'Pool Party' Lorelai(3v3 Captain Build)[3.1] by XapocaliptusX

'Pool Party' Lorelai(3v3 Captain Build)[3.1]

By: XapocaliptusX
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
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Build: Main build

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That's Swell
Heroic Perk
Fish Food

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Threat Hero Notes
Celeste Celeste relies on range, she has decent damage, but absolutely no escape mechanisms(Movement abilities), which makes her even more Fragile. You can slow her frequently to let your jungler finish her off easily.
Reim Reim sustains himself throughout the battle using Heroic Perk, but lacks movement speed. Use this to your advantage! A good ranged hero, such as Ringo will help you kite him.
Skaarf Same as Celeste, Skaarf is a very fragile mage, dealing from afar, but watch out for his AOE ability, especially when it's ignited.
Samuel Samuel has a great area control ability, but you have more, with lower cooldown. Spam your B ability to avoid his Drifting Dark(B), and his Ultimate is the reason why you should get Crucible early.
SAW SAW has an incredible lane push, especially during the late game, when he gains a lot of Weapon Power. However, he can be extremely fragile to your ganks early on. When SAW's using the Suppressing Fire(B) ability, that's where you should stun him. After he gains 12 stacks, splash a water pool under his feet to almost disable his movement speed, this way, he shouldn't be able to get in Range.
Glaive Glaive has very high damage during mid and early game, also his Afterburn(A) is just too dangerous, but has a very long cooldown. Glaive can focus on multiple targets at once, but he lacks range and movement speed. Get Atlas Pauldron early, and movement speed should be no problem for you.
Rona Similar to Glaive, lacks range, but not movement speed. Rona's Into The Fray(A) ability allows her to relocate around the map very frequently, making it hard for you to affect her with your abilities. However, Rona can be stunned easily during her Ultimate, as her movement speed decreases, you can use that as many advantages.
Krul Krul is the most dangerous duelist in the entire game, but you can save your ally using Ultimate, and control his movement by your B ability. Chaining your Stun with Splashdown can shut Krul down in most cases.
Churnwalker You should watch out for other Captain heroes aswell. Churnwalker is also a recent hero with unique abilities. He can't keep you, or your allies hooked as long as you spam splashdown(B) ability, but be aware of his ultimate, as it can stun you(and your team) and allow him to relocate.
Baptiste Baptiste has great amount of CC, which makes him a good counter against many heroes in the game. However, his movement speed is abysmal, use it to your advantage. His ordained(B) ability can be countered with your Ultimate, but not if Baptiste uses ultimate first...
Koshka Koshka is not much of a big deal, but she can be really annoying with her abilities early on, also she can pass the water pools easily in most cases, but if Koshka Ults you, but her team focuses on your carry, you won't be able to save him/her...
Reza Reza has many escape mechanisms(B with 2 charges, and Ultimate), which boost his Mobility dramatically. Keep in mind, that he can completely disappear with his Ultimate, and reappear in the unexpected location. Not only that, Reza can make it hard for you to land Splashdown(B) and Fish Food(A) using his B ability.
Taka Taka just forces you to get vision very early. Lorelai isn't the best protector for her team, so that's why Taka can threaten your carry with his high burst damage ultimate. He is able to dodge your Fish Food(A) with Kaiten(A), which makes him a very tricky hero to counter.
Vox Vox is a very strong hero in the current Meta. He becomes even harder to deal with in the late game, when he builds a lot of Crystal Power to work with. Vox is extremely slippery, being able to dodge Fish Food(A), or simply dash out of a Splashdown(B) Pool. But that's not all. He can safely take out Huge chunks of HP by attacking only one target.
Blackfeather Blackfeather can be a real threat after he reaches Level 6. His Ultimate can block just about anything(Even worse, it has 2 charges.). He can also gain a Health Barrier very frequently with his On Point(B) ability, especially after he overdrives it. All this makes Blackfeather a very strong opponent.
Varya Varya is very strong in almost every stage of the match. Like Vox, she can dash out of your water pool almost anytime she wants("Almost" because cooldown on her B is very long). she can also focus on the whole team at once during the fight, and attack you from very long range with her Stormforged Spear(A)...
Skye Skye is known for kiting, and it is no acception against you. She can get out of your water pool anytime she wants with her Suri Strike(B) ability, and block your way to her with Ultimate. She can't be the best damage dealer against Lorelai, but can actually do more than you think.

The Chapter table Top

  • Update

  • The hero itself

  • Synergies, Counters

  • Item Explanations

  • Early Game

  • Middle Game

  • Late Game(End)

Update Top

Update 2.12 brings hero adjustments in order to balance them in 5v5, which this guide isn't optimized for. But I'm looking forward to make some changes in near future.
Lorelai saw changes on her Abilities and Range, that aren't very important for her, and will not change this guide's stats significantly.
However, some other heroes saw Dramatic changes on their Abilities, Movement speed and attack Range, which forces me to tune Lorelai's threat section. I highly recommend checking it out before you start reading Chapters(Not if you have already read it).
If you spot any sort of inaccurate aspect in this guide, be sure to highlight it in the Comment section.

Stat Changes


  • Attack Range increased by 0.2;

Fish Food(A)

  • Range increased by 0.5;


  • Cooldown increased by 20 seconds.

The hero itself Top

Lorelai is one of the most recent heroes of VainGlory. We haven't seen any other heroes like her so far(In VainGlory), so she might be original. Lorelai is a Captain hero, which means she excels at utility and/or defense.
Personally, I have played her and won a few games(Lost some games aswell). I'm not disappointed at all, in fact, I think she's a very good utility hero, being able to speed her allies up and slow enemies down.
Everything you need to play well is Perfect Timing, or more importantly, Positioning. Lorelai's basic Abilities have delays, and both of them are focused on Location, therefore, making Lorelai a good Zone controller.
Check out Lorelai's kit below:
(To see Ability details, point on their icons.)

That's Swell
Slot: Heroic Perk

Heroic Perk mostly focuses on Offense, and is the main reason why Lorelai is sometimes played as a Crystal Power Carry.
When playing in a Captain position, Lorelai can deal significant damage during the Early Game, since no one will be tanky at this point, but this damage will slowly decay as the game progresses. You can keep up your Damage Output by purchasing an Offensive item from the Crystal section early. However, be careful not to Over Extend, because Lorelai's Perk brings Utility and Offense, not Defense.

Fish Food
Slot: A

Only a few Captain heroes have basic abilities involving Stun(Such as Catherine). Lorelai is no exception. However it is hard to land, since it has a significant delay, but if you cast it from Water Pool, You can stun enemies almost instantly.
Try to be patient when using Fish Food, as you try to hit the key hero in enemy team - Timing is very important.
Keep in mind, that this is partially an Area(Circle) Ability, which means, that you can stun multiple units at once, but I suggest avoid waiting for Opportunity and using it as soon as it comes off the Cooldown.
I recommend Overdriving this Ability first for increased Range(7.5/7.5/7.5/7.5/9.5).

Skill Skipping:This is a commonly used trick by a professional player FlashX, who plays in Team SoloMid. This trick involves not upgrading your Secondary Ability( Splashdown in this case) to LvL2 when reaching XP Level 5. Because after you reach XP Level 6, you will unlock the Ultimate and gain LvL 4 on your Primary Ability( Fish Food).

Slot: B

This is a most useful Ability of Lorelai's kit, cause it affects both - Enemies and Allies in separate ways(Slows down Enemies and Speeds up Allies).
Splashdown is a key to Lorelai's power: When standing in a Pool, her Basic Attacks and Abilities will be Empowered.
Staying in the Pool for a long duration will most likely reward you with a successful outcome.
Lorelai's whole team can benefit from a well Timed, well Positioned Splashdown.
  • Spreading pools around the Turret will most likely deny Enemy Lane push.
  • Splashing it directly at enemy positions will force them to leave the Area and allow you to create Space.
  • Attacking Enemies from a Pool is a useful technique for Harassing. Especially during the Early Game(Laning phase).
Get creative with this Ability and develop your own Tactics and Strategies. Ultimately, you'll be very likely to find out what works best for you, to be rewarded. I recommend upgrading this Ability second.

Slot: C

This is an extremely useful Ability in any situation. It has many different ways to be used, but the most common use is for Defense: When activated, it will grant a huge Health Barrier to a single Target, and remove all Negative Effects.
Health Barrier can absorb Massive amounts of Damage, or even save your allies' lives in Emergency.
Be sure to cast it whenever you're standing in a Water Pool(Emergency otherwise), as it will double the effect of this Ability.
In most cases, I wouldn't recommend using Waterwall just to remove Negative effects, since it has such a long Cooldown, but if you find yourself in a sticky situation - then yes.
I recommend skipping the last Rank of Waterwall, and unlocking both Overdrives instead, cause Health Ratio will do the rest of it's job, but if you need this Ability more frequently, consider taking third rank for lower Cooldown(80/65/50 seconds).

Synergies, Counters Top

Lorelai's Synergies

Lorelai is a very fun hero to play indeed, but this doesn't mean she can be spammed all and all over, in fact, she is very situational hero. She can only perform well when the whole team is actively following her to Victory throughout the battle.
Lorelai synergizes very well with heroes, who lack movement speed, or who are very agile and highly sustainable. Mainly because Lorelai can speed them up anytime, and/or give them an additional health barrier in emergency situations, turret dives, or else...
Long range carries, such as Adagio, can also be useful in team with you, as they can get into range easily, when enemies are slowed in the water pool.

Glaive is a powerful Frontilne hero, who can Absorb and Dish out considerable amount of Damage, he can synergise well with Lorelai, as she can keep him healthy, while granting Movement Speed(Similar to Rona).
Krul heavily relies on Weakness Stacks, that he applies to enemies throughout the Fight. However, he needs to stick to his Target to maintain the effect. Lorelai's speed boost and/or Health Barrier can be Fantastic to help Krul at any time, as it can help him stay up against his Target for longer duration. This way, he could be even more dangerous to face.
Alpha can slaughter any enemy that comes in contact, as long as she stays in Range. Lorelai can boost her Movement Speed and grant her Health Barrier for some Impressive Turret dives or more situations...

Lorelai's Counters

However, Heroes with high mobility and movement-based abilities(Dash, teleportation, etc.) or the ones with high burst damage can be a threat for Lorelai. Movement based abilities, such as Afterburn allow heroes to get out of your water pools instantly. Also, if enemy team doesn't ignore you throughout a team fight, they can force you to retreat at the very least. Lorelai is a very fragile hero. Keep this in mind when you're playing as her, or against her.

Taka is incredibly hard to spot, or pin down, as he can dodge anything with Kaiten. With Cooldown items, his Kaku can be available more frequently. Your only hope is to predict when he's going to attack, and use Waterwall immediately.
Skye is the most known hero for kiting. In Lorelai's case, she can get out of Splashdown Pools immediately with Suri Strike, and strike your teammates from far away. She can also create Space between her and your Team, using Death From Above. Also, it is nearly impossible to hit her with Fish Food(Same applies to Vox - Kiting).
Blackfeather is a melee hero, who relies on jumping to Backlines and destroying fragile enemies. Against Lorelai, he's useless until he reaches Level 6 to unlock Ultimate. Rose Offensive allows him to reposition and/or dodge Crowd Control, while On Point can be a really strong Ability to Poke with. This all can make it hard for you to land Fish Food, or Splashdown.

Item Explanations Top

Core Items

Every Captain hero's Build includes Three Main(Core) Items:
(To see Item details, point on their icons.)

Fountain of Renewal

Fountain of Renewal should always be your First tier 3 item, as it can help you avoid, or survive early engagements from enemies. If you acquire Fountain of Renewal sooner than enemy Captain, I suggest engaging in their jungle, or going for a gank. But make sure you don't over extend, since Fountain grants you only +300 HP, so that won't make you very tanky.
Keep in mind, that this item heals more, if you're low on health, but becomes slightly less effective during the late stages of the game.


Crucible is often picked up as the second item by many players. Especially when enemies have tough Ultimate Abilities, Such as Verse of Judgement, or Oblivion. A well timed Crucible can block incoming damage, and CC. It's high health pool also makes you very tanky(+700 HP).Without Crucible, your team is basically defenseless.
If you get the Crucible sooner than enemy Captain, consider engaging in Team Fight, as the enemy team won't be able to block CC, allowing you to finish the Fight easily.

War Treads

War Treads is a crucial item, since it grants Team-Wide sprint, when activated, which can help you engage the enemy, or Retreat from the Fight. While it's passive offers high Health pool(+500 HP), which makes you more tanky.
War treads is usually a third Core item, but consider picking it up second, if your teammates are getting kited easily. Then, build Crucible immediately.

Crystal Items

As you move closer to finishing your Build throughout the Early to Mid stages of the game, consider leaving 2 free slots in your inventory for Flares and Scout Traps. Map awareness is very important in any case.
However, if your team finds an advantage, or if Enemy team is weak, consider building Offensive items, such as Clockwork and Aftershock.


Clockwork is useful mainly because of it's Cooldown acceleration(+35%). Lorelai pairs very well with this item, because she can use Abilities more frequently, without worrying about energy(+600 Max Energy. +10 Energy/s). +40 Crystal Power isn't bad either, since it can increase effectiveness of Waterwall significantly.


Aftershock is slightly less effective than Clockwork, because it doesn't have Max Energy bonus. Also, it's hard to make use of it's Passive. However, if enemy team has low resistance against Crystal Power, or if you have a Double Weapon Power composition, Aftershock won't be completely useless.

Utility Items

Some Utility items, are very situational, and they can't be picked up in any case. However, they come in very handy if you see the requirement, and can change the way of the game.

Nullwave Gauntlet

Nullwave Gauntlet is a very effective Anti-Dive tool. Silencing an enemy Captain
can disable their items, so they won't be able to retreat, or block CC(Effective against Fortress,
Flicker, etc.). However, being an Anti-Dive tool doesn't mean it can't be used offensively. It can make a huge difference in Team Fights, as the defensive items become so important. Again, aim for Enemy Captain and engage immediately to make the most use of an Active component of this item.
Passively, it grants you Health(+400 HP), Cooldown Speed(+25%) and Energy Regeneration(+4 Energy/s)


ShiverSteel grants you +500 HP, making you even tankier, when combined with other defensive Items. However, that isn't a primary use of this item. Activating Shiversteel will allow you to slow enemies with Basic Attacks for the next few seconds, while it passively increases your Attack Speed significantly(+30%).
Combine this item with Splashdown to slow enemies even more, but if you're looking for a particular target, this can be even more impactful.
Experiment to find out how this item works best for the composition you're having, or facing.
Tips and Tricks:
  • Use Shiversteel to expose your Target to Fish Food. A slow moving target will be very easy to hit.
  • Use Shiversteel right after dropping a Splashdown pool to reach the key hero easily.
  • Use Shiversteel's stats to your Advantage - more takniness = more effectiveness on Abilities.

Early Game(0:00-8:00(4:00)) Top

So, you are now in a match, playing Lorelai. Your early game depends on many things:
  • Which ability did you choose?
  • Do you have strong team composition for early game?
  • etc.
At the start, I recommend learning Splashdown first, you can choose Fish Food if you want an early engage(Invasion), or if you have a strong team composition. But Splashdown will help you control your team's movement speed, and keep enemies slowed early on.
Go in the center of the map as soon as the game starts, and try to take advantage of a big healer Minion, which is located in the middle. If you, or your teammates manage to get it, I suggest engaging for the First Blood. Help your jungler with his/her rotation to reach Level 2 quickly.

Splitting Enemy Damage:
At the early game, if you see a threat of team fight be sure to Split enemy damage.
This involves you, a captain to stand in front of your teammates, to tank damage, while your teammates are dealing with enemies. When you go low on Health, that's where a Jungler switches your place, tanking damage, the last one will be your Carry, who should be able to secure First Blood on the lowest Health enemy.

Ironguard Contract will help you and your jungler clear out jungle and earn additional gold.
Buy as many vision items as possible early on(Flares, Scout Traps) to have an advantage of the map.
Going up in the lane bush and helping your carry is also a good idea, in fact that's what I mostly do after I finish helping jungler with his/her first rotation.
Don't buy any energy items during this period, because they cost much, and is very useless for your Team.
Splashdown will help you prevent ganks, invades, but it's also useful to grant your allies movement speed buff. Use this to your advantage.
At 4 minutes, or later, you should usually have at least 2 000 gold, which is enough to buy Fountain of Renewal. No matter what, this should be your first item(Even if there are stealth heroes in the enemy team, you should never get Contraption early.).Play safe until you unlock your Waterwall ability.
(Also: Buy Dragonheart Whenever you can during early game.)
After this, you will be ready for team fights, but I do not suggest rushing into the enemies whenever they're exposed. Wait for opportunity, then, cast Waterwall on your jungler to give him/her a barrier, while your carry attacks from the range. Focus on the most fragile target in the enemy team, or the one with lowest Health during team fights.

Middle Game(8:00-15:00) Top

At 8 minute mark, you should be able to upgrade Dragonheart into Crucible, and Sprint Boots into Travel Boots. Crucible is required for any support hero, because it can block strong AOE Ultimates, such as: Verse of Judgement, or Oblivion.
Later, when you reach Level 8, that's when you can unlock Overdrive for Fish Food( Splashdown, if you chose a different path) which increases it's cast range.
Basic abilities on support heroes usually don't have high damage in Mid to Late game, so mostly, they''re useless, Lorelai's Fish Food is an exception, since it can stun your enemies. Use it to stop channels, or to Engage in combat, focusing on a specific target.
Team fights usually don't occur during Mid Game, but you always have to be ready(That's one more use of Crucible). You don't have to play safely anymore at this point, boost your Jungler's Barrier/Movement Speed whenever you can, to secure quick kills throughout the period.
Keep in mind, that until now, you should've acquired vision around Objectives on the map. Without vision, you'll have a HUGE disadvantage.
If a team fight breaks out, do whatever you can, to secure it, that involves protectiong your teammates at any costs. Remember: Support heroes don't deal much damage, but their job is to protect & utilize!
An Ace is very important for your team, and can change the entire Mid Game.

Objective Splitting:
Whenever your team Aces in Mid Game, you gain a huge advantage:
  • Your Lane Minions will become twice as strong, allowing you, to push turrets easily.
  • Everyone in your team will regenerate Health and Energy rapidly(+Movement Speed will be increased).
At this point, all your teammates can get busy, securing different objectives:
  • You, a Captain can go for a Gold Miner.
  • Your Carry Will start pushing turrets.
  • Jungler can either help you with Gold Miner, or steal enemy team's Jungle Camps.

Keep spamming your Splashdown Around the Jungle, whenever you're there. Make it feel like home.
Help your Jungler steal enemy Jungle Camps as frequently as possible. That way, you can be good to enter Late Game!

NOTE:If your team doesn't have enough gold to afford items, or if you're losing, keep one thing in mind: Farm as much as you can. This increases overall gold collected by your team. If you have more farm than your enemies, that means you have a higher chance to win.

Late Game(15:00-End) Top

At 15:00 mark, the whole Team should've acquired enough farm, to afford necessary items.
You have reached Level 12, so now you have 2 options with your abilities. In most cases, I would suggest getting Overdrive for Splashdown, but if enemies have high burst damage, or focused attack style on a specific target, then you must get a third rank of Waterwall, allowing you to protect that one ally of yours, who is constantly getting focused.
Also, you have to complete your Core items( Fountain of Renewal, Crucible and War Treads) after 15:00 minutes.
The most important part of the Late Game - Team Fights.
This is the time, where Team Fights occur the most, and it's very hard to win, because everyone becomes very tanky, especially Captain heroes, so it's hard to bring them down. If you have both Overdrives, it won't be hard to control Movement, even in this period of time. Focus on a melee hero during the team fight: A Slow-and-Stun Combo will be enough for your teammates to get close to them and finish them off. But be sure to form Water Pools around enemy Carry aswell, to make sure they don't get in range to attack you.
This technique depends on enemy Captain aswell. If it's Ardan, or Phinn, they can easily focus on protecting their teammates. But if there is Fortress, or Adagio, then there's pretty much nothing they can do about their teammates.
So your team starts charging at enemy Carry, using your Slow-and-Stun Combo, Adagio might be able to heal the target, but wouldn't be able to reposition him/her in any way, the least he can do, is to use Crucible and Fountain at the same time, but since Fountain of Renewal becomes slightly less effective during the late game, target won't receive enough health to survive the attack. This will allow you to quickly secure the kill and start to focus on other targets.
Use different strategies against different team compositions, Experiment to find out what works for you.
Keep in Mind, that Lorelai is a Captain hero, which requires you to lead your team by protecting them. NEVER engage if one of your teammates are not ready, because you can't switch your Carry's, or Jungler's Position. Learn to time your Abilities Perfectly, and you should be good to GO!

REMEMBER: A single Team Fight can change an Entire Game! Use this to your advantage!

This was XapocaliptusX, thanks for reading my guide on Lorelai, I surely appreciate your acceptance to read it. My only intention was to provide readers with as much information as possible. If you have any Suggestions, Corrections or else, feel free to highlight them in the Comments. I'll try my best not to leave them unnoticed.
Hope you have a great day!


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