Variable Koshka Guide (WIP) by Korius

Variable Koshka Guide (WIP)

By: Korius
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2016
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Early Game Top

-In the early game, farm your jungle as fast as you can, only stopping if there is a legitimate chance to successfully gank the enemy laner. As Koshka, you want to be able to out-level everyone else, because that's where the majority of her usefulness lies.

-Grab a second Crystal Bit on your first trip to the shop (for that extra damage in early fights) then get back to farming. Flare the enemy shop bush every once in a while to try to catch them off guard, and place a scout trap or two in their bush if you can.

-Whenever the opportunity arises, like if you get a successful gank or win a teamfight, go grab some enemy farm. Do this as much as possible, but DON'T DIE. As in, don't try to take their high-values at half health. Focus mainly on taking their bottom camp and maybe their middle regen in the early game. However, don't go into the enemy jungle without backup. Unless you've gotten an ace, which I doubt.

-Rush Aftershock. Also, keep some Halcyon Potions on hand at all times. They really help.

Mid Game Top

-Mid game, you should have an Aftershock and a Broken Myth, or at least be close to it. You should also be building some defense to keep you alive long enough for Broken Myth to be effective. I usually prefer Crucible just for the extra health and the Reflex Block. By now, you probably want to be invading the enemy jungle frequently for all that gold and experience.

-Ganks and counter-ganks are important, they restrict the enemy laner from farming, while also protecting your laner and allowing him to farm freely. To gank effectively as Koshka, you must be extremely patient, waiting in a bush for when the enemy laner overextends. Also, having your support stun or slow the laner almost guarantees a kill. Don't turret dive unless the enemy laner is REALLY low and you can make it out alive.

-As Koshka, your stun is invaluable. Save it during teamfights for when an enemy is about to use a deadly ult, or if there's someone trying to run away. Stunning an enemy next to a turret is a very bad idea, though. (Trust me.)

Late Game Top

-Late game, unless you've been snowballing really well, you're probably going to fall off a bit. You need to focus on eradicating the squishiest carry, using your stun if necessary. Then just move on to the other carry, making sure to time your abilities right to take advantage of Aftershock.

-Catching the enemy team separated late game is a massive opportunity to push. Divide and conquer. It should also go without saying that you need to stick with your team and have some good vision so you won't be taken by surprise.

- Crystal Infusions help you continue to dish out high damage. If you have or are close to a full build, I highly recommend getting one.

-Getting aced late game is usually disastrous, so if you end up being the last one alive, having Journey Boots is a real savior. That boost, coupled with Koshka's heroic perk will likely get you out of dangerous situations.

Strengths/Weaknesses Top

-Koshka is strong at assassinations, locking down deadly enemies, and chasing. Letting your support initiate with a stun, and then pouncing in is usually a good strat. As I said, your stun is very important, and can change the outcome of a teamfight. Only use it on an enemy that is about to ult your team or one that is trying to escape. And that brings me to Koshka's adeptness with chasing enemy heroes. Continually pouncing on them refreshes and stacks your heroic perk. However, getting twirls to hit a retreating hero can be hard, so make sure you're close to them. And if they're about to escape, just give them a big kitty hug. (Stun their *** out off existence.)

-Koshka is not strong at drawn-out slugfests or initiating on the enemy team. If you pounce into the enemy team ahead of your teammates, you will be focused and deleted. This is bad, because being dead means you can't help your team, which means that they will likely also be dead. Also, don't try to 1v1 a warrior or heavy lifesteal class unless their health is significantly low.

-So, to sum it all up, Koshka's skill set is completely based around sneaking about and assassinating weakened enemies, not brawling with the tough fighters. Keep this in mind, and don't be afraid to strategically retreat every so often. Letting your allies take a few hits is usually ok, because then you can jump right back into the fray and claim the glory for yourself! (Beware teammates angry about "killsteals.")

Cheers! Top

Thanks for reading this guide, and if you have any suggestions or changes that you think need to be made, just let me know. I'll be continually updating this guide with more builds and different play styles. Good luck, and I'll see you in the Fold!

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