The Insane Alpha (WP) by Andys

The Insane Alpha (WP)

By: Andys
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016
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Intro Top

Slot: Heroic Perk

Instead of dying, Alpha initiates a reboot sequence upon receiving lethal damage, gaining 200-1750 reserve health (based on level). For the next several seconds, enemies can continue to attack her and deal damage. If her reserve is not destroyed during this time, she will reboot to ample health at the same location.

The cooldown for this ability is displayed in place of Alpha's energy bar. Once this bar is full, Infinite Reboot is available. This bar will slide back to zero during the reboot process, indicating the remaining time left before she is restored to health.

Slot: A

Alpha scans for enemies along a path. If she scans an enemy, that enemy is slowed and Alpha instantly dashes behind them, dealing damage to the target and all enemies within 4.5 meters (65% damage to minions). This also removes the negative effects of Core Overload (without removing the positive effects), dealing increased damage based on the number of stacks removed.

Slot: B

Alpha lunges forward, landing a basic attack on her target and fracturing the ground for additional crystal damage in a small area. Each time she uses this ability, she spends 10% of her current health and gains Core Overload for 5.5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

Basic attacks reduces the cooldown of Core Charge by 1 second.

Core Overload: Alpha loses 1% of her current health every second, but also increases the damage of subsequent Core Charges and causes her basic attacks to heal her. Basic attacks refresh the duration.

Slot: C

On activation, Alpha begins a self destruct sequence. At the start of this she gains a burst of move speed as well as 400-1000 barrier (based on her level). Immediately afterward, she rapidly loses move speed as her Halcyon core approaches critical mass.

After 3 seconds, or immediately upon her barrier being breached, Alpha explodes. This explosion deals heavy crystal damage to all enemies within 4.5 meters and is lethal to herself.

This ability can only be activated while Infinite Reboot is available. Upgrading this ability reduces the cooldown of Infinite Reboot.


The most sweet things about this hero is her Infinite Reboot . But beware as early game you take quite a long time to revive.

This perks is only useful at mid game as End game your opponent are able to tear you apart before your revive as they have increasing their attacking power to maximum.

As your reserve health doesn't increase with health adding items.

How to engage? Top

First for early game use your B first, then A to remove the negative effect of Core Charge
then continue with basic attacks.

After your Core Charge up to max at lvl 8, you can change to B,A basic attack until B cooldown then use B again.

As you up your Core Charge to max, you won't use up 10% of your health for activating Core Charge .

I love this hero much as her abilities to chase down an enemy is lethal, either skill A or B.

Just use the Termination Protocol in ganks when you are nearly dead abt 25% health left should be fine as she take quite a long time to explode..

About this build Top

In this build, I didn't use Tyrant's Monocle as the nature of this heroes doesn't benefit much with critical damage.

With the heal and damage stack from Core Charged and Prime Directive{icon=Prime Directive] I would suggest to increase her Attack Speed as Core Charge reduce cooldown by 1 sec with each basic attack.

But consider as her Damage output without Critical Damage I use Breaking Point{icon=Breaking Point}. Combine with Serpent Mask you can get quite a good sustain in the field.

For amateur, it was more safe to get 2 Defensive item, if you are pro enough you can get tension bow (Highly Recommended) you will be get a nice output.

Conclusion Top

Finally just some precaution, Beware at the early game as Alpha is quite vulnerable at the starting especially 10% of health is reduced with Core Charge .

Thanks for viewing my guide, and hope everyone enjoy the game!!!

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