Such wow Koshke...Koshka by KindCoffee

Such wow Koshke...Koshka

By: KindCoffee
Last Updated: Sep 8, 2014
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Introduction and Basics Top

Koshka is a furious tornado of damage!
She can shred and nuke and dance and prance in a battle field with this build!

Skills and description why/when to use them!
Things to keep in mind:
I use her as kind of a semi glass-canon style and like to close any gap with either her ult or "Pouncy Fun" .
For now it's one of the best gap closer we have!

"Pouncy Fun"

(or PF)
This is, in my (humble) opinion, one of the best gap closing move in the game since it's low cool down and if you don't upgrade it too much it's low cost too! This is usually the executor/finisher for battles or if you catch an enemy out of position! Since it's low cool down you can use this in place for your ult as an initiator too! (YCF is recommended for initiating more since you can stun!)

(wow such gap closing)

"Twirly Death"

(or TD)
My spam can!! This is the ability you're going to want to try to spam all le time! (in enemy range of course! don't be weird and waste your energy) Why? Because of the "boosted basic attack" of course! DUH!
Remember every time you do a basic attack you also get the cd (cooldown) reduced by 2! (2!!!!!!!!)

(Such dance!! MUCH PRETTY!)

"Yummy Catnip Frenzy"

(or YCF)
The initiating DEATH DOOM GAP CLOSING FACE PALM GALORE!! This will catch your squirrel enemies (Ringo) and scratch it to nothingness!)

YCF > TD > auto attack > TD (repeat)
*if they try to run use PF!

Most of this is just a foundation build so please feel free to mold and use it as you wish! :D

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