : it will increase the power of your build with time : the more crystal power you build, the more damage you deal! It contains a Blazing Salvo that will help stutter-stepping, and a Heavy Prism that give nice CP. Moreover, the passive (every two shots of basic attack give a bonus of 115% of your crystal power) synergizes extremely well with your B Twirling Silver that add 80% of your CP damage to your auto-attack as a bonus. It means that every two shots, your damage will look like this : auto-attack + the Twirling Silver's bonus + the passive of Alternating Current bonus !

-REFLEX BLOCK- 45 sec cooldown. It blocks all debuffs for 1 second. Keep in mind that you gain a barrier worth 25% of your MISSING health. Choose to upgrade it into crucible or aegis if necessary. Crucible is cheaper and provides +600HP to balance your lack of health.

-CRYSTAL INFUSION- Once I get my core items (Shatterglass + Alternating Current), I'll consume a Crystal Infusion to become unstoppable with those additions of crystal power, cooldown acceleration and defense.

-WEAPON INFUSION- Only when you need to push with the KRAKEN or for very late game matches when you've got enough gold to buy double infusions

After the CORE ITEMS, choose between Aftershock and Broken Myth +++ to continue with offensivity
-AFTERSHOCK- Costs 2400. Let's read together the passive of this item, which is incredible with Ringo, aspecially when adversaries decide to build Crucible/Health : "After using an ability, your next basic attack deals 15% of your target's max health as damage with +50% lifesteal. Max 400 damage vs non-heroes. 1.5 second cooldown." It is called SLICE DAMAGE = (Enemy TOTAL HP x Slice %) : the amount of health build by opponents is gifted to you as lifesteal ! ;)
Most of the time, the enemy team TANK will rush Crucible to Reflex Block his teammates.... THIS IS THE COUNTER-BUILD ITEM of Crucible!
Interesting items to build then, because you've got some CD (+25% Cooldown Acceleration) and E.recharge (+2.4) to spam your ability. The +35 Crystal Power also feed your Alternating Current and Shatterglass/ Frostburn's passives

-BROKEN MYTH- Costs 3100. To begin with this item, let's see how pierced damage is calculated :
Pierced Damage = (Total Damage x % Armor Piercing) + ((Total Damage x (1 - % Armor Piercing)) / 1 + ( 1% x (Total Armor or Shield))
- Shield pierce make a % of your crystal damage bypass shield.
- You should build Broken Myth when enemies are trying to counterbuild your crystal power, then it's your turn to counter the counterbuild with Piercing Shard (broken myth tier 2 item, statistics : +8% Shield Pierce +20 Crystal Power, without his passive)
This item give +70CP +10% shield pierce. Additionally, it AMPLIFY all crystal damage by 5% for each second you are attacking heroes (7 stacks MAX). You will lose a stack each second after 5 seconds.
It's the item I'll most likely prioritize for my 3rd tier3 offensive item !

Defensive items are very situational : I usually choose ONE tier 3 item that contains a Reflex Block
-CRUCIBLE- This is a very good item for your teammates and yourself too because you can reflex block for the whole team, and also it give you +600 HP. (Ringo is squischy!)

-AEGIS- Contains a selfie Reflex Block, buy it when you have a headache positionning yourself against an opponent that has crystal power as main source of damage.


Thank you for reading my guide!

Feel free to ask questions and any feedback is welcome.

Don't forget to UPVOTE the guide if you liked it :)

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You can find me on
and follow me on Twitter @medic_vg

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