Make it Rain Reim by ItsLegitBuilds

Make it Rain Reim

By: ItsLegitBuilds
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2017
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You are an aggressive fighter that waste your skill to push them back and miss to bait them out.... make it rain reim make it rain that's about the hero summary....

As said these are semi-pro builds so your def items are up to you but key is farm fast get the Mid Game Items... these are set of target items within 5-7mins once it's completed you will then build accordingly from left to right of the Core Items

Use your A-B-A combo and if u can basic attack before go do it your almost there.......
you can clash early game but try being low-key until you get mid game items.....
Practice combo on inner creeps once you gain lvl 3 gather 3 minions and kill them with the combo :)

The reason why I put the echo is for your ulti and Infinite Energy if you manage to get late game if you follow the item path the echo also allows you to 1v1 or 1vX on certain scenarios...."double CC"

Oh almost forgot make sure you always juiced uP...aka "Infusion"

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