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Angry Demon

By: krocooo
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2017
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At first trial, i didn't know what this hero capable of or what kind of "sick ability" he has. Just didn't know the purpose why SEM created this hero. Seems stupid, slow, susceptible. But after i found how to play him, he is EVIL.

(Read carefully)
The key is on B. Dealing damage to enemies he passes through + Reza's next basic attack deals bonus crystal damage. <--- So this is the secret

How to play: (this tips is sequential)
1. First, B (dash to enemy, then let him do basic attack once)
2. Rapidly do C (after he crushes down on the enemy, don't let him do basic attack even one hit, but directly click B and dash to enemy again, let him hit enemy with basic attack)
3. Last, do A then basic attack again

1. Why i said when C released, don't let him do basic attack? Because the duration he turns into Demon Mode only for 4s. SO DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME!
2. Get ready to activate Reflex Block or Aegis, or even make sure your Roamer ready to activate Crucible, because Reza is susceptible.
3. I will post the early game items on later update.

If you have any suggestion, share on the comment section below. Have fun!

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