Reliable Roam Alpha WP by Majik357

Reliable Roam Alpha WP

By: Majik357
Last Updated: Nov 6, 2016
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Explosive Roaming Robot Top

My first guide, made from my phone - so this will be short and to the point.

Alpha's abilities allow her to jump into a fight quickly out of no where. Once in the fight, she can keep using her second ability to pack a punch. If someone tries to get away, that first ability lets Alpha catch up to them. And if she gets in trouble, she can reboot (and do a little AoE damage, too).

This makes Alpha a strong Roaming Ganker if played right. Help your Jungler take a few Minions using your secondary ability, then run to the Lane bushes to maybe gank some poor sucker with your stacked Prime Directive.

The SorrowBlades will help you deal massive damage when you suddenly pop out of the bushes. Speed items like BoneSaw or TornadoTrigger help you sustain a short fight. Boots and Reboots should be enough to get you out of a fight that drags on too long.

Refrain from initiating a fight unless their HP is already low and/or you have a teammate running right behind you. If you get in trouble, use your boots to get away. Try to only use your Reboots when absolutely neccessaty. If possible, only Reboot near your turrets or your team - this gives you a better chance of surviving the reboot.

If the situation demands, you can swap out one of the SorrowBlades for Armor/Shield. But if you and your team are playing right, you should be able to stay out of trouble most of the time and get plenty of gank kills.

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