Turn Up the Damage with CP Vox by IspecterI by IspecterI

Turn Up the Damage with CP Vox by IspecterI

By: IspecterI
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018
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TL;DR Section Top

Turn Up the Damage by IspecterI

Hero: CP Vox

Role: Carry

Position: Mid

Early Build (00:00 - 06:00): Swift Shooter, Crystal Bit, Sprint Boots

Mid Build (06:00 - 15:00): Alternating Current, Reflex Block, Travel Boots, Energy Battery, Heavy Prism

Late Build (15:00+): Alternating Current, Halcyon Chargers, Dragon's Eye, Eve of Harvest, Aegis

Tip #1: Use Sonic Zoom (A) after applying Resonance with Pulse (B) to maximize damage and to effectively reposition yourself away from threats. Sonic Zoom can also be used to move through walls to help escape danger.

Tip #2: With CP Vox, try to apply Pulse (B) to the Captain and basic attack him/her to have the Resonance Bolts damage nearby heroes.

Tip #3: Use Wait For It (C) at the most opportune time and that means having to ... wait. Try to bait enemies into tight corners where they line up and then unleash your ult. Use Sonic Zoom (A) after Wait For It (C) to maximize damage output.

Intro - It's About Time I Got Famous Top

Hello there and welcome to my CP Vox Guide. This is my first guide so a little bit of background info about me. I've been playing Vainglory since Season Zero and have about ~4500 wins to my name. Rankings since Season Zero to the most current have been the following:

Season 0: Simply Amazing (silver)
Autumn 2015: Simply Amazing (bronze)
Winter 2016: Simply Amazing (bronze)
Spring 2016: Pinnacle of Awesome (bronze)
Summer 2016: Simply Amazing (gold)
Autumn 2016: Pinnacle of Awesome (gold)
Winter 2017: Vainglorious (bronze)
Spring 2017: Vainglorious (bronze)
Summer 2017: Vainglorious (bronze)
Autumn 2017: Vainglorious (bronze)
Winter 2018: Vainglorious (bronze)
Spring 2018: currently Pinnacle of Awesome (silver) but trying to grind back up to VG

As you can see, it has been a grind to get to where I am today, but with a lot of practice and reading guides here on VGF, I have gotten better. Special shoutout to MaxGreen of Tribe gaming who pushed me and said that I could do better than Simply Amazing back in 2015/2016.

My goal in the intro is to not boast about my rankings (I have only made it to bronze, so is that even really something to boast about?) but to just let you know that whatever rank you are, you have a ceiling and can greatly improve from where you are today. I hope that this guide can help you get there. So let's get to it, shall we?

Vox is probably my favorite hero to play. His flexibility and movement as far as his WP or CP paths make him a great pick in 3v3 or 5v5. For this guide, we will focus on his CP path but he can easily go the WP route as well. I am still learning 5v5 Vox, but with his Sonic Zoom (A) ability, he can quickly get to the outer lanes to help as needed. Pro tip: Once his A ability is learned, use it as you leave your base to get into battle quicker. His Pulse (B) ability has the ability to slow down enemies that are trying to hunt him down. He can be a very hard hero to lock down and if he is still fighting late into team fights, odds are he will be the last one standing.

Early Game - Waaaaay Too into These Crystal Things Top

CP vox is great for mid and should be used as a carry for the team. The early game should be focusing on farming and harassing the enemy mid laner as well. I like to start out with a swift shooter and crystal bit to rush Alternating Current. If you have a hard time last hitting, you can start with a swift shooter and weapon blade to make it easier and sell the weapon blade mid game. If you want to minimize recalling back, you can also start with a book of eulogies instead of the weapon blade. However, once you practice enough with him and learn his rhythm, I suggest starting with the crystal bit.

In the beginning, it is important to help in the jungle and not push the lane. The reason for this is two fold: you help clear the jungle faster and you get XP/gold. So which side do you go to? If your jungler is CP, then you should let him/her start in the top jungle while you help the bottom laner in the bottom jungle. If your jungler is WP, then you should help the top laner in the top jungle and you should take the crystal orb guardian. This is assuming there are no early team fights. Once this first rotation is completed, head to the mid lane and focus on farming. If your captain is not with you, try to always have a scout cam in both of the mid brushes. If you have no vision, always assume you are about to get ganked. This point is true throughout the game until the first mid turret is down.

As far as Vox gameplay, use your B ability on the minions and basic attack the captain minion so that your resonance bolts hit the basic minions. Keep an eye on your minion's health as well because when you see that the enemy laner is about to go for a last hit, use your Sonic Zoom (once learned) to hit one of the minions and have the resonance bolts bounce onto the enemy laner. It is important not to spam your A ability and save it for these opportunities or as your escape from a gank.

Mid Game - And the Hits Keep Coming Top

Vox scales up a little bit in the mid game. As I said earlier, I like to rush Alternating Current and you should get this item around this part of the game. Alternating current is paramount to Vox's CP build because of its increase in attack speed. The faster Vox basic attacks, the faster resonance bolts shoot out from enemies with Resonance. Soon after this, obtaining a reflex block is absolutely crucial. If Vox gets stunned (i.e. Koshka or Krul Ult), he's pretty much done with how squishy he is. This is why I highly recommend a reflex block at this time into the game when enemies will be getting their ults.

After purchasing those items, because of the decrease in the price of the boots, I like to purchase travel boots in the mid game as well to help travel between lanes quicker. I like to purchase travel boots if my sprint boots are on a high cooldown. Basically, if you can still use your sprint boots' sprint ability, don't purchase travel boots. Make sure to grab an energy battery to not run out of energy for your abilities.

As far as gameplay, continue to farm, harass enemy laner, and help out in team fights when needed. If you can, continue grabbing the crystal orb from the guardian to buff your damage output. Use Vox's Ult (C) when there are at least 2-3 enemy heroes fighting against you to maximize the effectiveness of it. Optimum timing with this ability is when they are lined up so sometimes you have to ... Wait For It. Also, when Vox reaches Level 8, his Pulse (B) ability should be maxed out and this will increase the range of the resonance bolts so he scales up very nicely at this time.

Late Game - I Never Run from a Fight Top

This is where Vox, more specifically CP Vox, shines. At this point of the game in 5v5, heroes are usually grouped together and team fights can break out at any moment. The second T3 item I like to purchase is Dragon's Eye. Dragon's Eye increases Vox's CP power the longer he is in fights so it is important to stay alive. Stay on the outside border of fights by having the very edge of his Pulse (B) ability apply resonance to enemy heroes. Once applied, basic attack them to have the resonance bolts spread around and damage heroes. Try to basic attack the captain if possible to have the resonance bolts bounce off and damage nearby heroes to maximize damage output. Be ready with your Aegis to block any incoming abilities on Vox (Atlas Pauldron, stuns, etc.). Because you are the mid laner for your team and usually the highest damage dealer, you will be targeted first. Practice blocking all the abilities that can be used to lock Vox down and keep him fighting. In order to help him fighting late into team fights, I recommend that the energy battery you bought in the mid game be upgraded to an Eve of Harvest. The lifesteal on Eve will help him sustain in team fights and scales very nicely with Dragon's Eye.

Once your 3 main crystal items are obtained, the situational items I recommend are either Broken Myth, Clockwork, or Metal Jacket. Broken Myth is best used when the enemy team has lots of CP defense and if your team gets ahead in the early to mid game and you have racked up a couple early kills. Clockwork increases your slipperiness and damage output since you can use your Sonic Zoom (A) ability quicker to evade abilities while at the same time attacking the enemies. Metal Jacket is recommended when the enemy team loads up on WP.

Lastly, I recommend Halcyon Chargers to help with cooldown for your abilities.

As far as game play, stick together with your team and engage from the outskirts of battle. Build up your Dragon's Eye stacks with your Pulse (B) and Sonic Zoom (A) abilities, and once the enemy has lined up perfectly, hit them with Wait For It (C) and watch them all melt. Always keep moving in between basic attacks for maximum positioning for future abilities.

Conclusion - Where's the After Party? Top

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and I truly hope it helps you in getting better. If you have any feedback, please let me know in the comment section. If you are a super pro, feel free to correct me or offer some tips for me. I am always trying to learn and get better so any advice is welcome. Good luck and see you on the Rise!


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