The Terminator by vel_koz

The Terminator

By: vel_koz
Last Updated: Oct 7, 2014
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Skills Top

You obviously take Thunder Strike first unless you want to wait 20 seconds in between your leap's cooldown.
Whats great about your Thunder Strike is that the more you use it the more powerful it gets but it also increases its mana cost.

Gameplay Top

If you're jungling alone and you've cleared your side, it's time for you to head to the enemy's jungle.

If you got spotted by an enemy make sure to have at least 2 stacks before engaging because its more powerful at that stage. Avoid invading the jungle if your opponent is duo jungling or is a Glaive or a Krul. They are more powerful than you pre-6.

Once you've added your leap, it's time to gank the lanes. Land your leap at the right spot and it should either knock your target to your ally or get stunned then spam your Thunder Strike for the kill.

Sometimes enaging with your ultimate is better as it deals massive damage to squishies and it allows your teammates to finish them off quite quickly.

Really, whatever chance you get, invade your enemy's jungle and deprive them of gold.

Ward the map with the scout trap to give you vision of the map and you can jump over walls and terrains to close gaps between you and your target.

If your opponent is another Joule, make sure you hit her first so you have a stack of Thunder Strike earlier than her. A potion is also useful for trades. If all things go wrong while trading, use your jump to stun her and rid her of her stacks so she deals less damage.

Use your Shiversteel on enemies with high mobility.

why building weapon Joule is better than Crystal Joule Top

See, Joule is a melee champion so she makes contact with enemies often. Building weapon helps her lower her opponents health while waiting for the next Thundering Strike to cooldown.

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