Koshka the assasin by Dan_The_Killer

Koshka the assasin

By: Dan_The_Killer
Last Updated: Oct 25, 2014
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You gotta earn your SS and Frostburn bro. Top

And here comes the early game.
You need to earn money fast and remember this one thing
You better avoid waiting for a kill in the lane
If you did that thing...
Dude you will be delayed. Koshka is just a kitty when there is a level gap.
So do this:
Get this ASAP

What to do when you got caught by the level gap? Top

Farm farm farm!!!!
Well done my friend! My advice???
Avoid 1v1 or any battles
You need to learn Hit And Run!!!!
You'll be safe and sound my friend just avoid the damage.
Get That crucible bro!!!
Just in case you haven't.
Wolf down the twins.
They have more Exp.

They Got all fed up???
Go for tanky (No choice my friend...)

Harrasing Heroes while farming. Top

Harrasing heroes to prevent them levelling up.
That is a good idea!!!
But here's the but
    She can't take a LOT of damages.

    She may be vulnerable after the kill.

    A failed attempt may lead you to the Level gap crisis AGAIN.

    She can't do much damage with out the first skill.

Well, Whats with the long face old sport? There are still solutions!!!
take note of this:
    Hit and run ( Deal damage first using skill 1 and 2 then run while waiting for the cool down )

    Get home quick!!! ( Thats enough go home ASAP before someone see you with that health

Watch and Learn Top

Bro you need to do that!!!
Koshka can be used with variety of techniques so you better store a lot in your brain bro.

Situations. Top

Catherine is going for over all tank?
Get that broken myth mister.
Enemy Koshka?
No problem bro! Get that armor on!
Enemy hitter???
Avoid him!!! Wait Clash? Get him out First!!!

Hello!!! Congrats you have just finished this guide!!! Top

Thats all the tips I can give :)
Even tho I still have a lot of cards under my sleeve, Well they are hard to translate from my Consciousness Language to English ( I don't know how to explain it. )
Hope it works!!!

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