Ringo-Carry Your Team! (WP) by Derenzo

Ringo-Carry Your Team! (WP)

By: Derenzo
Last Updated: Aug 3, 2015
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Note For Items Top

1-Boots For your safety and easy escape
2-Shatter Glass lastly because to your ultimate and first skill do a little bit more damage
3-This Build For Weapon Power Ringo!

Skill Notes Top

1-Fulling 2.skill early because of attack speed will be better than a little burst damage on this build

Some Other Notes Top

1-You are a high damage focused not tanky squishy hero with this build so be carefull about Takas And Glaives!
2-You need a lot of farm to get this item build and level up faster try to stay in lane than other laners much more for more sucsess!
3-About your ulti people generally use it for finish... but in team figghts it will be taking so much time to active your ulti on just 1 enemy others can you take out when you try to active your ulti so before start of a team fight try to ulti first for your main target and than attack
4-Never Go Alone!:dont forget you are so squishy going 3vs1 head on is not a good idea with this hero
5-If you stay behind your teams projectors (Tanks) you can get a triple kill so easliy with full build and skill!

Talking Top

Hello everyone! Sorry if this is a bad build and sorry for my bad english this my first guide to ringo i tried my best please try to be kind Thanks For Reading!

Please vote it if you liked it and want to see more builds!

Thanks For Over 1,000 View!!! :)

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