Koshka half-standard build by xJIe6ywek

Koshka half-standard build

By: xJIe6ywek
Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017
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Better to collect items like showed in NEEDED TO COLLECT menu(from left to right).

Farming Top

This Koshka depends on farming. That's why you better avoid contact with opponents before level 6.
It's not important so much to kill middle jungle monster, but if you have enough power to kill it - kill it.
Otherwise, you can risk and try to fight against enemy heroes.

Replacing items Top

Well, if your opponents don't have lots of health, you can replace AFTERSHOCK with another SHATTERGLASS, to empower your abilities. If you have two SHATTERGLASSES, you may replace CLOCKWORK with ALTERNATING CURRENT and FROSTBURN with EVE OF HARVEST. What about armor, choosing it depends on items that opponent collects. For example: If enemy collects RED ITEMS without ATTACK SPEED, you may buy metal jacket to reduce damage from basic attacks. If opponent collects ATTACK SPEED build, it's better for you to buy ATLAS PAULDRON. When enemy collects BLUE ITEMS, to amplify their abilities, the best way to reduce crystal damage is to buy AEGIS.

Playing style Top

Koshka is a hit-and-run assassin, so she mustn't be in the battlefield for a long time. You can find your own gaming style. As far as I am concerned, I prefer not to face enemies in early game. When reached level 6 I can try to kill opponents. Remember, team play is necessary aspect of the game. You should combine your abilities for effective game. For example: if you have Ringo in your team, you can try to stun enemy hero with your ULT and Ringo will also deal massive damage to enemy combined with your crystal damage from ULT.
Another situation: Your teammate have faced opponent 1 vs 1 and low on health. If he's running away you can support him with your abilities. You can sit in the grass and catch a moment to attack enemy and help teammate by taking attention of the enemy.
Sitting in the grass is important part of playing Koshka.

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