Catherine/Phinn/Joule Destroyer by AngelicDemons

Catherine/Phinn/Joule Destroyer

By: AngelicDemons
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2015
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Over view Top

So an over view of how you would use this kit (Once you get most of the items), would be to just stay behind your minions or tank in your team while they engage in battle. Once you initiate in the battle you will want to use Twirling Silver and get the first shot off, then use Achilles Shot in between hits. If they start to run away use Achilles Shot to slow them, but if they are low (1 segment of health, you know those little bar segments you see in the health bar?!) then use Hellfire Brew to get them. Abbreviations: AS (Achilles Shot) TS (Twirling Silver) HB (Hellfire Brew)

Begenning (off the start) Top

First I'm just going to say that the abilities up there might be screwed up, but all I want you to do is go for TS overdrive 1st, then AS 2nd, HB 3rd. Start off getting the Weapon Blade. Once you do that head out to the lane (At first you will be really weak so try to ping the roamer to come help you if you're out numbered) and start hitting the minions and use TS to hit as many minions as you can, if you see a minion getting low wait and get that last shot. Once you've built up around 1300+ gold (or die) retreat and get Six Sins/ Heavy Steel.

Mid Game Top

Now, by this time you should have Sorrowblade, start getting Blazing Salvo, then get Piercing Spear. With that you will get Bonesaw, that will help take down the turrets (Aka +300 gold :D) and enemy's that have high armor with the shred. Next start working up to get Tornado Trigger. By this time you should be able to attack pretty fast using TS and will be able to start killing weaker hero's by yourself or harder hero's with your teammates. Start pushing lane if you can, you need the gold from the turrets as fast as you can.

End Game Top

By now you should have all the weapons you need, now including Breaking Point. You should be able to keep on going, pushing and pushing, killing and killing. If you're still going try to get Serpent Mask or Clockwork. With those you should be able to seal the deal and own the opposing team.

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