The Frost-Wyrm : CP Reim Lane (1.6) by xVintage

The Frost-Wyrm : CP Reim Lane (1.6)

By: xVintage
Last Updated: Apr 4, 2016
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Introduction: Lane Reim, How it works and why? Top

Hello my name is xVintage and I am a Simply Amazing Bronze ranked player. Previously I was the analyst of team TAS eSports until it's fall near the winter season. Today I will be giving you my in depth guide on one of my personal favorite picks: Lane Reim.

Lane Reim is often overlooked, as many people would prefer to put him in the experience rich jungle for an earlier level 6 Valkyrie. However I prefer Reim as a lane for the following reasons:

+Reim is the ONLY laner in the game who can self sustain himself, in the sense that he can use his passive to heal himself from mana ecpendegures as well as auto attacks (from level 1 due to his passive.)
+Reim scales HARD with each item he obtains, so in my opinion: by placing him in the most gold rich part of the map just makes sense.
+Reim is very tanky towards the mid game, and has plenty enough range on his Spires at rank 3. This allows Reim to hold his own better than other melee laners such as Glaive or Rona.
+At rank 5 Spires, landing one spire on an enemy squishy laner will often do 40%+ of their HP with no defenses. Use this to your advantage by poking the enemy laner when giving you grief for farming
+Oh yeah, his wave clear is rediculous. :)

I hope you enjoy this guide, and I will try to update it as much as possible! Go get yourself some free ELO!

Understanding the Build Top

If you're not sure why I listed the items above as recommended build path items, I will explain below. If you feel that you don't agree with an item or definition feel free to leave a comment! I'm open to feedback. However, this is a build I have a lot of experience running, and it works for me.

Broken Myth: This item is a MUST on Reim, as he really needs the amplified power spike as he nears level 12. This item works very well with Reim's playstyle of a DoT Mage. The more often you land your spires, the more damage they will do. And your auto attacks also synergize very well with its added DoT + Slow effect!

Eve of Harvest: This is another MUST have item on Reim. Eve of harvest allows you to have added magic sustain in your already heavy kit, thanks to your passive. Buying this item first is usually recommended, however in this build I recommend buying this item second, rushing for a Frostburn first.

Frostburn: This item isn't necessarily a MUST as much as it is a really reccomended item. The added slow for landing your spires directly offers you and your team a great amount of utility when it comes to kiting or chasing, I recommend buying this item first as it will provide you with heavy burst and a sense of more CC against your enemy laner. (Who will most likely try to kite you in the first place. :3)

Aegis / Metal Jacket: These two items are interchangeable depending on your scenario. Pretty self explanatory.

Fountain of Renewal: Extra sustain, for your extra sustain, for your exTra sustain? As if you weren't immortal already.

Journey Boots: By giving you increased movement speed to chase down your targets, flee from enemy ganks, and give increase tank stats: Journey boots are a great item for Reim in the lane.

How I would build in a typical match. Top

Starting: Tier 1 Battery, +2 Halcyon Potions

First Back: Tier 1 Boots, Tier 2 Battery, +2 Halcyon Potions

Work for: Tier 2 Boots, Tier 2 defensive item (against your enemies primary stat) (Armor/Shield) And a tier 1 defensive item of the opposite stat your opponent has. (Added tankiness allows for easier Frontline last hitting)

From there: Rush for a Frostburn, then a Eve of Harvest

Mid-Late: Get a Broken Myth ASAP.

End Game: See full build above

Your Role: Teamfights Top

In team fights you play a very important role as the primary damage dealer. While your spires DO have a large range at max rank, you sadly don't have the range advantage that an enemy celeste, ringo, or even (situationally) Vox. This means that you have to master landing your spires to their full efficiency. This may be easy or difficult for you depending on your mechanical skill.

In team fights you should constantly try to land your spires wherever your opponents may walk next. You can use your massive damage pokes to guide your enemies into a more desirable position before a team fight, such as sending your enemy melee fighter into the back-line as he attempts to dodge your spires.

Try to stay towards the middle of your team at most times. While you are a front line tank, your ultimate can be very easily countered during channeling by hard CC, so by staying behind one ally (your support) you should be able to find the optimal location for you to safely drop your valkyrie.

When it comes to landing your Valkyrie, always try to target your enemy carry in the center. This will buy you and your team enough time to rush into the carry and delete him with your combo.

Typically your team fight combo would go as follows:

Poke A, Poke A, Valkyrie (C), Poke A *immediatley* Secure with your B (root), delete enemy hero.

Conclusions Top

I hope the guide was somewhat helpful! I'll be updating the guide soon with match ups and more information about the builds × maybe alternate builds for various scenarios. Thanks a ton!

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