~Full Guide to Weapon Power Churnwalker~ by TheVanguard

~Full Guide to Weapon Power Churnwalker~

By: TheVanguard
Last Updated: Nov 8, 2021
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Saber201 | November 8, 2019 12:57pm
How many maximum enemy he can hook?, sorry, i've just use his for the first time
TheVanguard (1) | November 12, 2019 10:13am
By technicality, you can hook multiple targets infinitely. It’s just that you cannot apply more than one hook on a single target.
In that case, you can literally have one hook for each enemy! But be careful, landing these requires precision and skill.
I hope this helps!
You can also watch his spotlight on the Vainglory menu.
InfinityRift7 | March 23, 2019 8:47am
What about Spellsword as a item choice? In my opinion getting a Serpent Mask first item makes you an easy target for 3-5 Poisoned Shivs and/or Spellfires. Correct me if I'm wrong.
TheVanguard (1) | March 25, 2019 5:06am
You aren’t inheritly wrong per say, the cooldown reduction from Spellsword and passive energy regeneration from basic attacks on WP Churnwalker is spectacular and very useful due to the fact that WP Churnwalker suffers a little from energy problems and has a punishing and lengthy cooldown on abilities compared to his Captain counterpart. But in my personal opinion, Serpent Mask is an item equally as good as Spellsword but you would benefit from it much greater than of Sorrowblade or Spellsword. The reason why is because of the Lifesteal it provides and the ability to last a little longer in fights, which is something all WP Churnwalker players need in order to be effective in a fight. Not only that, purchasing Serpent Mask ABUSES his lifesteal potential being able to outsustain even the likes of Krul in a team fight, thats if you can get the hooks in the first place. You can purchase Spellsword on WP Churnwalker to enable a play style a “little less” punishing and compared to Serpent Mask because of its cooldown reduction, with that in mind, you can make more mistakes with Spellsword but your trading potential and sustain wont be as good compared to Serpent Mask, but with Serpent Mask, you are rewarded with how skillful you are and punished heavily if you miss his hooks.

Spellsword is a spectacular item, and dont feel afraid of picking it up as a core item!!

To counter Mortal Wounds, consider purchasing Capacitor Plate so that Mortal Wounds wont be as effective. Especially if WP Churnwalkers lifesteal is stacked with Serpent Mask!
SilntAssasnNinja (4) | January 16, 2019 7:57pm
Dope guide! I personally enjoy playing WP Churn as well in 5v5 and to help:
[*] Full build for me is generally SB, PS, and BS along with Aegis and Shiversteel as defense and Journey boots
[*] Stormguard banner first allows you to farm better than getting two damage items, even though that initially sets you back by 300 gold, the damage scales decently and can last well into mid-game
[*] Getting a combo of Shiversteel/Pulseweave/Tornado Trigger allows for good movespeed buffs or slows to catch up with a fleeing enemy, locking down their escape or allowing for a better engage (I saw you had these already, but they seem to be much more impactful in 5v5)
[*] I like Sorrowblade more over Serpent Mask; the lifesteal is valuable but more times than not the chain lifesteal of 20% is already potent enough when coupled with a Poisoned Shiv and you deal more damage
[*] Bonesaw, while not as strong as BP in terms of ramping damage, allows your teammates to deal more WP damage to enemies as full stacks will lets allies pierce for 40% armor while you pierce for 65%, so while you won't have the dramatic potential of BP stacks, you will not have to worry as you should always be fighting with your team as that is when you are most powerful
TheVanguard (1) | January 17, 2019 7:50am
I’m so glad to see someone comment!! Yet again, I’m still learning and experimenting with WP Churn and i can see how Sorrowblade can be a better over all pick, but i have my reasons toward why i choose Serpent Mask over Sorrowblade and i will put them up soon!! The Bonesaw vs Breaking point scenario has always been as issue for me because I’ve always wondered which was the better pick until you brought up Bonesaws utility, i guess it can be a situational item. Yet again, thank you so much!! Ill do my homework and i will experiment with your advice, thank you again!!
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