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Oldskool's Lane Celeste Guide

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Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016
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Build: Oldskool's Lane Celeste

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Threat Hero Notes
Alpha Not much of a threat at all, very easy to kill while rebooting as it's guaranteed to land supernovas. Any hero with a lot of burst is good into alpha, and mid-late game celeste definitely has a lot of burst.
SAW Extrmely immobile, making him an easy target for Helios and supernovas. Can't disengage as his only source of mobility is boot activations, wartreads, and his Rodie Run.
  No Threat
Vox Vox can be somewhat annoying, but make sure to use Core Collapse immediately after a dash to make sure he can't avoid the stun. Place the stuns where he is supposed to be going. Celeste's A is faster cooldown than Vox's dashes, so Celeste can often outdamage.
Skye This matchup can go either way. Frostburn is a must buy against a Skye or any mobile hero for that matter. Place the helios behind Skye so she won't be able to move. Whoever wins will depend on who gets the first jump, but try and stun after she uses Suri Strike.
Kestrel Matchup depends on who gets the first jump. If Kestrel can block the Core Collapse she can be a threat. Try and catch her out before she is able to use Active Camo.
Skaarf Celeste wiill outpoke skaarf until Skaarf can get a good goop off. Skaarf can only outdamage celeste if he is ahead and gets an ult off, or lands goop successfully. If he goes for an ult, try and stun him out of it.
Lyra Outranges Celeste early game, so can be hard to get use of a good power spike. Celeste does slighly better late game, but Lyra's burst is still extremely high.
Ringo Can be difficult because of his mobility and burst in the early-mid. Make sure to buy lots of armor and a frostburn to stay alive and keep a good distance.
Glaive Can be very difficult to play against. To survive, you must land a stun on Glaive and reflex his punt. Usually Celeste can win fights if she stays far enough back. Late game, Celeste's A range is farther than the max range of Glaive's Afterburn.
Taka Easily the hardest hero to play against as Celeste, Taka is Celeste's biggest threat. To counter, make sure there is a lot of vision down (usually the job of the support) and it is imperative to land all of your helios and buy frostburn. Save your stun until after he uses Kaiten and try and land basic attacks on him to reveal him.


Hello, welcome to my Lane Celeste guide. I'm Oldskool, the current lane player for Team Phoenix Reign. Skye is one of my favorite heroes to play both in ranked matches and competitively because she fits my playstyle of farming up in the early game, and carrying in the late game. Celeste is strongest once she gets her core build of Broken Myth and Eve of Harvest, so I tend to avoid fights until I get those items and Overdrive Heliogenesis.

I hope you enjoy the guide!


Julia's Light

Celeste’s Heroic perk gives her a crystal ratio on her basic attacks, making it very good for clearing lane minions and conserving energy. Celeste needs to manage energy at all times, so if you don’t want to push or want to conserve energy, you should be using auto attacks to clear out minions. Additionally, enemies hit by basic attacks will be revealed for a short duration. This is especially good against heroes with stealth like Taka and Kestrel so if they get close make sure to basic attack them to make sure you can see them at all times.


Celeste’s Heliogenesis is the centerpiece of her kit, and is her main damage source. With Heliogenesis, Celeste can place a star in a location within the radius, dealing damage in a small area to enemies it hits. If another star is placed on top of it, the star will go “Supernova” and explode in a much larger area, dealing much more damage as well. With a relatively short range in the early game, it can sometimes be hard to stay safe until level 8. Level 8 is Celeste’s huge powerspike, as Heliogenesis gets a large range buff once the overdrive is taken. ALWAYS upgrade Heliogenesis to the overdrive first.

Heliogenesis is an amazing zoning tool, and can be used to attempt to dissuade your enemies from chasing you as they will have to walk through Supernovas to get close to you. Since you will get much more damage and value by landing Supernovas onto your enemy, it is often best to lay Heliogenesis stars around the area of the fight and explode them when the enemy gets close to them. Heliogenesis stars stay on the fold for a decent duration, so use them to zone your enemies into beneficial positions for your team. Against compositions with other poke heroes like Skaarf, Skye and Adagio, place the Heliogenesis stars behind them so they will also take damage if they try and run away and are forced to fight you.

Core Collapse

Core Collapse serves as Celeste’s major crowd control ability, and her major defense against melee heroes. Oftentimes, landing a Core Collapse can be the difference in winning and losing a teamfight against certain team compositions. Since it has a delay and is a skillshot, it can be hard to master landing Core Collapse. However, if used in tight corridors or in the center of the enemy hero, it is nearly impossible for them to avoid it without reflexing it. If the enemy is moving, you should place it where they will likely be. For example, against a Taka, you should use it AFTER he uses X-Retsu or Kaiten, as it is easy to predict where he will land.

Core Collapse has very good synergy with other crowd control abilities to combine with for a chain effect. For example, using a Catherine Merciless Pursuit to get the first stun and then Celeste stuns immediately after for a nice chain stun. Celeste also has really good synergy with Phinn, as his abilities are also Area of Effect, and can be combined for devastating damage to the whole enemy team.

Be wary of the long cooldown on Core Collapse, as oftentimes it can be only used once or maybe twice a fight. Only use Core Collapse when absolutely necessary like to stop an enemy engagement or cancel an enemy major ability.

Upgrade Priority:

Taking the overdrive on Core Collapse reduces the cooldown significantly, greatly increases the damage and increases the stun duration by 50%. Most people do not ever take the overdrive on Core Collapse, but it is actually very good in certain situations. Usually it is best against dive heavy compositions with Taka and Glaive, as the extra stun duration and lower cooldown is very helpful. It is also good to take the Overdrive against heroes like Vox and Adagio where team fights will be longer, and more stuns will be very helpful.

Solar Storm
Solar Storm is one of the only global ultimates in the game, making it possible to snipe enemy heroes or objectives from a distance. When activated, Celeste sends a trail of shooting stars across the map in a line. The amount of stars is increased with each level of the ability. When a star hits an enemy, it will disappear, but the the “lead star” will always travel across the entire map no matter what it hits. This ability is often best used as a cleanup tool at the end of fights when the enemies have low health or are escaping. Don’t use it in the middle of team fights or as a gap closer unless you know it will kill them. Since it has a cast and travel time, it is best used in tight corridors where the enemy can’t dash out of it easily. Additionally, the stars are aoe so try and land it on multiple enemies.

Upgrade Priority:

Upgrading Solar Storm only increases the damage and the amount of total stars, so usually it is best to max against squishy opponents like Ringo. It is also good to max against mobile heroes like Skye as more stars means the width of the ability is increased, making it easier to land more damage onto mobile heroes. If you’re not sure what to max in any scenario, usually max Solar Storm.


Roam heroes to pair Celeste with:

Celeste pairs well with pretty much any of the standard roam heroes, but is best with heroes that can peel well for her and can provide extra mobility or defense.
  • Phinn- Has a lot of are of effect abilities, combining very well with Celeste’s AOE damage/crowd control. Also can peel very well for her, and provides her a lot of extra survivability with his b ability.
  • Catherine- Her Merciless Pursuit is very good for peeling and can be used to set up chain stuns with Celeste.
  • Ardan- Vanguard is incredibly good for keeping Celeste safe in team fights, and Gauntlet groups enemies up making it very easy to land supernovas.
  • Lance- Has lockdown potential with his Impale, and can peel very well with his Gythian Wall.
  • Lance also has a ton of mobility, so he can pretty much be wherever Celeste needs him to be at any time.

Jungle Heroes to pair Celeste with:

Since Celeste will always be CP, you usually want a weapon power counterpart in jungle. Celeste is more than capable of outputting most of the damage in team fights, so tanky bruisers that can soak up a lot of damage and peel for her are very effective. Glaive, Alpha and Krul are all very good with Celeste with their peel and ability to soak up a lot of damage. Taka is not very good with Celeste because he needs to dive into the enemy team while Celeste needs to kite back.


Like any other mage, Celeste really just wants to get to farm and late game. However, Celeste can still be very strong early on. The only weak part of her early game is her range, making it potentially hard to stay alive in engagements. To counter this, buy boots early on and use them + Core Collapse to create distance if necessary. Still, though, it is best to only fight if necessary and focus on farming until you hit major power spikes at level 6 and 8.
Celeste begins to spike in the mid game once she hits level 6 and 8 in addition to completing key items like Broken Myth and Eve of Harvest. Once hitting these powerspikes, push the lane and try to gain advantages around the map with your team. You should be trying to get gold mine payouts and turrets around this time if you are not behind by a significant margin. You should be stealing jungle camps and providing vision for your team in bushes with Heliogenesis. With Travel Boots and her extremely long range, Celeste can be pretty much anywhere her team needs her to be on the map.
In late game team fights, Celeste will be the main damage dealer for her team. Celeste is really best described as a control mage, as she dictates the positioning of enemies with her Heliogenesis stars and has a lot of Crowd Control with Frostburn and Core Collapse. Try to begin fights by poking the enemy with Heliogenesis and building up Broken Myth stacks. Put Heliogenesis stars in places you don’t want the enemy to be to zone them.

Celeste’s positioning is key to winning team fights. Be very careful about how exposed you are to the enemy. With her extremely long range, she should keep a safe distance and deal damage from the back line while your teammates tank damage in the front. Against dive compositions, you need to be as far back as possible with your team kiting with you. Use Core Collapse to stop melee enemies and boots to create additional distance if needed.


  • You can use Heliogenesis kind of like a flare to give vision in bushes. Especially in the late game, Celeste can check every bush for her team from a safe distance. In the early game, put a Heliogenesis star in the enemy bush before moving onto their side of the lane to make sure you are safe. Always check bushes if you are unsure if there are enemies there.
  • Energy management is extremely important when playing Celeste. In the early game, try and use auto attacks to clear the minions as much as possible so you can build the void battery later than usual. In the late game, auto attacks can often clear waves faster than Heliogenesis stars, as it has higher minion damage stats.
  • Unless using Solar Storm to snipe, always build Broken Myth stacks before using it. Especially in team fights, having Broken Myth stacks will drastically increase the damage potential. Additionally, if using in a team fight, try and land the stars onto multiple enemies for maximum damage output.
  • Taking the overdrive on Core Collapseis a very viable option. See the abilities section for more situational details.


Thank you for reading! I hope you found it useful, send any questions you may have to @VG_Oldskool on Twitter or comment below.

Visit the Phoenix website for updates on our competitve teams and for more player spotlights and guides!

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