Godlike Glaive! by RaikeZ

Godlike Glaive!

By: RaikeZ
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014
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A Guide by RaikeZ Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player RaikeZ in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Intro Top

Hello glorious people! Today we'll be looking into the bull, Glaive or whatever species he is. This blinded beast is an excellent tank and has astounding skills that will make you go vegetarian for a month. Overall, Glaive is an easy and fun hero to play, with not many weaknesses.


1. A good tanker.
2. Manly.
3. An independant hero.
4. Game-changing skills.
5. Good farmer.

Glaive is a flexible hero as he can excel in both Crystal and Weapon build. The recommended build for Glaive which is a Weapon build is a great build. Focusing on Weapon power and critical damage allows Glaive to fully make use of his Heroic Perk however he will have limited energy.

WEAPON BUILD (Recommended Build) Top

- Tyrant's Monocle

Grants great critical damage and maximizes Glaive's heroic perk ( Hunt the Weak).

- Tornado Trigger

Increases speed and more critical chances resulting in more damage per second.

- Serpent Mask

Weapon lifesteal . Crucial as Glaive is a tank.

- Journey Boots

Speed and health.

- Sorrowblade

Beautiful damage which means higher critical damage.

- Aegis / Shiversteel

For defence. Get shiversteel if your enemies like to play tag.


Since there is already a substantial Weapon build. Let's go blue! Crystal builds are remarkable and definetely fun! Bloodsong has a short cooldown so we should take advantage of this.


The jungle is Glaive's home , so bring him there.Focus on leveling to level 6 to activate Bloodsong. He likes singing so yea. Learn Twisted Stroke first for farming.

- Ironguard Contract


- Halcyon Potion (4)

Try to always have potions with you. Better save than sorry ! Besides, if you did not use it , you can still sell it at the same price (25 g) .


At level 6, start roaming between the jungle and lane to assist your allies to slay enemies. However , farming is still important. Always be prepared with 20 Bloodsong stacks. Use your Afterburn to trap enemies and escape.

- Sprint Boots

Don't wanna step on Petal seeds.

- Shatterglass

Crystal power !! Now your Bloodsong will torment others.

- Clockwork

Glaive's first and second skill have long cooldowns. Moreover , that energy recharge is significant!

- Alternating Current

Glaive is a melee hero so he will eventually need to slice someone. The attack speed bonus also helps in gathering Bloodsong stacks.


You should be able to dominate the game. Remember to position your skills so they would hit all 3 enemies and use Afterburn wisely.

- Sprint Boots -> Journey Boots

You won't miss a kill!

- Shiversteel

This will turn you into Godzilla , invincible as it grants 600 Max Health. Most importantly, with this item you wont have to chase anymore. Just slow them down , why do the running? No one can escape you .

- Shatterglass

Using all your skills at once should penetrate all your enemies. Your basic attacks is also almost as good as a Weapon-built Glaive but without the critical damage of course. Always remember playing as Glaive is mostly strategy!

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