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Weapon Catherine is Home!!!

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Last Updated: Sep 2, 2014
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A Guide by Godlik3 Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player Godlik3 in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

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guys i'll make this easy and quick so you don't get bored at reading LOL xD

1st Item Build is Tyrant's Monocle, to crit and speed, get it?, don't get cocky just try to farm or stay back at your minions, be careful at Adagio's Gift of Fire

2nd Item Build is Boots, you don't wanna die that way do you, boots is really good cause it will help you escape

3rd Build is Tornado Trigger, and because of the Tyrant's you will have at very HIGH chance of crit.

4th Build is Bonesaw, this item has a high attck. speed bonus and a very high shred so while you are hitting you enemy, you have a bonus stack that has a 300 weapon pow. and 60% shred max (if you continue the hitting the enemy hero, you will have 1stack wich is 1=10 weapon pow. and 5% shred)

5th Build is Sorrowblade for additional damage

6th Build is Def/Offense, the def is recommended and the offense is optional, for the def choose Metal Jacket or Aegis (depends on strong enemies), the offense is Tension Bow cause it has an additional 85% bonus damage every 5 seconds and because of Sorrowblade you will have a high chance of bonus damage

Tnx for reading and hope you like it, add me at Vain Glory ----> Godlik3

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