BURST Ringo! (WP) 2.11 Ranked Meta Build - POA Gold by Zack Inbound

BURST Ringo! (WP) 2.11 Ranked Meta Build - POA Gold

By: Zack Inbound
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
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BURST Ringo! - WP Meta in POA Ranked Play Top

This Ringo build has been so popular in the ranked game mode in higher elo play. Try it out yourself and let me know how you do!

Check out my Youtube video which showcases the power of this build in action! Feel free to check out my other content and subscribe if you find it entertaining!

--- The Build ---

Core Damage Items:
Spellsword: This item is the main reason this build is so strong at the moment. Spellsword has the second highest wp damage of any item, second to Sorrowblade. Coupled with 35% cool down reduction, Spellsword allows Ringo to consistently utilize his abilities, specifically his B ability Twirling Silver. This grants Ringo increased movement and attack speed 90% of the time.

2x Tyrant's Monacle: With Spellsword allowing consistent usage of Twirling silver, Ringo does not need to prioritize building attack speed. Rushing two Tyrant's Monacles gives Ringo insane burst damage early in the game. Coupling Ringo's second Tyrant's Monacle with a weapon infusion gives Ringo a HUGE damage spike. Try it out!

Flex Damage Item: Be sure to check the enemy scoreboard and analyze the best final item for the situation!
-Tension Bow: Up against 2 squishes, some defense
-Breaking Point: Elongated fights, up against a Phinn (easy to build stacks)
-Bonesaw: Up against 2 Metal Jackets
-Tornado Trigger: No Defense/Atlas Pouldron
-Poison Shiv: Up against a Lyra/Serpents Mask(Rona)/Eve of Harvest(Ozo)

Tension Bow: Pick up a TB if you are snowballing and the enemy has at least 1 very squishy hero that you want to delete off the map consistently. The shield pierce comes in handy too!

Breaking Point: Pick up a BP if the enemy team has some tanks heroes that can take a beating, or if the enemy has a captain that allows you to easily build up stacks (Phinn). Poking on the outskirts of a fight for 5-10 seconds, building 15+ BP stacks and rushing an enemy carry is a rewarding experience!

Bone Saw: Bonesaw is very strong when you are up against multiple heroes with a metal jacket. You will quickly shred their defenses!

Tornado Trigger: Insane damage, but counterable with an Atlas Pouldron. Check if the enemy is building lots of defense and consider weapon pierce!

Poison Shiv: Check out your enemies and their builds. If there is a lot of healing potential, consider a poison shiv to reduce healing significantly!

Journey Boots: Pick these up if you are constantly needing to chase or escape in team fights.

Halcyon Chargers: Pick these up if you are ahead and want further cool down/ longer sprints.

Defense Item:
Aegis: Pick this up if you need to block multiple Atlas Pouldrons/Hard CC.

Metal Jacket: Pick this up if the enemy team's primary damage dealer is a WP carry and they are doing damage throughout the game.

Slumbering Husk: Pick this up against a Baron or other extremely bursty hero.

Try this build out and let me know how you do!

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