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Introduction Top

Hello and Welcome to another G2 guide. Today it will be about Adagio played as a roamer because it is my favorite roamer to play with at the moment. So lets start with his abilities:

Abilities Top

Arcane Renewal Top

Adagios heroic perk Arcane Renewal restores 35% of all damage dealt to burning enemies (from Arcane Fire burn) as Energy. This makes him very good as support because he never runs out of energy and heals for a lot.

Gift of Fire Top

Adagio heals the targeted ally and enemies arround him get a burning debuff. Enemies with this debuff get additional damage from Agent of Wrath attacks and recover Adagios energy when taking damage. His heal ratio scales with health, so building health items like Crucible or Fountain of Renewal is very useful.

Agent of Wrath Top

Adagio buffs the targeted ally and makes his next few auto attacks become stronger. It deals additional damage om burning enemies. As support Adagio this is only useful in the early game, but also small damages are important even if its not significant. Cast heals on your allies and buff them up for more damage!

Verse of Judgement Top

Adagio channels his Ultimate for 2 seconds and releases a heavy wave if damage (even strong as support) and stuns his targets if they are afflicted by the burning of Gift of Fire. Use this ability to stun enemies in teamfights or just to waste their Crucible for upcoming stuns from your team.

Gameplay & Strategy Top

For the jungler Adagio provides the best utiliy possible the whole game in my opinion. In the early game his buffs and heals are very strong and in big teamfights his ultimate can stun enemies or waste their Reflex Blocks. As on all Roam heroes it is best starting with a Fountain of Renewal as first item, but in some cases i recommend starting with a Crucible first if you really need it. Adagios Heals also get stronger the more health he builds which doesnt make Crucible first a really bad item. But in general an early Fountain of Renewal is the best you can get. Also never forget to get enough Flares and Scout Traps for your team to keep them safe and prevent ambushes and ganks. After ur first item get a Crucible (a Fountain of Renewal if it was ur first item) or Contraption. As a supporter always watch ur enemies and get the items you need the most. Contraption might be very useful against a lot of stealth heroes or if you want to secure Map controle/vision. Crucible is needed if the enmies team has strong massspells like a Cathrine or Phinn Ultimate. Against a Cathrine i recommend building a Crucible as the first or second item! A good silence can decide teamfights and a good block can as well. Most people dont recognize the work of a supporter but as a main jungler i notice a big different between good and bad supports. After these 3 items you can feel free to variate your build. Warthreats also might be very strong in or against certain combs. Frostburn or Shatterglas are also not a bad idea because of the heal and buff upgrade as well as slows on Frostburn. If you dont want to build aggresive, stacking more health and cooldown is the best way. Having 4 sec cooldown heals that heal 300-500 are very annoying for your enemies and help your team a lot. Thats also a reason why i like Adagio support so much. It provides early aggresion as well as late game utility which makes him strong overall the whole game.
Play Adagio support the best with a strong Frontliner Tank such as Rona, Glaive, Krul or Lance. Also watch out for double heal combs if you can but keep in mind that Fortress is a very strong hardcounter for a double heal combination.
As always thank you for reading our newest guide and try it out yourself!

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