3 Ringo burst builds cp,wp,hybrid by Minikid444

3 Ringo burst builds cp,wp,hybrid

By: Minikid444
Last Updated: May 7, 2016
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Eternal Silver Top

This build revolves around Twirling Silver. This build lets Twirling Silverconsistantly with very high weapon damage allowing for a very swift kill.
Item expanations

- Gives very high Damage.Nuff said.
- Allows Twirling Silver to be used consistantly without guilt because energy will regenerate fast also.
- If used in compatibility with Twirling Silver Ringo's attack speed will be very very fast along with very high damage and higher crit chance.
- If used with high attack speed the enemy will cower in fear because of high damage and crit chance.

Crystal Burst Sniper Top

This build though expenive is very much worth it. This build is primarily used if there is alread another laner and you want to support.One can hide in the brush and burst attack the enemy with Achilles Shot then follow up with Twirling Silvera guaranteed quick kill.
Item Expalnations

- Gives high crystal damage to go with both Achilles Shot and Hellfire Brew.
- Allows Achilles Shot to be used more frequently as well as other abilities.
- Allows slow of Achilles Shot to be "prolonged" to allow the barrage of
Twirling Silverto be more effective.
- Lets one stay alive when one has more crystal damage,contrasts with Shatterglass
- Deals high damage to high healthed enemies,also lifesteal

Hybrid Burstist/Burster Top

Basicaly,I took bits and pieces of strats here and there from above. Strategy:hide in brush,wait for enemy,shoot Achilles Shot then burst out with Twirling Silver for a quick kill(I know,I know im redundant i dont know what else to say).
all explanations for items are up there^.i dont need to explain the choices it's all situational.

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