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Godlike Koshka

By: RaikeZ
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2014
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Note: This guide was originally created by player RaikeZ in the official Vainglory forums. RaikeZ is the author; I am just helping make it available on VaingloryFire.

Hello glorious people! What is it called when a cat wins a dog show? A cat-has-trophy! What is it called when a cat rules in Vainglory? A Koshka! Koshka is an awesome hero with stunning skills. She is a known as an assassin or a ... katsassin. Sorry.


  1. Has skills made for assassination!
  2. Good at chasing.
  3. Cooldown of every skill decreases per hit.

Koshka is very dependent on her skills for kills. Her heroic perk which allows her to easily chase and escape together with her cooldown bonus makes her a feared hero.


Start Koshka as a jungler to level her skills up. If any dogs enter your territory, scratch them but don't chase them without a teammate as she is very fragile.
  • Ironguard Contract

Cause it's kattastic. With the gold bonus from this item, you can buy her some cat food.
  • Halcyon Potions (4)

Remember to have this at all times for emergencies.


Hide in bushes to ambush your enemies and use your ultimate at the right moment to prevent enemies from escaping. Make sure you get near enough before performing Twirly Death . With proper teamwork , Koshka will dominate all her enemies. She does not need Clockwork as she already has amazing cooldown bonuses.

- Sprint Boots

With her heroic perk and this item, she can outrun her brothers, yep leopards.

- Shatterglass

With the Crystal power this item gives, she is a lion!

- Aftershock

Great synergy with her skills. The attack boost from Twirly Death stacks with Aftershock so this is definitely a must! She does not need Alternating Current because she won't be delivering much basic attacks. This item also gives her energy recharge which is perfect.

- Reflex Block

Use this before casting your ultimate skill . No one touches her when she's in her spotlight.

- Shiversteel

Since Koshka is fragile, this item will help her to last longer in fights. The ability to slow enemies down is astonishing! No one can escape her, even SAW .


She is no more a pussycat , she's Katy Perry !

- Sprint Boots -> Travel Boots

She's as fast as lightning ! Getting in and out of fights won't be a problem.

- Eve of Harvest / Broken Myth

With Eve of Harvest, she literally has 9 lives. The energy recharge allows you to pounce at everyone. If your enemies try to counter you with shield, get Broken Myth.

- Reflex Block -> Aegis

Say meow meow to tanky Koshka. She's at the top of the food chain.

Okay we have time for one more. Why don't cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!

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