Skaarf 5v5 MID Carry Master by FlakNinja

Skaarf 5v5 MID Carry Master

By: FlakNinja
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018
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MID Carry Mastery Top

Main strategy, "stick and move". Skaarf is great at this as long as you can aim. ;) Some times other players try and anticipate your Spitfire and move out of the way. Try to predict their movements or catch them off guard by not firing it right as you move up. Burn them down and move back towards your turret until you can shoot another fireball.

Use you Goop on minions to help clear the wave, on turrets to take them out and on any enemy you can reach. I choose to max the Goop rather than the Dragon Breath because:
    Over drive on Goop makes it last longer
    Goop can be used more often the Dragon's Breath
    Goop is more useful when taking down turrets & waves

Stay near your turrets and/or allies! You are squishy yet powerful. Venturing out alone will leave you easy prey for ganks. You can manage kills by just sticking to your turrets and assisting in team fights.

Whip out Dragon's Breath when you are in a team fight and you will almost always get at least one kill. Plop down some Goop during team fights as well and always keep spiting out you Spitfire.

Spellfire gives that extra burn. Causing a mortal wound AND an additional burn for 3 secs. I swear this item was specifically made for Skaarf.

Have fun out there!

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