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You know nothing, Koshka

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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014
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Note: This guide was originally created by player StarkBoy in the official Vainglory forums. StarkBoy is the author; I am just helping make it available on VaingloryFire.

Koshka the cute and loving can be just as deadly when farmed and built right. Her evil smile that’s always there is just proof on how mischievous this little devil can be.

I will make this short and simple as I know how some people read guides while building like I do.


Firstly, and I cannot stress this enough… STORMGUARD BANNER is your best friend when jungling. Due to Koshka’s low health and poor defense she has a high chance of dying when engaging enemies alone early game.

Continue jungling around until you get can get FROSTBURN . The main idea of playing Koshka is to ambush and gank up on an enemy with your allies. Set up mines and remember to buy pots around to replenish. Once you get Frostburn your options open up to ganking other enemies with your pals. Frostburn helps a lot as this slows them enough for your allies to kill them off.

BOOTS are highly suggested to be started on right now. Tier II is sufficient enough or Tier I if you wanna save them moola. Along with this, you should start at least saving up for a REFLEX BLOCK . This allows you to initiate snipes and easily take down the whole party without sustaining much damage if you’re fast enough.

Get AFTERSHOCK next. This help you in surviving a bit after initiating an ambush especially on a 3v3 battle. You will realize you start doing massive destruction after getting this and when played properly.

Next you should have start farming to finish your BOOTS. Mobility really helps in sniping down enemies after the ambush. You should have started getting Tier I or Tier II boots slightly early on depending on its necessity. Usually Tier II boots are enough for winning but if you reach that far I suggest maxing it.

I usually start building my shield late game because I highly depend on my allies to kill the whole party fast enough before I die or at least finish them off after I do. This build is a high intensity build which requires some skill of surviving and knowing when to run. Get AEGIS if your enemies are crystal heavy.

I only reached this far once and this is a real big *EFF YOU* build. Get BROKEN MYTH . Guaranteed to kill anything you touch.

Simplified version.
Stormguard banner
Reflex block
Finish getting boots
Aegis/crucible/Armor –depending on the situation
Broken Myth

So far most games I played Koshka with this build has been a [stomp] game. I’m sorry I don’t have screenshots to prove it but I vouch for this build to take down even the toughest of Glaives. Remember to farm as much as you can in jungle. Tell me what you think about this build.

See you in the Fold,

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