Old Grumps Reim by StarDaBoii

Old Grumps Reim

By: StarDaBoii
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017
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Welcome Top

Hello I am StarDaBoi And I am Ranked Rock Solid and find reim really fun to play. ( though im not the best at him ) But you can still take My advice. So without wasting anymore time lets get into the guide!

Who Is Reim? Top

Reim is a vainglory hero. He is tanky and does quite a bit of damage. But he is quite slow, Only Beating Phinn And Baron in terms of speed. Reim is also a skillshot hero so please put that in your mind when you play reim. He is also mostly played in the jungle as a semi tanky mage. If thats makes any sense. Reim Can be frustrating to play against if you are skilled at him.

Abilities Top

Reims abilities are quite special and unique. They include

A: Winter Spire, Reim Pretty much just summons a spire of ice at a location of your choice dealing crystal damage. But if you wait a little The spire shatters doing heavy crystal damage. 35% Of that damage is turned into reims fortified health. Oh and this ability does extra damage to targets that are chilled.

B: Chill Winds, He Pretty much just releases a bunch of crystal damage to targets around him. This ability also roots targets that are chilled. But Remember That they can still attack.

ULTIMATE:Valkyrie,reim summons his imaginary ancient valkyrie friend to a location devastating targets around it. All Targets are slowed. While targets near the center get stunned.

When Should I use Reim? Top

When you wanna have fun. Though he can have strategy to him but imo he is really fun!

Bye For Now! Top

This Was My first decent guide so i hope you liked it! And Cya!

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