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Koshka - A Beginner's Guide

By: InFectious
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015
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Introduction Top

Koshka in a Nutshell
Koshka is known for her ability to dash into and out of a battle, with a guaranteed assassination - that is, if you counter with the right abilities, at the right time.

The Queen of the Jungle is extremely fast and dependent on her powerful abilities for her kills. Koshka is exceptionally speedy in terms of clearing jungles as well.

Abilities Top

Why does Koshka's abilities need to follow the certain order provided above?

Great question. The first reason why is there are restrictions with regards to every hero's abilities. For example, you can't acquire your hero's ultimate until you reach level 6. Nor can you upgrade an ability if it's already maxed (overdrive).

Koshka's Abilties: What You Need to Consider
Another reason is because having these abilities unlocked and upgraded in a certain order can result in successful attacks, ambushes, and counters.


Let's take a read.

As Koshka, you will have the three abilities, located at the bottom center of your screen.
1) Pouncy Fun 2) Twirly Death 3) Yummy Catnip Frenzy

Why should I choose Twirly Death as my first abiltiy?
Koshka twirls, damaging all enemies around her. She gains a boosted basic attack for each enemy hit by the twirl (up to 12). Twirl cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds each time she executes a basic attack. Each ability point spent increases its damage and energy cost and accelerates its cooldown. Each point also further boosts basic attack power for each enemy hit by the twirl.

Your main objective throughout the game is the jungle. The jungle holds monsters, Minion & Gold Mines that will benefit you and your team. With Twirly Death, you are able to quickly clear out your side of the jungle*. More jungle monsters killed (or kills in general) = More levels, abilities, and overdrives!

You will want to upgrade Twirly Death as much as possible to reach its overdrive.

*Once the match commences, try to kill the enemy's jungle monsters (specifically the ones nearest the jungle shop) first, then return to your side of the jungle. This slows down the opposing Jungle and Roam as they try to level up (with two less monsters to gain experience from).

Pouncy Fun
Koshka dashes to the target enemy and deals damage. Pounce cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds each time she executes a basic attack. Each ability point spent on Pouncey Fun increases its damage and energy cost and accelerates its cooldown.

Pouncy Fun enables Koshka to jump into & out of battle in the blink of an eye. With Twirly Death as a counter-attack, Koshka can prove to be a major threat. That being said, enemies with low health rest their fate in the hands of Koshka. That's what makes her deadly - her ability to surprise and ambush enemies when they least expect it, and her ability to run out of battle like nothing ever happened (Pouncy Fun grants movement speed upon hitting a target).

The reason Pouncy Fun should be chosen as your second ability is because:
1) It focuses more on speed, not power. Additionally, the ability would be rather useless in terms of clearing jungles since it's only the beginning of the match (the ability is not that effective yet); you'd still be able to clear the jungle faster with Twirly Death.
2) It enables Koshka to deal a deadly counter/combo: speed + power. With the jungle cleared (of course, there will be more monsters spawning), Koshka can focus on helping her teammates in-lane.

Yummy Catnip Frenzy
Unless your build enables Koshka to deal high damage, you should always save Yummy Catnip Frenzy for last.

Yummy Catnip Frenzy is extremely useful when finishing off enemies.

However, the ultimate can also be used to stall/paralyze an enemy while letting you and your teammates attack him. This can be especially useful when near an ally turret. That way, your turret can help your team finish the enemy off faster!

Some additional tips:
-Avoid unleashing this ability near enemy turrets. When Yummy Catnip Frenzy is activated, you are unable to move while you are attacking your target. Furthermore, Enemy turrets will focus on you when you attack an enemy player. There may be enemy teammates nearby to help finish you off with the help of that turret.
-Because you are unable to move while unleashing your ultimate, enemies can use you as a potential target. Activate Sprint Boots* once Yummy Catnip Frenzy ends. This enables you to escape the battle if you're in danger.

*If the utility hasn't cooled down yet, attack an enemy nearest your route of escape with Pouncy Fun. Pouncy Fun enables you to gain movement speed upon hitting a target.

Items Clarification Top

Starting: Crystal Bit & Health Potions
You will need to make good use of your abilities; they benefit your capability of getting the kill. Be aware, however, that enemies can gain up on you. Health potions are useful in increasing your health while in the jungle.

Progression: Sprint Boots & Heavy Prism
As you clear the jungle, you'll need to have an escape plan just in case. The Sprint Boots can prove effective, especially should you risk in invading the enemy jungle.
Koshka, as stated, is dependent on her abilities. Upgrade to Heavy Prism; it grants you crystal power to strengthen your abilities.

Progression 2: Frostburn, Clockwork, Travel Boots, Shatterglass, & Journey Boots.
It's time to turn movement speed in your favor, and not the enemy's. Use Frostburn to increase your crystal power and furthermore slow down fleeing enemies. Try upgrading your Sprint Boots to Travel/Journey Boots to better escape enemies in times of trouble. The turret can protect you.
One common pet peeve is lacking energy for your abilities. Use clockwork to decrease the cooldown time and increase the energy required to execute your abilities.
Shatterglass is an extremely useful item in making your abilities powerful. Shatterglass grants 150+ crystal power, enabling a speedy kill with the help of your teammates.

Be sure to purchase health potions every now and then; basically whenever you run out. Additionally, use scout traps to ensure that your route of escape is clear and safe (especially brush).

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