First Guide to Playing and Teaming with Petal by FlyingFox

First Guide to Playing and Teaming with Petal

By: FlyingFox
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2014
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Intro Top

Hi Everyone! This is my first guide, any suggestion and opinion is welcome! I really like playing as Petal and want to get better at using Petal as a hero, and also encourage others to become better teammates of Petal!

Build Top

Start by building weapons first, and then add energy and crystal items, I usually buy Hourglass early so Petal can start producing Bramblethron Pets faster.

Weapon Blade > Six Sins / Heavy Steel > Sorrowblade
Swift Shooter > Blazing Salvo / Lucky Strike > Tornado Trigger / Tyrant’s Monocle
get these two first and then late game:
Breaking Point / Tension Bow

Hourglass > Chronograph
Energy Battery > Void Battery > Eve of Harvest
Crystal Bit > Heavy Prism > Shatterglass

Other items to consider:

Tips on Abilities Top

-Start with the Bramblethron Seeds special skill, then activate the Yay Pets as soon as possible. Once Petal has pets it can start jungling to earn gold. Petal is relatively stronger mid-game compared to other heroes, so use this time wisely to help your teammate destroy enemy towers.
-Prioritize upgrading the Yay Pets levels before the Bramblethron Seeds, since the Pets do more of the fighting. Activate Spontaneous Combustion the first chance it's offered.
-Start by using both the Bramblethorn Seed and Yay Pets right as you leave the home station, this way your energy will recover by the time you travel the lane and fight enemy heroes. Try to have the pets with you as much as possible, and re-spun them as they are killed in battle.
-If the pets are taking damage, simply produce a new seed and turn it into the pet, and the existing pets will be renewed as well. Produce a few seeds while you fight for healing, best if you can stand on the seeds while attacking enemy and get a small recharge!
-If you are low on health, hide in the bush, produce up to five pets nearby for healing, and then turn them into Yay Pets(max 3) to take with you. However enemy might guess where you are and attack you anyways. So use your best judgment on when it might be better to teleport back to homebase.

Early, Mid and Late Game Top

Early game Petal before she gets Yay Pets is best played as Lane Petal, where the towers help with defense.
Mid game Petal is stronger compared to the other heroes, this is a good time to jungle, kill enemy hero, destroy tower and so on. During this time Petal doesn't need to stay with a teammate as much, and can roam into the jungle with her pets.
Late Game: Use Spontaneous Combustion in the late game to damage enemy, run away as needed, stick with a teammate if possible, as Petal is usually weaker than other heroes by that point. Help your teammate but understand you can be easily killed one on one, especially if the other heroes are at a higher level than you.

Tips for Teammates: Top

-In early game, team up and let Petal have the last strike, so it gets the Yay Pets faster.
-Stand on Petal's seeds for healing, so far very few teammates have taken advantage of Petal's healing seeds! Petal can produce up to 5 seeds nearby and multiple teammates can stand near these seeds and receive a health recharge.
-If all of Petal's pets are killed, teammates can help by fighting the enemy while Petal runs away to produce more pets
-Attack the enemy after Petal uses Spontaneous Combustion especially in the late game. Team up with Petal in the late game as enemies are strong and Petal is easily killed one on one. Or, the teammate can fight the enemy, and Petal can then use Spontaneous Combustion while the enemy is busy fighting the teammate.

Thank you for reading and feel free to add any suggestions that helps you play Petal!

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