Crystal Killer Koshka by BassGould

Crystal Killer Koshka

By: BassGould
Last Updated: Nov 23, 2015
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General Strategy Top

Koshka is a deadly hero killer, and a fairly hardy one at that. She wants to focus on the jungle early on but should mainly move into lane to assist with turrets and heroes if need be. Focus on the crystal tree, only getting Two item out of it. She is great at being stealthy and surprising enemies, and can offer immense damage on an enemy in seconds. In every situation upgrade Twirly Death and Yummy Catnip Frenzy to their overdrive, and use YCF only to stop fleeing opponents, but using it in the heat of a multi-enemy battle will cause you to get killed.

First Five Top

In the first five minutes of the game, your goal is to get a clockwork and be working towards a shatter glass. Avoid hero-to-hero combat until you have these two items.

Second Ten Top

In the second five minute interval you are wanting to complete your shatter glass and get another clockwork, and a crucible. It is imperative that you get these items. The clockwork and crucible should be gotten at the time they are needed, so if you are constantly getting destroyed by enemies, get crucible, but if you are doing decent, get a clockwork then get a crucible.

Fifteen Fun Top

Now you are completing your build, by getting frostbite and journey boots. I recommend getting these simultaneously, and not focusing on one at a time, unlike all of the other items. Finally, you may have an extra slot that you can use however you please, but avoid weapon and defense items, it is best to get another ability item.

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