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Blue Sunshine Adagio

By: Zyronl
Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014
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Build: Full Storm Adagio

Ability Path

Arcane Renewal
Heroic Perk
Gift of Fire
Agent of Wrath
Verse of Judgement

Before you start reading... Top

Introduction to Adagio ( 1 ) Top

' I'll hold back. It's more entertaining that way... '

His slow, his stun and his burst will knock you sleeping. Build Attack speed and some Cooldown reduction. Attack speed + Agent of Wrath = strong burst potential.

Adagio is a Tanky burst hero ( and a flying fox... I mean, a flying ancient man... ) who excels in support with his heal, Attack boosts, and stuns + slows. That doesn't mean he can be a heavy tanky damage dealer, too! Start him out in the jungle or lane, but roam after awhile. Adagio is best in mid - late game. Adagio is most flexible, able to go full tank, support, weapon power, and Crystal power. Adagio also have two main ways to play. Always staying infront of the enemy to constantly attack your enemy easily, or to just stay in the back to deal as much damage as possible. The difference is by staying infront, you take most of the enemy focus, being so close to them. By staying behind, you are the damage dealer who your tank is trying to protect the most from harm.

Abilities & Tips ( 2 ) Top

Arcane Renewal
Slot: Heroic Perk

Whenever enemies burning with Arcane Fire take damage from any source, Adagio regenerates 25% of that damage as energy.


  • Since anything the fire replenish your mana, do not wait to use Gift of Fire in the middle of a group. Which... Is very obvious!

Gift of Fire
Slot: A

Heals a target ally, then splashes Arcane Fire onto nearby enemies. If Adagio heals himself, he'll also apply a heavy slow to nearby enemies.

Arcane Fire (status effect):
Burns the target every second and causes Adagio's other abilities do deal more damage.
  • Burst heals the target instantly, followed by a gradual heal over the next few seconds.
  • Burst Heal is increased by 9% of Adagio's bonus health.
  • When cast on self, slows nearby enemies by 70% for 0.9s.
  • Resets basic-attack cooldown on activation.


  • If you forget to heal your allies when they are in danger, your a bad Adagio.
  • Always look for options to use this on multiple enemies. But never hesitate to use it immediately when your dying!
  • If laning, you should look for options to burn your enemy by your minions.
  • Sometimes you should use it on a minon to get a few more hits on the turret before the minion dies.
  • Never ever always try and get close to your enemy to slow or stun. If you go too close, you might die from some sudden attack!

Agent of Wrath
Slot: B

Temporarily boosts an allied hero's next several basic attack for 6s.
  • Deals bonus damage to enemies afflicted by Arcane Fire.
  • Bonus damage is increased if Adagio casts this spell on himself.
  • Resets basic-attack cooldown on activation.


  • Even when your the carry, you should never forget to boost your allies when needed too, you selfish doodler.
  • While spamming it will leave you manaless, you should not use it on unnessecary moments.
  • The more Attack speed you have, the more efficient this skill is.

Verse of Judgement
Slot: C

Adagio channels for 2s then deals heavy damage to all enemies in a wide ring around him. Enemies burning with Arcane Fire are also stunned.
  • Adagio temporarily gains fortified health while channeling.


  • This works well as a surprise attack. Go in a bush and use it. Or you can slow them first and go for a stun.
  • If you stay at one of the two bushes near the Kraken, waiting for the right moment to steal it, you should use this skill to secure it.
  • Boots-> Gift of Fire-> Verse of Judgement= The easiest combo, yet also the most effective combo.

    Fun Fact:
    All of his abilites have " of " inside, other than his heroic perk, Arcane Renewal.

Threats ( 3 ) Top

Crystal+Weapon Catherine
Not really that dangerous. In a 1vs1 duel where she stuns you to engage, you can slow her when she pops her shield right after the stun. Then walk away while waiting for her shield to go off. When it's done, pop your agent of wrath and kill her. Becareful if she have a clockwork, and use reflex block to block the stun when channeling your ultimate, unless she already used it.

Weapon Glaive
Glaive can be dangerous up close, so kite him. When he uses afterburn, you will get knock backed, so becareful. Pop your slow when he gets too close or your too low on health, and keep kiting.

Crystal Glaive
Crystal Glaive will be much more dangerous. He can spam his afterburn, keeping the distance close. Once you get knocked into a good corner, he will pop his cleave, then his bloodsong. As long as you survive it, you might have a chance to continue your kiting and win the duel.

Weapon Joule
Weapon Joule uses her thunder strike as the primary damage tool. So don't let her get close. Pop your slow whenever she's close, and becareful of the gap closer, rocket leap.

Crystal Joule
Her rocket leap's stun will be much more dangerous, as if you do get stunned, she will most likely follow up with big red button. So try and always dodge the stun!

Weapon+Crystal Koshka
Either way, she will have many gap closing skills. Which in that case, you have to keep slowing her. Make sure you time it. And becareful of her stun. Use reflex block to block it, then immediately slow and stun her.

Weapon Krul
He have 2 slows, 1 stun. Also a very sneaky person. Just don't let him get close to you. And don't try to duel in the early game to mid game.

Crystal Krul
Though not commonly seen, he can be very deadly, since he can spam his slow and stun as long as he wants. Not to mention the massive damage from Spectral Smite if it's fully stacked. Just like Weapon Krul, NEVER, NEVER let him get close.

Crystal+Weapon Petal
In a 1vs1 scenario, you should win as long as you burn the pets to ash. Just get close, slow, stun, and go ham. Do Becareful of the ultimate as it deals massive damage. But the seconds within each explosion should give you reaction time to heal.

Weapon Ringo
Since Weapon Ringo have to keep auto attacking, you can trade blows with him. However, he can't heal, but you can. Keep trading! You can also heal when he fires his ultimate, making it useless.

Crystal Ringo
He can use Achilles Shot to keep poking you, but you can heal. When he fires his ultimate, it will deal way more damage than what your gift of fire can heal, so be very careful. He also get additional Crystal damage from twirling silver. Fight him in early game, as he is weak... But so are you. At least he's more squishy.

Weapon SAW
Oh my. Even with no crystal power, his shank deals massive damage. With 12 stacks and 9 explosive potato ammo he will totally demolish you. Try and remove his stacks as soon as possible with your stun. But be wary of his build as he might have reflex block. In that case, your toast.

Crystal SAW
Not as dangerous as weapon power, but still, quite dangerous. His shank now deals even more damage, and Supressing Fire packs a ton, not to mention his explosive potato ammo... But don't worry! Suppressing fire will be his main damage dealing tool, so when he fires it to damage you, quickly go near him and stun him!

Weapon+Crystal Skaarfungandr
[if=This cute little dragon is yet another anicent. His fire breathing ultimate is deadly, but it have a channeling time. Take the time to quickly slow and stun him, and you should be fine, provided he don't use Reflex Block. Retreat if you happen to get burned by his ultimate, and do not let his range have an advantage.]This cute little dragon is yet another anicent. His fire breathing ultimate is deadly, but it have a channeling time. Take the time to quickly slow and stun him, and you should be fine, provided he don't use Reflex Block. Retreat if you happen to get burned by his ultimate, and do not let his range have an advantage.[/if]

Weapon Taka
He will have to get close to you, so landing your slow will be easy. Go ahead and stun him, and as soon as he enters shealth, quickly heal yourself so he will get burned. Then just follow the marking!

Crystal Taka
He can spam his abilities, dashing in and dashing out. If well played, he might not even take any damage from you. Remember to slow and stun immediately when he uses X-Retsu to damage you. But be wary your heal will be 50%!

Depending on whose ahead, the scenario etc etc. The person who have the most advantage wins. KO!

Crystal Power Adagio ( 4 ) Top

Crystal Power Pros
Crystal Power Cons
  • Low normal Attack damage.
  • No lifesteal.
  • No crit.

Crystal Power Adagio focus on using his abilities to great advantage. If he lands a 3 man stun with his Verse of Judgement it is most probably a ace if his teammates are with him. Fun fact: This is the most common Crystal build, yet it works very well.

Build Breakdown

Do I really have to write anything at all for this? But fine... Get this ( not this, Travel Boots. ) when you lack in speed for chasing or escaping or perhaps your too slow, mister slow poke.

The most important item. Always get this first as its your primary normal Attack booster damage, not to mention your Attack speed booster too. If you have all your skills burned, then this will save your life by kiting.

Choose any two options, get those items you need!

Option 1: The typical item that's useful for catching up and finishing fleeing cowards. Get this when you fail to catch up once or twice, if not, get it after reflex block.

Option 2: The best item to get if your just lacking some plain damage ( or healing power ). Get this if you have seriously no problem at all when catching up to your enemies.

Option 3: Since you already have your Gift of Fire to heal, you don't really need this if you have Clockwork. But if you need this because you just can't survive even with your gift of fire, do get it.

Option 4: Boosts your survivablity blah blah blah.

No explanations needed, right?... Fine. This basically lowers your cooldown, so you can spam all the skills everyday. Happy?

As usual, one defensive item is always good. Remember to get Reflex Block after getting Alternating Current as you need it to block stuns when your channeling your ultimate... Or to just block some heavy burst damages. And if you got Fountain of Renewal, this is gonna be awesome.

Build Steps

Early Game ( 0:00 - 10:00 )
1. Starting items.
2. Rush Alternating Current.
3. Sprint Boots- easy escapes and chases.
4. Chronograph if possible before 10:00.

Mid Game ( 10:01 - 20:00 )
5. Complete Clockwork.
6. Reflex Block so goooooood.
If getting...
After you get 1 item, get Travel Boots and then get your 2nd item. After that, finish Crucible and finally, Journey Boots.

Tanky Support Adagio ( 5 ) Top

Tanky Support Pros
  • Be a hero, save your teammates!
  • Basically supports your teammates.
  • Super Extreme Godly Metal tanky.
Tanky Support Cons
  • Little damage output.
  • Without teammates you cannot do much alone.
  • Even though this build is less complicated, the timing for the actives are very important.

The perfect build for anyone who wants to contribute a lot to the team by tanking for them and healing, boosting them. Try this out if your bored of being the damage dealer every game! Take note that as a tank, you should not approach for duels, but you should stay in the front lines to tank every ****py damage they throw at you. Now that is swag.

Build Breakdown

And here we go again. Explanations? Really? You REALLY need it? Okay. This makes chasing or escaping easier. Makes you walks faster too.

Let's you spam your heal so you can be a better teammate. Contribute to lessen deaths everyday. Be nice. Be awesome. Advertisement by Super Evil Megacorp Company.

Choose one option. Always get the item you need.

Option 1: Get this if enemy team is building armor. This shreds the armor, giving armors penetration to all of your teammates attacking that target!

Option 2: If they didn't build any armor, you can get this. So when you heal your teammates, it will also slow nearby enemies! Perfect.

Option 3: No need for slows or armor shredding? Then go ahead and be more tanky!

The perfect item for any tank.

Works well with Fountain of Renewal, and makes you more tanky by adding health.

Option 1: The item that makes you more tanky. The active can also come in handy against attack speed enemies such as SAW.

Option 2: Warhorn on Adagio? It might be a uncommon item, but it works surprisingly well with what I tested. Very good for disengaging or engaging. Active effect is awesome too. Get this if there are no attack speed heavy enemies.

Build Steps

Early Game ( 0:00 - 10:00 )
1. Starting items...
2. Rush Clockwork for spamming your heal and boosts.
3. Sprint Boots~~
If getting...
Mid Game ( 10:01 - 20:00 )
4. Get Fountain of Renewal, but get Kinetic Shield first.
5. Reflex Block is just awesome.
6. Bonesaw now if you are getting it. get Piercing Spear first though!
7. Finish Crucible if possible before 20:00.

Late Game ( 20:01 - 00:00 )
8. Finish Crucible if you haven't yet.
9. Time to get Travel Boots.
If getting... 10. Finish Journey Boots.

Weapon Power Adagio ( 6 ) Top

Weapon Power Pros
  • Massive normal Attack damage
  • Lifesteal!
  • Critical Strkes OP
Weapon Power Cons
  • Abilites are not that useful
  • Less sustain
  • Not very tanky

The build for every beginner who can't use the abilities well, but want to deal damage and not be a tank. The abilites will not be as helpful as crystal power, though. However, your auto attacks packs a punch. Beginner's awesome build to victory.

Build Breakdown

You tell me you need an explanation and I'll personally make sure you go back down decentish... Or simply amazing! Haha, get it? No? Fine...

Option 1: Shreds armor for everyone on your team. And I can't believe you bothered to read this text.

Option 2: If the enemy have no armor at all, getting this would be smarter, as Bonesaw just simply don't provide enough attack speed, don't you think?

Adds critical chance, critical damage and weapon power. A really good item, way better than most people expects.

The godly item that every heavy damage dealer must get. If you don't get it, you suck. Oh not really, please don't be offended. I was joking, okay?!

Gives weapon power and 20% lifesteal. Quite good. Added more sustain even with your heal anyways. Just never underestimate lifesteal' power.

Ugh. Stop. Just stop. I don't want to continuously explain the same items that really have no specfic explanations at all. Really pointless.

Build Steps

Early Game ( 0:00 - 10:00 )
1. Starting items, again and again.
2. Sprint Boots immediately!
3. Get Lucky Strike.
4. Blazing Salvo after that!
5. Finish Tyrant's Monocle.

Mid Game ( 10:01 - 20:00 )
6. If your getting Tornado Trigger, get it now. If not, ingore this step.
7. Rush an quick Sorrowblade as soon as possible.
8. Bonesaw~~~~
9. Not to mention the beloved Reflex Block...

Late Game ( 20:01 - 00:00 )
10. Travel Boots for the win.
11. Get Barbed Needle.
12. Finish Crucible.
13. Finish Serpent Mask.
14. Oh boy, there we go again. Complete Journey Boots.

The Lane and Jungle ( 7 ) Top

When Laning...
  • Try and burn your enemies by using Gift of Fire on minions near him.
  • Use your Agent of Wrath when he keeps trading attacks with you.
  • Keep out for ganks and always look at the minimap. You may never know your teammates are getting killed in the jungle.
  • Secure the gold mine when the timing is correct.

Against Different Laners...

Avoid being burned. Keep taking note by staying far from the enemy minions. If goes close to slow or perhaps stun you, watch out! Keep looking at his movement!

If against this one, don't worry too much. Just keep burning her munions by healing the minions close to it. When they are completely gone duel her and go ham. Becareful of a sudden agreessive move from her though, like spontatous combuston.

Trade blows with him in the early games as much as possible. But remember to use Agent of Wrath to do so! Keep disrupting his farming so he won't have much success.

Your worst nightmare during the early games. However, burning him should be more easy if he stays close to the minions, since he have 12 stacks and can't dodge it fast enough. Go poke him when he have lost his stacks, but never do that if he have those fully stacked.

He relys on his Spitfire to poke you, so stay behind your minions. If you get burned, heal. If he goes near to auto attack you in order to refresh the burn, immediately go near him as well and slow, then Agent of Wrath. Trade auto attacks with him as yours is much deadlier, but don't do it if you are burning! Immediately slow and stun him if he channels his fire breath.

Against any other MELEE hero you face in the lane, it should not be too hard as you can poke them easily, and disrupting their last hit to farm would be a piece of cake.

When Jungling....
  • Place scout traps. After particles cannot be seen in the mini map, vision is now more important. 3 scout traps would be enough, including one for the gold mine.
  • Check for intruders every time. Take the minions nearest to the shop below the map first if there's two junglers.
  • Gank the lane when your level 4 - 6. Or when the jungle minions just haven't spawn yet.
  • ALWAYS get the crystal mine at your side whenever it spawns. It is way more important than anybody thinks. Rookie mistake to ingore it.
  • Secure the gold mine as always. Step in the bush nearest to the gold mine, and hit it. Make sure you know a rough approximate of where the enemies are.
  • Take note of when your enemy buys items. That means he might be in base... Or below at the small shop.

Teammates ( 8 ) Top

When combined you guys are unstoppable. Catherine with Clockwork can spam Stormguard. Adagio with Clockwork can also spam his Gift of Fire.

So much AOE damage. His Afterburn can knock people into your Verse of Judgement, good combo.

You can protect her back by helping her. You can stun or slow people so the Big Red Button will hit. Quite a good combo together.

Heal her when she stuns somebody, as she will be exposed to others other than the person being stunned. Your Agent of Wrath along with her Aftershock, Alternating Current and Twirly Death will one shot Ringo. More chances with Tension Bow.

He intends to stay alive by continuously stacking the Spectral Smite. Which then, they won't focus on you first. Big mistake. If they don't focus you, keep healing him. Now that's an unstoppable ( and awesome ) Krul.

5 stacking bramblethorn seed + jungle minion healing buff + Gift of Fire + Fountain of Renewal = The ultimate healing.

He have a slow, and the ultimate can help you track down out of sight enemies. With you and squishy Ringo, he ain't gonna be that squishy anymore.

Damn. If you do a three man stun, his explosive potato gun will finish them off immediately. Other than that, he have a AOE stun.

What happens if two ancient people units and decides to conquer the world? Everything explodes in fire and everybody dies, end of story.

Becareful of when you heal him with Gift of Fire. If you heal him while he's invisble, people who see your healing particle would know he's there. But anyways, since Taka have so many gap closing skills to stay right beside the enemy, you will have no problem burning your foes... And slow if you have Frostburn.

The End Top

Thank you for reading everything. If you actually read every single word, here's a free cookie. And some coffee. <- Person related hint here. Seriously, this is guide where is put probably the most effort. Lol. Updates will probably happen often, don't worry. Leave suggestion below in the comments, I will definitely read them!

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