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A Guide by JeffyJay Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player JeffyJay in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Items Top

1. Swift Shooter 1
- for faster (AS)
Scout Trap 1
- use it as ward

2. Sprint Boots 1
- for chasing and escape
Swift Shooter 2 (AS)
- for faster

3. Frostburn 1
- for slow enemy team by your ability, restoring enegy
Travel Boots 1
- for moving faster

4. Alternating Current 1
- for more damage, more AS
Eve of Harvest 1
- for life steal by your ability, restoring enegy

5. Aftershock or Shatterglass or Broken Myth or Tension Bow
After Shock (recommended)
- for more life steal, more damage especially much health enemy team, -25% cooldown and also very fast restoring enegy
- for more damage
Splintered Myth (situation)
- if enemy team aganist by shield
Tension Bow (situation)
- if enemy team aganist by armor

6. Crucible or Atlas Pauldron and Tornado Trigger 1
Crucible, Atlas Pauldron
- sell Swift Shooter and choose 1 of these or ignore it if allies already had one
Tornado Trigger (recommended)
- This stuff make KOSHKA become killing machine, ignore this if you chose Crucibe or Atlas Pauldron

7. Journey Boots
- for moving fast

Common Questions Top

Why no Clockwork?
- all of KOSHKA's passive ability is Clockwork already you just hit enemy team, 2 sec per hit for 1st,2rd abilities and 1 sec for ulti that's why i build AS stuff

Why so many regen enegy stuff?
- KOSHKA's ability cooldown is very fast whenever you hit enemy, so you will hungry enegy that's why i build these stuff for nonstop attacking

But you build low defense will it work?
- yea and if you can get 2 last stuff that i recommended (After Shock, Tornado Trigger ), you can solo kraken within 1 minute with 30-40% health, and KOSHKA not that bad KOSHKA's passive abillity gain 0.15 move speed 16 armor,shield whenever hit enemy with abilities last 5 seconds max 5 stacks

Btw it depends on the team also.

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