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SoysauceBanana's Skaarf Guide

By: SoysauceBananna
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2015
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Fan the Flames
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Adagio Can interrupt you with his ultimate in certain situations, and can heal himself and allies, turning would-be kills into escapes. Scroll down to the "Matchups" section for detailed information about every matchup!
Krul Can stun you with Ultimate and do major damage in a short period of time. If you don't have vision of bushes save either your boots or Goop. Scroll down to the "Matchups" section for detailed information about every matchup!
Koshka Can interrupt your ultimate with hers on reaction, or lock you down with her ultimate so her allies can attack you. Reflex block will help. Scroll down to the "Matchups" section for detailed information about every matchup!
Catherine A threat when her allies are near due to her short-cooldown stun. She can interrupt your ultimate on reaction. Reflex block will help. Scroll down to the "Matchups" section for detailed information about every matchup!
Glaive A threat when his allies are near due to his short-cooldown displacement ability. He can interrupt your ultimate on reaction. Reflex block will help. Scroll down to the "Matchups" section for detailed information about every matchup!
  No Threat
Taka Will assassinate you from the jungle with an insanely quick burst. Buy Flares to counter his invisibility, mine the bushes, and watch the minimap. Scroll down to the "Matchups" section for detailed information about every matchup!

Introduction Top

SoysauceBanana here, and welcome to my Skaarf guide!

I have been playing League of Legends for years and got into VG when I first got my iphone 6+. I have a competitive gaming background and have been exploring this game religiously since early December of 2014.

I realize this puts me a bit behind some more experienced players, however the game is so new that I am currently experiencing the joy of formulating my own strategy without feeling the need to adapt to any meta or a pro scene. My hope is to share some of my discoveries and also an easy method for approaching the game for new players.

I have written the following guides:

SoysauceBanana's Complete Glory Guide
SoysauceBanana's Skaarf Guide


Just a note, when I talk about abilities I will simply refer to them as A/B/C to make it easy. Sometimes I might refer to C as the "ultimate".


Scroll down to the "Matchups" section for detailed information about every matchup!

So without further ado, here is my Vainglory Skaarf Guide!

Table Of Contents Top

1. Intro to Skaarf
2. Abilities
3. Items
4. Early Game
5. Mid Game
6. Late Game
7. Matchups
8. Conclusion

1. Intro to Skaarf Top

Skaarf is a crystal based, skill-shot, ranged hero that excels at dealing extreme damage to a single target over time. As you might expect, he is squishy, has little crowd control capability, and has to be played with care as he dies quickly to ganks. He is surprisingly strong in 1v1 situations, often scoring kills off the less experienced.

I only play Skaarf two ways: supportive roamer or straight lane. I will go into more detail about how to play both styles throughout the guide.

I recommend picking Skarf when there are no ally heroes that like to solo-lane, such as Ringo or Saw. If the only ranged allied hero is Petal or Adagio, I would pick Skarf as a roaming, supportive, duo-laner.

2. Abilities Top

Fan the Flames
Slot: Heroic Perk

Skaarf's abilities burn targets and his basic attacks deal bonus crystal damage to burning targets.
  • Burn: 12-34 (level 1-12) (+15% crystal power) damage per second for 4s.
  • Basic attacks: 2.5% of the target's max health as crystal damage.
  • Deals reduced damage to Mythic Creatures and structures.

This is your passive ability. It is deceptively strong, as the longer you auto attack anything already on fire, the more damage you do over time. So while each auto attack looks like it does little damage, the amount of extra burn that happens over the next few seconds is enough to 1v1 any hero in the game at early levels. I usually fish for kills during the first couple minutes of the game because so many players do not respect this passive enough.

Slot: A

Skaarf spits a fireball that collides with the first hero, structure or boss monster it hits.
  • The fireball damages & passes through smaller minions.
  • Each time it passes through a unit, its damage is reduced to 85% of before.
  • Deals 50% less damage damage to minions.

This is the ability you will use the most. You need it to activate your passive outside of ultimate. It has a very long range, and will go over/through walls. Use it to finish off opponents, last-hit or help jungler objectives through walls, and damage enemy turrets late game. The cooldown is short enough that you can use it 2 times or more during a long battle.

One trick I learned is that you can proc your passive faster than normal using the following procedure:

1.) Auto-Attack an enemy hero
2.) Immediately cancel into Spitfire

Since spitfire travels faster than your auto attack, you can proc your passive much faster than normal. It may not be practical to try this all the time, but it is possible to do.

Also note that spitfire usually hits the first non-allied unit in it's path, however if you have your Goop ('B' Ability) in the path the fire would have otherwise traveled, the goop will still catch on fire. I am still unsure if that is intended by the developers or not.

As mentioned, outside of your Ultimate you need this ability to set things on fire. This essentially means that whenever this ability is on cooldown, your ability to do significant damage to anything is practically non-existent. That means: 1.) don't miss your skill-shots, and 2.) be careful about farming with it, and 3.) with no energy to spitfire your are nearly useless in teamfights.

One last use for spitfire is to check bushes for enemies since it has long range. Listen to see if you hear the noise of when it hits a unit.

I always max this ability, as the extra damage it does from level 4 to level 5 is quite significant.

Slot: B

Skaarf hurls a goop onto the target location. Enemies walking through the sticky substance are slowed. Any of Skaarf's flames will ignite the puddle, dealing burst damage and burning enemies over time.
  • A flaming puddle does not slow enemies as much as a goop puddle.
  • Deals half damage to minions and Mythic Creatures.

Your second ability also has a pretty long range and can be shot over walls. The poop (I mean goop) lasts a long time when it is not on fire. You can use basic goop to chase fleeing enemies, or help you and your allies escape certain situations.

Offensively, goop can let you set heroes on fire that are hiding behind minions or a turret. Since your spitfire 'A' ability can light the goop regardless of whether or not the spitfire reaches it, you can almost instantly set any enemy ablaze. One can finish off enemies with an auto attack or two if they have low heath and are close enough.

When clearing minion waves with goop, I generally goop first, spitfire second. That way I don't have to worry about the spitfire killing the minion (making the fire go away) before gooping.

When attacking enemy heroes in general, it is better to spitfire first (to make sure it hits), auto attack for long as possible, and save the goop to finish them off (auto attacks keep on-fire enemies ablaze). This order of abilities also helps in case goop is needed to escape or otherwise affect another enemy hero.

The cooldown of this ability is very high, and the last upgrade of this ability drops the cooldown an extra 5 seconds, allowing one to dish out more damage and crowd control over the course of the fight.

Therefore, I suggest maxing goop before Ultimate.

Dragon Breath
Slot: C

Skaarf inhales for 1.5s, then exhales a huge cone of flames for 3s. Skaarf may move freely while spewing fire.
  • Skaarf gains a quick burst of move speed when exhaling.
  • While inhaling or exhaling, enemies moving against the current are slowed while allies moving with it are sped up.
  • Deals 50% damage to non-heroes.

This Ultimate dishes out a lot of damage in a large area over time. To activate it, click the portrait in the C slot, then click on the field (but within the reticle) in the direction you want Skaarf to begin flaming.

He will not move at first, but once the fire starts you can move Skaarf in any direction and he will always shoot in a cone in front of him. Sometimes it is best just to inch forward during big fights so you can concentrate fire as opposed to sending flames all over the place as you move around.

The Ultimate is very dangerous to use since you cannot activate other abilities, boots, or other items while it is active. This means activating it tells the enemy that your mobility will be set for a few seconds and no defensive items can be activated.

Therefore, using this Ultimate is very "all-or-noting". An enemy may be able to kill you before you finish using your ultimate if the enemy has enough health. Also, many heroes have stuns that can knock you out of your dragon breath, effectively wasting your Ultimate.

For these reasons, I think it is best to not max the Ultimate (you will get more mileage out of maxed goop and spitfire). Maxing ultimate only gives a touch more damage and an extra 5 seconds knocked off the cooldown.

When using it I recommend waiting until an enemy is close enough to get slowed for most of the startup. Be prepared to use reflex block just before starting it up if you are facing heroes that can knock you out of it. Since you only shoot the direction you are facing / traveling, try not to use it if you are chasing an enemy through parts of the jungle that have a few corners they will likely turn.

Lastly, at the start of a teamfight late game, you may not want to lead with the Ultimate because the damage doesn't really add up unless it is focused onto the enemy for a period of time. It is better to land spitfire, flaming Goop (or save Goop for after Ultimate), and lots of auto attacks and then use the ultimate to finish off fleeing enemies.

3. Items Top

Here we will discuss items I think go well on Skarf and how they should be used. We will talk more about the timing of items in more detail in the sections below.

Halcyon Potion: I buy these from the beginning to the mid/late-game until I have my first defensive items. You need them in order to survive 1v1's, ganks, and simply to stay in the field so you can gather more experience and gold. However, if your energy is ever completely out, I recommend just teleporting home.

Scout Trap: I buy mines periodically to warn me if an enemy hero is going to try ganking from the bushes. You only need one to cover your jungle bush closest to your turret. Sometimes I use an early one if I make it to the top center bush before the enemy hero. I may buy them to defend against Kraken or enemy pushes depending on the situation, but never more than 2-3 in such instances.

Ironguard Contract: I recommend this item whenever I am have an ally that is going to also be in the lane (duo-lane). It lets me focus on dealing damage to the enemy heroes while still getting gold. Also there will be times where I go to help the jungler or take a camp or two myself, so this helps gain extra gold during those moments as well.

Energy Battery: A Skaarf with no energy is pretty much useless, so take this first if you are going to lane solo. It lets you maintain your presence in lane longer for gold, experience, and hero killing ability, which is more important than the little bit of extra crystal damage you could otherwise purchase.

Sprint Boots: Speed is very important to Skaarf so that he can land more auto attacks to proc his passive and deal more damage, and is critical for getting the most out of his ultimate (if enemies can outrun his fire, his ultimate will be wasted). I buy boots my first time back to the shop, and then concentrate on getting crystal items. Also, the active ability (speed burst) is critical for surviving ganks and securing kills.

Frostburn: I rush this item for the same reason I get early boots: movement is everything when playing Skaarf. This item slows enemy movement speed when hit with abilities, which lets one auto attack more, which helps one proc passive, which helps kill things.

Clockwork: This items gives Skaarf a little bit of crystal power and a whole lot of cooldown, which is essential for having your abilities up and at the ready. The cost isn't very high and the utility it grants necessitates an early buy in my book.

Reflex Block: This item is essential when the enemy team has a lot of stuns and crowd-control. Using it will not only help mitigate damage but also prevent any disabling effects from the enemy for a few seconds. This can allow you to escape unfavorable situations or keep your ultimate from being interrupted early.

Eve Of Harvest: Also a critical item for Skaarf. This heals Skaarf when you damage enemies with abilities. Since you will be constantly burning things, the extra crystal power and life-steal this item grants makes this a staple item for Skaarf. For now I buy this later, favoring Frostburn which is cheaper and slows enemies, but you may choose to buy this first if it fits your playstyle.

Crucible & Aegis: Both of these items allow one to have access to Reflex Block. Buy Aegis when you see enemy has a lot of crystal power, otherwise buy Crucible as it is more balanced since it gives a ton of health and let's you activate Reflex Block for your entire nearby team.

Shatterglass: This item gives a ton of extra crystal power with no other benefits. If you are getting killed a lot or need more defense then you should skip this in favor of a defensive item.

4. Early Game Top


When you are going to lane with an allied hero and only one jungler:

-As with all builds, buy your items as fast as possible and proceed to the bush or location of choice.

-Start off with an Ironguard contract, 2 potions, and 1 mine (scout trap).

-Place a mine in the lane bush closest to the front of your turret on the bottom of the lane so that it fully covers the area between the rocks.

-Attempt to hide in either the top middle-bush or allied-side bottom bush.

-Wait for the enemy to show themselves and attempt to land spitfire on them followed by auto attacks.

-If you land 3-4 auto attacks after a spitfire you will generally kill the enemy with your passive even if they run away while having some life left.

-If they attempt to trade with you then use one of your potions during the exchange (remember as long as you are proc-ing your passive you will win any early 1:1 trade).

-NOTE: if there are two enemy heroes in the lane you have to play carefully and pick your moments to attack.

-Let your allied Hero last-hit minions.

-Teleport home whenever you are out of energy or very low on health.

-Assist the jungler whenever they encounter enemies, many of your kills will likely come from the massive damage you do when you show up to help the jungler.

-If things are going well, your first back should be building toward your Frostburn (upgrade battery path first), level 1 boots, and two potions.

-Ping "GO" two or three times on the enemy laner or once on the jungler and once on your lane if you want your junglers to gank.

-Continue to support your team both in lane and the jungle.


When you have two allied junglers:

-Buy an energy battery and two potions as quickly as possible.

-Attempt to get to the top middle-lane bush or the bottom bush before the enemy heroes.

-Attempt to kill the enemy when they arrive by landing spitfire and auto attacks on them, or at least drive them back to their turret to heal (if there are two enemy laners you will have to just farm safely).

-Farm safely and pick your moments to exchange damage with the enemy hero.

-Assist the allied junglers if they run into enemy heroes if they are close enough for you to make a difference, otherwise just farm safely.

-Ping "GO" two or three times on the enemy laner or once on the jungler and once on your lane if you want your junglers to gank.

-Teleport home whenever you are out of energy or very low on health.

-If things are going well, your first back should be building toward your Frostburn (upgrade battery path first), level 1 boots, and two potions.

In both cases, try to dissuade the allied junglers from taking minion mines since that will end up making your lane extende, which makes the enemy laner(s) harder to kill. If they ignore your avoid ping, don't lose your composure over it (remember many people are still learning the game, see SoysauceBanana's Complete Glory Guide for more information).

5. Mid Game Top

Regardless of whether you have had an allied-laner or not, the mid and late game for Skaarf is pretty much the same. The only difference is that in one case you will have an Ironguard Contract and in the other you will not.

-You should have something resembling the mid game items in this guide.

-If the enemy has access to a lot of stuns / crowd-control get the Reflex Block before getting a 3rd major ability item.

-Have two potions in your inventory every time you leave a shop if possible.

-Be ready to help the junglers more. Your spitefire into auto-attacks into Goop will swing nearly any teamfight, but be ready to use your boots to escape if the enemy focuses on you.

-Have at least one flare at all times (especially when Taka is on the enemy team) and don't face-check bushes without making sure they are clear (you can use spitfire from a long distance to help check).

-Toward the end of mid-game you may sell your Ironguard Contract if you have one to complete major items.

-In the event the enemy goes for an early Kraken, wait till the enemies have been damaged by it before engaging. Depending on the life of the enemies and Kraken (and the position of your allies), you have to decide whether to harass from a distance, focus hard onto a single enemy hero, last-hit Kraken, or burn everything in sight with your ultimate (generally a bad idea). Alternatively, letting the enemy take Kraken is sometimes ok (see SoysauceBanana's Complete Glory Guide for more information).

6. Late Game Top

Points about the late game:

-Your level 5 spitfire powered by 3 major ability/crystal items does massive damage to enemies and will also be how you contribute to bringing down turrets.

-If the enemy has several turrets up and your team scores an Ace, it is generally better to take 2-3 turrets without Kraken's help because the enemy won't be alive to contest them and they will not get a gold bonus from killing the Kraken.

-If you have a lot of kills (fed) you can use Goop to help secure kills for your teammates (this balances out your team).

-If your build is 100% complete and you have enough gold, you can sell your boots (or another item that is worth 1900 gold if you went without boots), buy Crystal Infusion, activate it (which removes it from your inventory) and buy the boots again. This will give a boost to a number of stats, and is akin to having a 7th item. Alternatively, you can do the same with mines.

-You will be the main target of the enemy, so try to keep your distance and stutter-step attack the enemies that do get near (or focus the low health enemies).

-Remember your ultimate is better for finishing off half-health enemies rather than for starting a fight.

-Use the 'Score' button to make sure you know what the enemies are building and adjust your items as needed. This also can confirm if someone is building or switching to a tank build, which means you generally won't be focusing your damage on them.

7. Matchups Top


To me, Ringo is one of the most straightforward laners to match against. His only form of crowd-control is a shot that slows you for a few moments. You can generally out-trade him 1v1 until the mid to late game.

The most important thing to remember when facing a Ringo is that if you venture too far from your turret you should have an escape plan should he slow you (i.e. have boot active available).

The other thing to worry about is when you are below 20% health and he uses his ultimate on you. You have only a moment to decide whether or not you should try to kill him in order to trade or back off and pop a potion to heal.


I also find Saw to be a straightforward Hero to lane against. When saw uses his 'B'-ability to slow you, immediately move perpendicular to the bullet storm (unless only the tip of it is affecting you). Once out of it you can usually land spitfire and start auto-attacking him. Early game you can just ignore the bullet storm and spitfire/auto-attack over and over and win a trade 1v1 (use that potion!).

When your health is low you have to watch for his 'A'-Ability where he runs at you since it is an "execute" (something that does more damage based on the missing health of the target). Escape it by having boots ready to activate.

When Saw has his ultimate stored you should generally avoid him or poke him from a distance.

If he builds a lot of anti-crystal defense you will probably need to shift your focus onto other enemy Heroes. If he builds a lot of crystal power, you may not need much armor defense depending on what the rest of his team is building.

Saw can also go through thin sections of wall and end up in places he normally shouldn't with his 'A' ability. He can even go through main base retaining walls at very specific locations so watch for backdoor attempts. To do this he needs a target first, from which he will do a back-roll through the wall.


Petal can force you to play differently in lane due to her healing seeds. If she places them in strategic locations it can interfere with your ability to land Spitfire on her and thus force you to use Goop just to set her on fire.

If Petal places seeds that you can pick off outside of turret range, prioritize doing that instead of attacking her (but don't miss farm). Your Goop/Spitfire combo can damage/remove several seeds in an area, which is usually worth the effort (just don't get ganked in the process).

Remember that everything she does starts with a seed. Take away the seeds (and kill her munions when you have nothing else to shoot) and she will constantly have to play catch-up.

Once she has Frostburn you will be put in a similar position to dealing with Ringo in that she can slow you and possibly out-damage you. My suggestion is to reserve boot activations for those times she catches you away from your turret. It is also a good idea to note when she last used her ultimate so that you don't get burst down.


Joule can stun you with her 'A'-ability by jumping onto your location. However, if the rest of the enemy lacks stuns, interrupts, and crowd control, you may be able to skip getting Reflex Block. This is because her jump can be dodged with boots and sometimes just by prediction. Also, her jump places an indicator on the ground showing where she is going. Place half your Goop there and the other half in the space you do not want her to travel. This will slow her down quite a bit and also give you the option of bursting her with fire and passive procs.

Beyond that you really only have to worry about her Ultimate. Making sure you are always moving between attacks helps one to not get caught in it. This also helps one avoid her 'B' ability as well.

Staying away from the edges of walls and turrets is a good idea. Joule doesn't have to line up her Ultimate pixel-perfect with the wall to damage you, so being right next to a wall makes it easier to catch you in the beam.

If that doesn't make sense, imagine a ruler on a table (this represents a wall), a large coin (represents your hero) pressed against the edge of that ruler, and another ruler on the table on the opposite side of the coin (represents Joule's beam). Move the ruler representing the beam 15-20% over the coin. That should help one understand why being against a wall makes it easier for Joule to do full damage with her ultimate. She only has to aim near (but not touching) the wall to make the whole thing nearly inescapable. This is a lot easier for her than having to aim at someone with 360 degree freedom of movement.

Pay attention to how she is building. If she builds straight tank you should always attack her last in teamfights (or focus her when she is away from her team, provided you have backup). If she goes all damage you want to prioritize movement and possibly grab reflex block just to keep from getting stunned.

Lastly, remember she gets stronger the longer she fights just like you do, but you really don't have to worry about her killing you quickly as long as her ultimate is on cooldown.

Last tip: she can hop over the base retaining wall. So watch for backdoor attempts from her.


Adagio shouldn't be killing you directly very often. But indirectly, his heal causes splash-damage-over-time and can even slow you if he uses it on himself. Along with an Ultimate that may stun you, these factors add up to him being the reason you die more often than not. It is important to have a Reflex Block available so that you can ignore his ultimate and get out of sticky situations. He can also heal any allied target, making your flames less effective over time. In this way, a good Adagio can deny you from getting many kills.


My advice for dealing with Krul is about the same as Koshka since both have ultimates that can stun you and both have hefty burst damage. Krul is slightly easier to avoid due to his ultimate having to be aimed, and his damage stemming from having to land multiple auto attacks on you. You can survive his ganks in general by having boots or Goop available when away from turret. However, he can cancel your ultimate with his on reaction, so remember in teamfights to be behind allied heroes or predict the ultimate and dodge it.


Very similar to Krul in that she has high burst and her ultimate stuns you on reaction. However, I think she is scarier than Krul for two reasons:

1.) She can be on top of you from a great distance, regardless of walls and barriers. Her leap 'A'-ability is the best gap-closer in the game. And if she has stacks on her 'B'-Ability she can do a large chunk of damage in a short period of time, plus get a giant burst of movement speed once she is done. Because you can almost never know if she has vision of you (scout traps, random flares), you always have to be on guard.

2.) Her ultimate is a targeted ability that can be used on reaction to yours regardless of ally hero positions, walls, and barriers. It stuns you and let's her or her team take you out. Reflex Block is a must when dealing with a good Koshka.

You can help fight a Koskha by focusing her with your spitfire and Goop. This can be done on reaction if you can predict her leap to an ally hero or even yourself. As far as I know you can still hit her with spitfire when she is mid-leap. So don't be afraid to fire one in her direction should she jump toward you. You can also Goop/Spitfire her location during her ultimate (if she used it on an ally), allowing you to either kill her or get her to very low health.

On the other hand, some Koshka's build tanky. For those you only have to worry about her Ultimate for the most part, and focus your damage on other enemies.


Glaive is scary due to his 'A'-ability that can knock you out of your ultimate on reaction and also put you in places you don't want to be. You have to assume that ability is ready any time he shows up. The best advice I can give is to have Reflex Block ready just for when he shows kitty face.

On top of that, he gets stacks as he auto-attacks that give him lifesteal and more damage on his ultimate. He will probably save those stacks just for you, so you need to stay away from him and save your defensive items for when he gets close.

There isn't much more to say about him other than when his 'A' is on cooldown and he is not right next to you it will be your turn to dish out the damage.

Also, keep in mind that he can show up through walls with that 'A' ability, so if you don't know where he is be careful! And of course, he can backdoor by hopping the main base retaining walls with that 'A' ability!


Catherine is like Adagio in that she causes you to die, not by her hand, but by the hands of her team. The difference is that she has access to a stun that is on a very short cooldown. And unlike everyone else previously mentioned, she can knock you out of your ultimate on reaction with both her 'A' and 'C' abilities.

On top of that, her ultimate causes the "silence" effect. This makes it so you can't use any abilities, similar to being stunned. Her ultimate has long range and can kill you if you are low health.

Her shield ('B'-ability) is also scary in that it takes forever to kill her when it is up. It can feel exhausting trying to kill her because you have to save your spitfire and passive procs for when that thing is down. If she is sticking to you, you will incur a lot of damage over time just from that.

Reflex Block is an absolute must have when she is on the enemy team. You may want to take two final items that have a Reflex Block built into the 'active' just because of her!

The best advice I can give is to save reflex block for when she is around and only focus her when her shield is down, whether she is doing a tank build or not!


If Taka gets even slightly fed and you do not have any defensive items, he can erase you on-sight. If he is not fed, he can bring you down to near-death and escape almost for free.

Understanding how to deal with a good Taka almost means knowing how to play as him. This isn't a Taka guide, so let's break it down simple:

Taka's Abilities:

He does a flip over the target and causes damage while doing it, and is invincible during it.

This means you need to attack him or use spitfire on him either before or after he uses this ability, otherwise you will miss. Also realize where he will end up after using it, namely behind you. That may be a good place to Goop, or it may not if he changes up his routine. Obviously, being caught during your ultimate is very bad because he can change what side of you he is on in a moment's notice.

He goes invisible and gains movement speed.

Even if on fire, he will not be revealed unless something new sets him on fire during the invisibility. This means if you expect him to go invisible while near you, start your ultimate in the direction you believe he may be going (they like to mix that up too) so that you slow them, and then move Skaarf in a circle (practice dat tapping!) so that your flames go 360 degrees to reveal the enemy. From there pay close attention to see if you revealed him, then you can Goop/Auto attack him.

Flare reveals Taka. So always have at least one at all times so that you or your allies can punish him should he rely on his 'B' to escape.

He travels a great distance (apparently invulnerable during the animation, needs to be confirmed), and does a huge chunk of damage to you with a little damage-over-time tacked-on.

You are not going to avoid this one, but you can respond when he is done. He will end up behind you. You have to decide if you want to retaliate or run based on your health and positions of allied and enemy heroes. You also have to factor whether he still has 'A' available, and whether you have something available to reveal him when he disappears (B).


I recommend building your defensive items based on how Taka is building. If he is mostly damage, one defensive item that gives a lot of health and another that gives a lot of armor would be good. If he has more than the usual number of crystal items, cater to that. Either way, how well the enemy Taka plays and gets fed will determine how much attention you need to pay to him. In many cases, you will have to base everything you do around where he is and how strong he is.

Watch for patterns in the Taka player's movement. See if he adapts or stubbornly uses the same patterns. And watch for those invisible (and inevitable!) backdoor attempts!

Have fun navigating a good Taka!


I'm probably in the minority, but I think mirror-matchups in games are interesting.

What is funny about Skaarf vs. Skaarf is that you have the same goals, but in this game your passive and the enemy passive causes you both to die whenever you go at each other. I've played many games where we both die together, more than once.

This means you have to commit to both of you dying, or try to be sneaky and barely live an exchange (or avoid attacking each other altogether). Some things you can do to turn the tide:

-Have more defensive items available: potions, damage mitigation items, boots, etc.
-Have an ally ready to gank (i.e. bait the enemy Skaarf).
-Have more skill: for me that boils down to landing spitfires and knowing when to use your Ultimate.

On that subject of the Ultimate, all things being equal, if he starts his first and you have your abilities all ready, ignore it and spitfire, auto attack, then Ultimate. It doesn't matter if he used his Ultimate on you first, your overall damage will be much greater plus your crowd control affect from your Ultimate will have more affect than his. Also you can activate defensive items during his ultimate while his items will only be used after the bulk of your damage has been done. I have won many would-be trades this way.

8. Conclusion Top

I hope you enjoyed my Skaarf guide! If there are sections or certain topics people would like to see discussed, please let me know and I'd be glad to add it. Of course, I love criticism and feedback so please let me know what you think!

Enjoy playing Skaarf!!!

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