Varya Carry 2.11 - In Depth by Mawthu

Varya Carry 2.11 - In Depth

By: Mawthu
Last Updated: Dec 7, 2017
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Hello, after play a few games this is what I find most successful build and skill order on Varya. She spikes after two core items and is a decent late game carry due to wave clear and tons of options.

GOAL: get to your item spike with minimal losses caused by deaths and losing towers.

Start B
Skilling Max B(overdrive)>A(overdrive)>R

two crystal bits>alternating current>t1 boots on first back>shatter glass>t2 boots> reflexblock>clockwork>aegis>broken myth>journey boots>crystal infusion

Focus on CS as your early game damage is pitiful, I find it hard unless starting with my two bits. But this makes you extremely squishy and Varya's base movement speed poor. Farm until shatter glass and aim to have it before 5 minutes. Shoot for 10 cs a min. Remember, you are not trying to stomp your lane, Varya is mana hungry and her A has a long charge time making you prone to ganks.

Initiating team fights with your R
When using your B almost always charge it unless you are in immediate danger, and or fleeing.
Save your B to chase down or run away, be paitent and keep poking with A and autoing waiting for enemy CC is used or your jungler is on the laner. It is okay to run past the Captain while they are attacking you if it means hitting the enemy Carry.

Your worst matchup is Blackfeather, BAN HIM

Will continue to update but let me know your thoughts and feedback.

Edit to teamfights 12/5
Edit to Build 12/7

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